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  1. Foxi

    Shooting Sticks

    excellent video, good music (who is it ? ) Im always usings sticks during stalking. No matter where in the world. In different types and despite long experience I have no favourite. The most precise shots go with the example no. 2 you call them viperflex sticks if I heard that right. I prefer a...
  2. Foxi

    Tanzania & The Hunting Monks

    Some time ago I reported on a visit to the Benedictine monastery of St. Ottilien, near Munich. The present abbey was founded in 1898 by Cassian Spiß to missionize the - at that time non-Christian - population of Ungoni(Ruvuma Region). In 1931 Peramiho became a territorial abbey and thus the...
  3. Foxi

    Comment by 'Foxi' in media 'East African Airways. DC3 on the apron in Mbeya'

    Wheels, what happened to the pretty lady (on the right) ? Do you know?
  4. Foxi

    What to do with a giraffe

    bashing has never been intended. I'm sorry if that's how it was understood. For god's creation, a giraffe is not more worth as a mouse. And the Africans don't understand anyway why the Europeans hardly shoot a giraffe. For many people it is simply not hunting game and the thought of how to...
  5. Foxi

    What to do with a giraffe

    What to do with a giraffe.................. let live, how about that ?
  6. Foxi

    Red dot or reflex sight for double rife

    I have a Burris fast fire III on it. With one barell I shoot at 100m in a 3 cm circle. An Aimpoint is probably the best choice. But it will disfigure any beautiful double rifle. It looks like a frozen dog pile, I didn't want to do that to my Ferlach :-)
  7. Foxi

    Tipping Guide

    A nice story,could be Ive told it years before: during a visit in one of my frist Africa hunt in Namibia , I rode from time to time with the headman over the plains, checking cows and fences, a work i could do horseback all day long. I noticed that my black companion was only wearing old office...
  8. Foxi

    Namibia - a new leopard record?

    Some news : official weight 108 KG (the information will be made public there) During farm control at 150 m a lucky shot with the .300 Win Mag and a bullet splinter in the spine,one roar and than immediately dead. Now they wait until the Trophy Permit is approved, then he comes out of the...
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    will not start crying
  10. Foxi


    don't be so girlish :A Stretcher:
  11. Foxi

    Long live Mexico

    Hola Caballero. Bienvenida desde el sur de Alemania. (but that was it with my knowledge of Spanish as well) Tell us about hunting in your country and about the horses. Regards from Munich Foxi
  12. Foxi

    John Rigby rifle

    much money for a Blaser :E Frightened:
  13. Foxi

    Chinese given exploratory permits for coal mining in Hwange National Park and surrounding hunting areas

    I'm afraid you're right, if the Chinese don't make it, the antis will give us the rest.
  14. Foxi

    Comment by 'Foxi' in media 'Namibia Trail Cam Pictures Cape Buffalo'

    a monster in the middle Gamefarmers can breed such animals.
  15. Foxi

    How far is too far?

    For me it is not possible to determine this in meters. Those who live in desert landscapes, or in the mountains grow up with completely different situations than a forest hunter. The latter are totally overstrained (and hopefully don't do it) when a roe has to be shot at 170 m. But they are...
  16. Foxi

    How has Everyone’s Hunting Season at Home been?

    beautiful Drilling
  17. Foxi

    Bullets For Buffalo

    I politely disagree. There are good reasons for the solid. Especially if you have to shoot far or thick cover. If a solid comes across, there is a deep hole in it, but this is not the case with an expanding bullet. Almost all the old buffalos I have seen were found in dense stuff, so I prefer a...
  18. Foxi

    Comment by 'Foxi' in media 'Norway Hunt Caribou'

    cool pic
  19. Foxi


    Wheels, I don't want to defend Biden, I just see Trump more critically than some people here. That's all.And--actually, it must not concern me,what other countries choose as political decision makers, but we also feel the impact of American global politics. @ Zambezi Lettow Vorbeck and his men...
  20. Foxi


    Wheels. The Iceberg Theroie was mentioned by you when a member said there are already 800,000 registrations for Tulsa (at 20,000 seats).It wasnt true. You remember? Then there were just -8.000. Not even half. "Wheels has said, the battle will be fought in the heartland, a region that is...
  21. Foxi


    Scholar, the British have brutally fought, oppressed and expelled the Boers. Their suffering with the English did not only take place during the last two Boer wars. Nevertheless no Boer could tell me yet why his grandfathers decided against Lettow Vorbeck and fought for the English. Foxi
  22. Foxi

    Comment by 'Foxi' in media 'Ferlach Hammer Gun in 22 Hornet'

    Wow. Which gunsmith made it ?
  23. Foxi


    Wheels, you said something similar about his performance in Tulsa - the opposite was true.
  24. Foxi

    Polar Bear Kills Man, The First Time In 9 Years

    Spitzbergen is probably the only country in the world, where you are asked to take a gun for a walk.
  25. Foxi

    Hungary closes its borders on 1 September

    Hundreds of hunts during the red deer rut will not take place. Cetereum censeo: We need a vaccine against this shit. Foxi
  26. Foxi

    Namibia - a new leopard record?

    The (too) high spinal shot can also have shattered a vertebra. A splinter of the bullet is sufficient for this. My old dog also had sunken eyes (during his last years) And what do the experts say about the scale? Broken of course, what else. Or the PH has still hung. Next week I will know more...
  27. Foxi


    it was certainly not like that, you are making the world too easy for yourself. Who has threatened with protective tariffs if the German surplus remains so large. Consumers don't buy American cars here ,because the tarrif is so high, they are useless. Simply If we buy our gas elsewhere, you will...
  28. Foxi

    450 Rigby vs 458 Lott

    "The 458 Lott is a killing machine and has been doing it in Africa with ease for many years. 500 grains at 2300 FPS can bring down anything on this planet with a correctly placed shot. " when I load my 458 Win Mag strongly I also get these data. But as you know it is no good in AH :E Frightened:
  29. Foxi

    450 Rigby vs 458 Lott

    why so modest take both If you would live in Africa take the Lott, try to get the Rigby in Arusha or Bulawayo........... RSA is not a benchmark for Africa. RSA is almost Europe with a predominantly black population. The real Africa is over the border and pragmatism is called for.
  30. Foxi

    Namibia - a new leopard record?

    yes, hard to believe, but it is not for nothing that records are extraordinary (although it is not about one, but only about an extraordinary example that I want to show, that's all) In the Abadares, leopards have been shot with these weights. Anyway- the farmer's scale showed 100kg in a...
  31. Foxi

    Namibia - a new leopard record?

    what assessment do you think ? I have already said all there is to say about it. But the birth certificate was not there
  32. Foxi

    Namibia - a new leopard record?

    Hi folks, got these pics from a friend.This Tom was shot last Monday. A lucky snapshot on the way to the bait. The scale showed only maximum 100 kg. Big like a lioness. They guessed him at 120 kg and minimum 15 years. What a monster from the Komas Highlands. Waidmannsheil to this outstanding...
  33. Foxi

    Elephants with the largest tusks

    has not shot an elephant yet and then immediately the biggest one running around. Ambitious goal I would first put 100.000 USD on the side and then ask the question again.
  34. Foxi

    Jihadists seize Moz port

    Tanzania has a population of 30% muslims.......................... Regular attacks on christian churches does not bother anyone there. After Omdurman, the English had 20 years of reasonably quiet. After Africa has gained independence, they muslims are the winners, and will remain so until the...
  35. Foxi

    Comment by 'Foxi' in media 'Hunt Cape Buffalo'

    this is Thorold Murray Smith A wellknown Kenian PH. Left this country after independence.
  36. Foxi

    A man and his dog, lets see yours

    not the mine,but heartwarming
  37. Foxi

    Mark Sullivan shows us how to handle a Double Rifle

    I have had email contact with him a couple of times over the last 12 months and was surprised how accessible, polite and humorous he is. Not the slightest hint of arrogance or anything particularly important and bitchy. Yes, I would love to go hunting with him, but I'm afraid I won't be able to...
  38. Foxi

    Jérôme Lanoue moves from Verney-Carron to join gunmaker John Rigby & Co

    Names are just sonic and smoke. Behind Rigby today is Blaser. Sic transit gloria mundi.
  39. Foxi

    Read this Elephant Charge

    I like Ivan Carter , but in the circles of colleagues, he is often criticized for daring too much . "We have to secure our clients, not to test wildlife" so a PH to me. When I see his spectacular scenes, I often think to myself - he is not getting old. @ K-man "I think it's a bit like the...
  40. Foxi

    Read this Elephant Charge

    Brick, a famous picture of the South African Tourist Board from ancient times,this mockcharge. I know two hunters - I am vouching for them - who have shot about 700 elephants. All with the .375 H+H and cheap South African PMP ammunition (because in Zimb. nothing else was available). They have...
  41. Foxi

    Moose loads for .375h&h

    In a German forum we have the topic :bullet for red deer (probably weigh only a third of a moose or less) With your bullet and caliber you would be in Germany, so their opinion, no deer can kill at 130 meters :) :) I love the x57 rounds it's hard to believe, that these huge animals can be...
  42. Foxi

    Bison Hunting With A 416 Rigby

    but then I have the meat in front of me on the plate and I can still decide if I really eat it. A significant difference.
  43. Foxi

    And Texas thinks it has a wild pig problem......pffft!

    that was good, but you're wrong. Beginning troop withdrawal of the American soldiers, just as Trump wants it :-)
  44. Foxi

    Scope for large caliber rifle, NEGATIVE selection

    For me, an Africa caliber starts at .400 up. The 375 is a strong middle caliber (in my eyes) for African conditions. I have a Swarowski 3-12x56, for my .375, actually too much . But the gun is not only used in Africa, I am not unhappy about it . Important as far away from the eye as possible the...
  45. Dachshund


    At the beginning of March my dachshund(Dackel) Brezel died unexpectedly from a spleen tumor. It is always a great pain to bury your hunting companion. Without a dog it is not possible in a hunter's household and so we have again brought a future hunting companion into the house. She is called...
  46. Dachshund


    At the beginning of March my dachshund(Dackel) Brezel died unexpectedly from a spleen tumor. It is always a great pain to bury your hunting companion. Without a dog it is not possible in a hunter's household and so we have again brought a future hunting companion into the house. She is called...
  47. Dachshund


    At the beginning of March my dachshund(Dackel) Brezel died unexpectedly from a spleen tumor. It is always a great pain to bury your hunting companion. Without a dog it is not possible in a hunter's household and so we have again brought a future hunting companion into the house. She is called...
  48. Foxi


    + 1 Your contribution. But another lock down in our country (G) and we bleed out economically. I also don't think that we could enforce this any further. In Germany we have the problem that too little happens (9.200 dead-UK 47.000 !!) and therefore many believe it's not so bad. Health, or...
  49. Foxi

    hello from Namibia

    Hello Christian, welcome in the best forum. I was in October last year in "Little Texas", Gobabis, the heart of the cattle country. Hope these times are coming again. Foxi