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  1. Mark19707

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome aboard! PA here as well
  2. Mark19707

    For Sale Beretta SxS 10 Gauge Silver Hawk 1957mnf

    yep.... what a steal!
  3. Mark19707

    Travelling light

    I have done just carry on once when I was renting rifle there for a last minute DG hunt. I wish I could travel that way every time. It was so easy and you really don't need all that stuff anyway. I think we all get caught up in bringing stuff since we are so excited to go. In reality I wear 1/4...
  4. Mark19707

    Someone please buy this excellent deal so I wont!!

    You should buy it hahahahaha
  5. Mark19707

    Group Hunt Special 2020

    Super solid offer!!!!
  6. Mark19707

    Would you rather?!!

    Switch up that combo a little....Buffalo bull and lioness
  7. Mark19707

    Drillbit's Trophy Room Build

    Super fantastic!!! I'd stay well past my welcome for sure
  8. Mark19707

    Pranking baboons

    I love it!!!! HAHHAHAHA
  9. Mark19707

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Hey Pennsylvania! Welcome!
  10. Mark19707

    Remington 700 Safari Grade 375 H&H Magnum For Sale

    No worries. Thanks!!!
  11. Mark19707

    'He's been captured!' - Escaped Karoo lion sleeps it off in a police cell

    That would be one hell of a cellmate!
  12. Mark19707

    Doing my pre-planning for 2020....Taxidermist opinions?

    On my first trip to SA I thought getting work done there was a great idea... did lots of research and paid my money... Long story short dip pack and send it back to get done at home! 5 trips later I would never do it any other way
  13. Mark19707

    Very Early Elephant Hunt On Offer Between 15 February & 12 March 2019 Zimbabwe

    Good lord can somebody jump on this!!!
  14. Mark19707

    Bird hunting day

    I always try to add a day of birds. Its a great way to break things up mid trip, species, or just a good day of fun.
  15. Mark19707

    Special or Theft Proof Luggage?

    Ill cast my vote for Pelican. Only word is watch your weight.... but you should be packing light anyway
  16. Mark19707

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome aboard and have fun!
  17. Mark19707

    Drillbit's Trophy Room Build

    Looks awesome!!!! Cant wait to see the finished product
  18. Mark19707

    375 H&H Sako Kodiak For Sale

    pm sent
  19. Mark19707

    Smith & Wesson 69 44 Magnum For Sale

    Toby458 you have all kinds of good stuff!!!!
  20. Mark19707

    14 Foot Crocodile Suspended Full Wall Taxidermy Mount

    Looks like I better book a croc next year... and then call you! SUPER COOL
  21. Mark19707

    Jackal and baboon euro mounts

    Great idea!!
  22. Mark19707

    Incredible Hunt Offer Available For Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant, Hippo, Crocodile & Plains Game 2018

    Travel safe and shoot straight!!!! What a fantastic offer ..... Best of luck
  23. Mark19707

    West Texas Aoudad Hunt

    Great offer Gizmo!!
  24. Mark19707

    Locking ammo cans for travel?

    I literally use the smallest piece of junk box that I can slap a lock on. There is nothing that states that the box has to be "robust". On the last few trips I have used a plastic ammo box that had a tab with holes in it, perfect fit for a TSA luggage lock
  25. Mark19707

    Which Cape Buffalo horn shape do you prefer?

    Number 2... best of both worlds!
  26. Mark19707

    Ammunition Deals

    There are still a few good buys... but most of the heavy fun stuff is gone
  27. Mark19707

    Opinions on my Buffalo mount

    Im a slightly open fan... I think it give some emotion to a really large mount
  28. Mark19707

    Huge animals

    Good lord!
  29. Mark19707

    Dip and Pack Cost?

    I always use SwiftDip and paid a flat rate of $100 per animal for full processing.
  30. Mark19707

    Cull Hunt Limpopo South Africa 2018

    This deal keeps getting better. I have a crew looking for a cull hunt.... the gears are turning
  31. Mark19707

    What about Africa do you miss being back home

    Radio show Conplimentary Breakfast
  32. Mark19707

    Leupold VX 6 Closeout

    Great deal
  33. Mark19707

    Cape Buffalo Hunt $7,995

    Wow! Come on that is awesome!
  34. Mark19707

    SOUTH AFRICA: MOZAMBIQUE: Epic Buffalo Safari, 24 Days, 2 Countries!

    Good grief!!! If you need a new friend to tag along call me! What an awesome experience
  35. Mark19707

    Options for keeping in touch with home?

    Go with Royal27 suggestion. Stick with VOIP. Never had an issue
  36. Mark19707

    Depth of Cape Buffalo Shoulder Mount

    That's exactly what I mean! Sounds like the overwhelming opinion is to do "something" like that Thanks!
  37. Mark19707

    Depth of Cape Buffalo Shoulder Mount

    Well this is going to be interesting... my buffalo is being stitched up into a pedastal wall mount as we speak... this thread is helpful! Side question, has anybody spaned the gap in between studs with plywood and then sheeted with dry wall? We are building new and was considering doing this...
  38. Mark19707

    Optic Overkill?

    Check another vote for too heavy on magnification.
  39. Mark19707

    Rhino Hunts From US$25,000

    ^^^^^ Agree
  40. Mark19707

    Rhino Hunts From US$25,000

    Wow what an opportunity!
  41. Mark19707

    Taxidermy at the SCI Las Vegas 2017

    Rhino takes it for me!!! Great post
  42. Mark19707

    Remington 700 KS Custom Shop 375 H&H Magnum

    Looks like the Glock is $700 Scope is $700,92051677442,&is=REG&A=details How about we call it $1500 and make it a done deal? As the rifle...
  43. Mark19707

    Remington 700 KS Custom Shop 375 H&H Magnum

    Hey Jeff Are you looking for 1 or the other or both? Id like to be able to get together on this