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  1. Tra3

    New to forum

    Welcome! And good luck! Pack light. Use a company for rifle permits. +1 on shooting practice.
  2. Tra3

    Once In A Lifetime Pictures

    Idaho elk hunting.
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    Quiet Muzzle Break

    I’d suggest a read through the Precision Rifle Blog by Cal Zant. He has an excellent review of muzzle brakes. It is useful knowledge, even if you don’t like them. I’ve used a variety of them. @Hogpatrol is right, a radial brake on a hunting rifle from a prone position is just asking for sand in...
  4. Tra3

    Just call me "Flub Duddley"

    That is a great rifle! What year was it built? Mistakes are best made in front of friends, it is nice to have a witness. you should now consider a wrestling mat to pad your Gun room floor!
  5. Tra3

    proper gunsmithing

    Brilliant! I bet the person who made that rifle drinks single malt scotch mixed with orange juice at lunch. I’d also be willing to bet that gun has shot some road signs and maybe even a few telephone pole glass insulators.
  6. Tra3

    Man-in-the-middle caliber

    I suppose the .270 and .300 are kinda close, but the .270 with a 130 gr bullet is brilliant for NA antelope and deer. The .300 works for everything else. The .270 barrel will also be the next step up my son will take from the 6.5CM, so there is a plan to it. @Forrest Halley I think the .300WM...
  7. Tra3

    Recoil Mitigation

    I think @One Day... is spot on. I like to allow the weight of my arm to pull the foreend of the rifle into the sticks while pulling the rifle into my shoulder pocket (think no lifting at all) That helps keep the barrel down. I’m now curious to know if that downward pull has a detrimental...
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    Man-in-the-middle caliber

    After much contemplation, my travel gun case now has an R8 with barrels in: .22 LR .270 Win .300 Win mag .375 H&H mag My vote on the in between would the .300 win mag. That suggestion is due to the ability to take a longer range shot if needed. Ammo is easily available. Rifle choice is broad...
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    Most beautiful antelope?

    Gemsbok. Their coloration is so amazing.
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    Photos/ideas of what to do with extra hides/leather

    @Timbo beautiful case! That must have taken quite a few hours to build. I suppose you could put some leather on the inside now...
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    Photos/ideas of what to do with extra hides/leather

    @Drillbit very cool! What back skins are those? Will it be at a height so people can touch them?
  12. Tra3

    Anyone ever use bullets from Cutting Edge Bullets?

    I can only imagine taking a prone 400 yard shot with an un-braked .416 off a bipod from a true field position (which is never level). Bring a helmet!
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    Photos/ideas of what to do with extra hides/leather

    @CM McKenzie that is a beautiful bag? What is the hide?
  14. Tra3

    I've finally reached the point of being comfortable with my .416!

    Good to hear this. Practice pays off.
  15. Tra3

    How far is too far?

    It is more fun to get closer! The terrain dictates the range. On hunts in western NA when you run out of cover at 400 yards, it is nice to know you have practiced that shot. If you haven’t really practiced that shot, don’t take it. Practice at a 100 yard range is not equal to actually shooting...
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    Von Gruff knives brag board

    @rookhawk what is the handle made from? beautiful knife! When passing his knife to me, a good friend of mine is frequently heard saying, “it is not a pry bar.”
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    Von Gruff knives brag board

    These three knives are in the hands of 3 Minnesota boys, age 14. The boys are the next generation of hunters and they needed high quality knives. Their initials were stamped into the leather, which came out very nice.
  18. Tra3

    Spotting Scope Search

    While I can’t comment on the high end, I can say that the choice on what magnification is important. I have two vortex spotting scopes, 20-60 and 15-45. At 20x magnification on the low end, it is great for watching animals at quite a distance (miles). The 15-45 is better for the 1/2 mile to 1.5...
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    ZIMBABWE: A Sable Despite

    Very nice! Congratulations!
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    Covid victim...kinda

    At least you are on a forum where many of us have had covid cancellations for our hunting trips. We know your pain. A good salve is to get to range and burn through about 1/2 or more of the ammo you bought for the trip.
  21. Tra3

    Best Deer Hunting Round, LOL!

    I forgot to vote, so I just added .270 for my opinion. I’ve taken more game with a .270 than anything else. I just added a .270 barrel to my R8 for deer and antelope hunting. I’ve shot a number of elk with the .270 as well, it works!
  22. Tra3

    Help from my Norwegian cousins!

    My in-laws are of norske heritage. We spent a number of weeks there in the summer of 2017. I checked out a few hunting stores while in different cities. I would suggest finding the gun shops on line and then emailing them for a referral. And yes, it is expensive to travel there. Grocery stores...
  23. Tra3

    Longer shots 9.3x62

    Thanks for the correction. I guess the terminology depends on if you come from a engineering background or from a sailing background... :) I frequently hunt in areas with high wind (Livingston, MT). There is a big difference in deflection when the wind starts getting above 10 mph. It is worth...
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    Photos/ideas of what to do with extra hides/leather

    @Bruce you will have to post a photo or two of your Ford! It will be truly unique. have you made any other small stuff with leather scraps?
  25. Tra3

    Photos/ideas of what to do with extra hides/leather

    I am in need of ideas to use up extra hides. I’m currently in the process of getting broadhead wallets made from leftover Eland hide. I plan to also have made some lightly padded scope bags for QR scopes. The big animals leave quite a lot of extra leather to work with. What else have you all...
  26. Tra3

    Hunting in America vs Africa

    I live in cold Minnesota. It is $36 for a Rifle hunt deer tag. Another $36 for archery deer tag, and another $36 for a muzzleloader tag. That is pretty cheap and gets about 500,000 deer tags sold in a year for a harvest total of around 180,000 deer. When I go home to Montana where I grew up...
  27. Tra3

    Probability of hunting in 21

    I postponed my June/2020 hunt to July 2021. I’m with @Mark Biggerstaff I need an adventure to look forward to. I did some rifle upgrades this year, so thankfully we can hunt stateside.
  28. Tra3

    Longer shots 9.3x62

    I just read this thread and don’t recall seeing a mention of wind drift. A bigger, slower, low BC bullet is going to have quite a bit of drift at 300 yards. Around 5” in a 5mph wind, 10” in a 10 mph and 15” in a 15 mph crosswind. That is a huge difference from something like a .270 win, 7 mag...
  29. Tra3

    Best Deer Hunting Round, LOL!

    I began my son on a .22lr. Then he quickly graduated to a .22-250 to get used to the muzzle blast. Next was a 6.5 CM with a brake. Now he shoots the 6.5 CM without a brake. I think we owe it to the kids to not make them experience too much recoil too soon. Shooting should be fun and challenging...
  30. Tra3

    How high would it go?

    @Forrest Halley thank you for the info! I just read about the .45-70 tests at 2 miles. Fascinating to think about the time they put into that test. And to think 30 degrees or less achieved the maximum distance, very interesting.
  31. Tra3

    Best Deer Hunting Round, LOL!

    Welcome to AH! A friend of mine in Montana has been hunting elk and deer with a .22-250 for decades. He lives and works on a ranch, so he takes good shots when he gets them. A few years ago he told me he was thinking to get a big gun, like a .270 win. (!!). Shot placement, shot placement!
  32. Tra3

    Yellowstone’s “Zone Of Death” The Perfect Crime

    The CJ. Box book about this was an enjoyable read. He has about 20 books with the same main character, a Wyoming game warden. This book was one of them. As a hunter, the books make for a good entertainment. He writes well about what it is like to be outside in that area. Having grown up in...
  33. Tra3

    30mm vs. 1” scope tubes?

    For any newer hunters reading this: I used to think of a scope as something permanently affixed to its rifle. If you follow the common NA gun shop sale of a $1000 for a rifle and $200 for a scope, I bet that scope will never be removed. When you invest in a high quality scope, it is different...
  34. Tra3

    Hunts which are not guaranteed - Hunts with only a "good chance" of success

    I agree that the question was not about the feelings/emotions of hunting. For a percentage based answer, @Hank2211 is right on track with his answer. I also agree that $25k for a hunt and not connecting would be a bummer. But, I think most here agree that the trophy is not the defining factor of...
  35. Tra3

    Hunts which are not guaranteed - Hunts with only a "good chance" of success

    One can find a fair amount of information Online regarding hunter success in the USA. Elk in Montana is about a 20% success rate. Archery turkey in Minnesota is around 15% success rate. Those numbers include all tags and don’t reflect guided hunts which have a much higher success rate. Also, As...
  36. Tra3

    Plains Game Magnum?

    @CBH Australia what are you going to hunt next week? A nice walk with a new rifle sounds like a perfect plan. what ammo combo will you use? I’ve got an elk hunt in 3 weeks. The .300 WM is coming with me, I’m still testing different factory ammo.
  37. Tra3

    Looking to hunt Namibia

    +1 on @Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris. I hunted with PH Louw Lotter in 2018 with my son and father. Kaokoland is amazing! Check in with them, I think they have what you are looking for. I’d be happy to answer questions if you have them.
  38. Tra3

    The Fine Things In Life

    A summer and winter hat by Optimo out of Chicago. My William Henry Damascus pocket knife. Wool and cashmere: this is general because it is such a part of my clothing beginning next month! Truly fresh fruit or vegetables, picked and eaten right then. The peace that settles over you a few days...
  39. Tra3

    Hunt Zambia Offer 2020 At Takeri Reserve

    This is a good deal!
  40. Tra3

    Time out from COVID

    @Pheroze i feel your pain! My court calendar has been a rolling process of postponements. This weekend I’ll be at the range with my hunting friends and our boys. I’m bringing a pile of ammo and an equal sized pile of elk meat. It should be a good weekend. I think we can all benefit from some...
  41. Tra3

    Kimber Caprivi 416 RM First Trip to Range

    Nice indeed! What weight recoil reducer did you add?
  42. Tra3

    One rifle for North American big game?

    I’m with @BeeMaa !! R8, .375h&h, .300wm and .270 Win. Coffee, my son’s R8 with a .22 LR and Lake Superior, a fine morning.
  43. Tra3

    Recommendations for the best air rifle?

    @Nhoro the air gun will be for the both of us. (I’m sure I’ll end up needing more than one.) I’m inclined to start with a Very good, but not best, air rifle so I can work up! I appreciate the advice. @Kevin Peacocke how do you charge the Fx royale? Did you buy a compressor? Scuba tank? For this...
  44. Tra3

    Mr. Lincoln

    I’m impressed! Thank you for sharing your musical gift with us. On a lighter note: I can now imagine you practicing a slide guitar with a .458 case.
  45. Tra3

    Least Known African Country That Allows Hunting?

    @sestoppelman rough year indeed! Sorry to hear of the difficulties. Since you have some extra time, I’m curious to know your response to where a guy should go for a more off the beaten path hunt? and in case anyone was wondering, all birthdays are acceptably postponed due to covid.
  46. Tra3

    Big female Warthog

    Awesome! Did the youngster get it?
  47. Tra3

    LR shooting

    I completely agree that long range training is very helpful for short range shooting. It also makes a day at the range more like a math quiz. I use the ballistic AE app on my phone. I also agree With @bruce moulds that wind reading is difficult and will cause a hunter to choose closer shots...
  48. Tra3

    Sunglasses, yes, no, type?

    +1 for Smith sunglasses. Reasonable cost. They are good. Look for interchangeable lenses, you can get a pair with multiple shades. Rose colored lenses are good for eye protection, even if it is bright out, and they are not too dark when moving into the shade.
  49. Tra3

    What have you been doing since you can’t go on Safari?

    delicious indeed! There is a lot of outdoor joy on those pans!
  50. Tra3

    Best Caliber for Tiny 10?

    I gotta add my 2c... First, neck shooting one of the T10 would be like head shooting a moving squirrel with archery equipment at 50 yards. Except when you miss your buddy gets to keep your bow. Having taken a steenbok and dukier, they don’t like to sit still for long. Second, some of them make...