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    Where are you going to find anyone with bias? That’s a rhetorical question of course.
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    That “debate” is not going to change any minds either way. Biden will be announced the winner, and Trump will go on to win on Election Day, but maybe not on the mail in votes. And the Supreme Court will decide the election.
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    Montana Rifle Company Safari Elite

    I am not a big fan of engraving on rifles. Now shotguns, the more engraving the better.
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    Limited Edition rifles investment?

    If something to made to be “collectable” it usually not. Stay away.
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    SCI vs DSC

    I am a member of DSC South Texas and Alamo SCI. DSC is very active, SCI not so much. I prefer DSC annual banquet over the Alamo, very nice trips to bid on, and great auction items. DSC has more and IMO better activities. At least once a year a members trophy room social, party at Rebecca Creek...
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    Rigby Highland Stalker .275 vs 30-06

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    I am against anything that reduces the demand for crude, condensate, and natural gas and personally I would like to see those 100+ USD barrels again. That said, wind and solar alone will not charge all those cars. And CA does not have the Grid to support their current demand, and the NIMBY...
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    Flying out to Zambia for work

    I just saw where Emirates had started back. I show Turkish with flights, but not sure if those are real or grounded? Did you see any of their planes on the ground?
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    Verney-Carron Impact NT in the US?

    I guess it’s not surprising that a French gunmaker would build a semiautomatic hog/boar gun. I saw the video in French discussing their carbine. I gather they expect to sell those for driven boar hunts. The magazine design is certainly different. I don’t think it would be a big seller in the...
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    Singles are nice. Not sure if I posted this earlier but just to let you know, the highest rated Scotch by Whisky Advocate is JW Blue label.
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    RIP RBG Another appointment.
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    350gr ttsx in 416

    I can’t say either, but you and I have the same taste in AV equipment.
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    I doubt that she is going to take the pay cut.
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    Crazy "Gun Case" question related to travel to JNB

    What route are you taking with United? They have some quirky guns rules too depending on the route.
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    Crazy "Gun Case" question related to travel to JNB

    1 weapon in one item of baggage 1 item of baggage with ammunition Maximum number of baggage items: 2 Dimension (height + width + depth): 158 cm Packaging information: Charges are only incurred for weapons used for sport shooting or hunting if they are transported in a separate weapons case...
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    Crazy "Gun Case" question related to travel to JNB

    LH does charge a Firearm Handling Fee. I have used the Pelican 1750 on BA, without oversize charges, just the nasty firearm handing fee. I have never transport a firearm on LH. I have transported skis on LH, they were free leaving the USA, but a fee upon there return was charged in Munich. I...
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    I just watched the USA, UAE, Bahrain and Israel sign a peace agreement, brokered by the Trump Administration. Perhaps we need more rude, crude and socially unacceptable folks taking care of diplomacy and less from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and Georgetown.
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    What Is Your Dream Rifle?

    Dream guns vary with my age. When I was a kid in High School my dream gun was a Kleinguenther in 270 Win. Later in life a SAKO 75 (I own 4 85's but no 75's), Now, anything Holland & Holland double or bolt in 375H&H. My dream shot gun in High school was a Parker (own 1) and out of college...
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    Most beautiful antelope?

    (1) Black Beauty of course (Sable). (2) Gemsbok. Bongo moves to number 2, if full body mount and knocking on the Sable's backdoor.
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    Going back to WWII era, it cannot be overlook at what transpired at Bretton Woods. The Dollar was made the reserve currency. We are still benefiting from that decision. If or when the USD is no longer the reserve currency, then we are screwed. And now back today. I really don't see Biden...
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    ZAMBIA: Buffalo Hunting At Mbizi Safaris Game Reserve in Luangwa Valley

    Can you comment about the other flights too. Some of use are looking. I know the Emirates flight has resumed, but it's not reasonably priced yet.
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    Zambia Hunt Offer At Takeri Reserve Zambia 2021

    So far the cheapest fare I have found is 6k+, Normal fares are around 3-4K.
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    VO Vapen Rifles

    Those are Divorce rifles, because that's what would happen if I came home with one. They are beautiful.
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    Delta Update

    Philip, are you trying to fly out of San Angelo? IAH is generally cheaper than DFW. I usually drive to IAH or DFW as the pricing out of SAT makes it worth the 4 or 5 hour drive. That said, I have found cheap fares out of Austin. I realize from San Angelo, that's a lot of extra driving time...
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    Zambia Hunt Offer At Takeri Reserve Zambia 2021

    I am still trying airfare for this year’s pricing. But next years pricing is almost as good and airfares should be better too.
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    Discounted Ammunition At Mid South

    It’s a deal for Norma African. Yes, it’s a 10 pack, Woodleigh bullets, nickel plated, and hand load - not mass produced.
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    Qatar Airlines experience

    Etihad stopped flying from DFW before COVID. Rumor was Emirates was going to take them over before Covid.
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    Camera & lenses

    Cheap camera don't have good lens, but cheap lens licensed from good manufacturers of good lens. Of the less expensive camera, Nikon would be the route that I would go. This one in particular: And...
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    What type of lawyer do I need?

    A good one. Joking aside, I would contact Conservation Force and see if they can help with your problem.
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    Delta Update

    Direct nonstop.
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    Scholar, why don’t you post your information about yourself, in the about section. Frankly, your statement about Biden above, you are trolling if you believe that a lobbyist with onset dementia learns, grows, and changes, when the best he can do is read the script placed in front of him.
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    You have groups like the one in the article below.
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    And do you oppose, all children being behind bars, no matter what the reason?
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    I you don't think the D'S have plenty of "alternative thinkers" supporting Biden.
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    Spotting Scope Search

    You can’t go wrong with either Zeiss or Leica. I own optics from both. I have used the Leica scope and it’s sharp. But I am not sure that if it’s just range work, less we are talking about 600+ yards, I would spend that kind of money. If they are going into the field too then I would. That said...
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    Delta Update

    I just checked ITA Matrix and it shows Sunday, Wednesday and Friday for January (ATL to JNB) and no flights yet for February. $1371 one way coach, $5590 business one way.
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    A Ph.D. From the UK is not like one from the USA. It’s a research degree, dissertation only. In the USA you have course work plus dissertation. It least it was when I applied to the University of Wales, back in the early 90’s.
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    How do you pick your mounts?

    I have a few antlers on plaques, and a couple of deer shoulder mounts. My wife hates the look of euros. I did my small elk as a euro, and the wife made me take it down and and have it antlers on a plaque. All 7 of my Africa are shoulder mounts.
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    Comb riser options for walnut stock?

    This who makes SAAM/FTW product,
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    Zimbabwe opening soon (maybe)

    I saw a round trip from IAH to Zambia for about 4500 with a stop in Dar on Turkish. I saw another one on BA thru JNB with a transfer on SAA. Early November time frame, I don’t know if those flights are real or just in the computer. I am concerned a lot of the fare are for flights that will never...
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    Dove Season in Texas just around the corner!

    I will be dove hunting opening afternoon in the Central Zone and the weekend special white wing at the DSC South Texas Annual Dove Hunt in Pearsall.
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    Which Range Finding Binos to Buy?

    I have the 10x42 HD-B. I did take and use them in Africa, the Northern Cape to be exact. While the shots did not allow me the time to turn the dial on my scope, I was able to better guess how high to shoot. I did have a few long shots, and some very short one too. I did not find them bad to carry.
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    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    If I remember correctly, you said that you wanted Dennis to space out your work so you did not have to pay for the mounts at all at one time, which Dennis did. And then you complain that you did not get your work timely. I understand you are not happy with Dennis, from all the times you have...
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    375 H&H or 416 RIgby

    375 H&H (1) I hate recoil (2) Been killing game since 1912 (3) ammo is easily found. That said, I would look at the Norma African PH ammo, that's a 350G Woodleigh bullet for the Buffalo.
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    Hunt Zambia Offer 2020 At Takeri Reserve

    I am still searching for airfares, to get what could be the deal of a lifetime, if you can harvest all the animals. Lots of fares in the system, just not real flights.
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    US Passport Update

  47. wesheltonj

    US Passport Update

    My daughters passport arrived today, August 17 and was received by the passport office on March 10. The good news is it looks like the backlog is working down.
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    The Fine Things In Life

    The BBQ argument, could be a thread if it’s own. The best central Texas pit masters use just salt and black pepper, they just all have different ratios of salt v pepper. Those pit masters are Aaron Franklin and the Mueller clan. Getting back to the stuff and the suggestion that you own it or...
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    The Shikar Club...

    Not 100% sure of the answer, but fairly sure not the same. Shikar Safari Club International is hard to join. As I understand by invitation only, someone has to die for a space and you need a wallet much larger then mine.
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    The Fine Things In Life

    Hermès tie Oxxford suit Alden shoes Opus wine Romeo y Julieta Churchill cigar Macallen scotch.