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  1. Mekaniks

    South Dakota Pheasant Hunt...

    I hunted with out of Colome with Triple H Outfitters and 8 buddies a few years ago, first week of November. Super good time. We all shot our limit of pheasant every day and added a few turkeys also. Weather was super cold, like 0 deg, in the mornings. The guides and their dogs were all...
  2. Mekaniks

    Man-in-the-middle caliber

    I have a .338 federal built on a Win model 70 action that I have hiunted with in South Africa for plains game and lots in Alaska including Kodiak brown bear. If you search 338 Federal in the search function you should find several threads with good info. I think it is a great round with very...
  3. Mekaniks

    Tough decisions

    I love Belize. I spent quite a bit of time down there in late 90’s. 3 trips in fact all scuba diving. Have fun! There are some monster grouper if you decide you spear fish.
  4. Mekaniks

    Take this one to bed

    In the situation described by the OP , the rifle just become a very expensive club..... swing away! :ROFLMAO:
  5. Mekaniks

    Double rifle airline case

    I went with padlock version so I can use a TSA padlock if I ever need to, and I can cut the lock off if I ever lose the key.....
  6. Mekaniks

    Pre-64 Winchester M70 - 9.3x64?

    Write to the Winchester museum in Cody Wyoming and give them all the details. They may know something
  7. Mekaniks

    .338 Federal on Plains Game

    Yes I agree. When I took my Federal to Africa it was the first one the outfitter or PH had ever seen and they were impressed with the results from such a small package. I will take it again. The only real draw back is the availability of ammo outside the US. But as long as the Outfitter has you...
  8. Mekaniks

    Take Down Travel Case For Standard Bolt Action Rifle

    Toby Toby Toby.... surely you of all people know that if you're going to have a takedown that you must first go buy a new rifle that is designed for just such purpose. Then worry later about a case to put it in:):whistle:
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  11. Mekaniks

    My African Knives

    Bruce, I do my "run cuts" as you call them in the hide with this, including the belly, breaking out the legs, or even the back if nesessary. I think it's a scandinavian style hook. I like it way better than the traditional gut hooks that I can't sharpen. This one is an Outdoor Edge, and I have...
  12. Mekaniks

    What do hunters look for when researching / booking their safaris?

    When I start researching a hunt of course one of the first things I look for is basic value. That doesn't necessarily mean price. I will explain what I look for in "value", but before I go there I will always look at the background and reputation of the outfitter. If it's an outfitter I...
  13. Mekaniks

    Walking all over New Mexico

    Welcome :S Welcome:
  14. Mekaniks

    Noobie Check in

    Welcome :S Welcome:
  15. Mekaniks

    Dangerous Game Rifle Lubrication ideas-Grease or not?

    When I hunt in cold, wet, rain, snow, and around saltwater with rifle and shotguns, I clean them regularly (daily) inside and out with an oily rag or rem wipe (I like rem wipes) and then wipe them down with a clean dry rag. The only places that I do use a small drop of oil is on sling swivels...
  16. Mekaniks

    Knives - Why?

    I used my EDC knife for cutting biltong. I also carry a leatherman wave, and took a skinning and butchering knives that I never used. They never even left my backpack.
  17. Mekaniks

    One rifle for North American big game?

    If someone can't get it done in North America with that, they should stay in home.
  18. Mekaniks

    Suppressed .416 Rigby

    Welcome to AH:S Welcome: Great first post and cool project.
  19. Mekaniks

    For Sale Custom 416 Taylor On Remington 700 - Houston

    Was @Bullthrower signing autographs while wearing his wildebeest loincloth??? :ROFLMAO:
  20. Mekaniks

    on a lighter note...

    At the same time Arizona started selling ocean front property
  21. Mekaniks

    Booking my first trip to South Africa!

    :S Welcome: I also took my son when he was 13 and we had a blast
  22. Mekaniks

    Ever OK to shoot from a truck?

    Excellent post
  23. Mekaniks

    Ever OK to shoot from a truck?

    who cares? its their trophy and their money to spend. If someone sees them as trophies and wants to hang them on the wall, shed, gate post, or hood of their new diesel pickup, good for them IMO
  24. Mekaniks

    Have Joined The 458 Club!

    In the mean time go find a whitetail or axis :)
  25. Mekaniks

    New lady hunter from the PNW!

    :S Welcome:
  26. Mekaniks

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Chris Troskie Safaris?

    I have a friend that hunted with Chris several years ago (5 maybe) and had a great hunt. I have read others that have also had good hunts with him, and I have never heard anything negative. I would not hesitate to book with him. Just be clear with your expectations upfront and you will likely...
  27. Mekaniks

    on a lighter note...

    And a shovel...
  28. Mekaniks

    Fallow & Roe Deer Hunt In Romania US$3,000

    @EMehrer it looks like they are offering you a redo
  29. Mekaniks

    Fallow & Roe Deer Hunt In Romania US$3,000

    Theres usually two sides and sometimes three or four to every story. I would let this play out and hear from all sides before making a decision.
  30. Mekaniks

    Comment by 'Mekaniks' in media 'Autumn Soup Recipe'

    @norfolk shooter It's my mother's recipe. It basic goes back to a restaurant she worked in the 1950's :) The story she tells is that the restaurant cook would go home after work each night and make a big pot to bring the restaurant in the morning for that days soup lunch. Yes, we sure had a good...
  31. Mekaniks

    Cezar from Romania

    Welcome :S Welcome:
  32. Mekaniks

    Elevation of Johannesburg - big surprise!

    You wouldn't believe how many people getting off a cruise ship in Alaska, standing on the dock, have asked me "what is the altitude here"?...... Another interesting altitude fact is the geographic South Pole is at 9300 ft.
  33. Mekaniks

    WKRP in Cincinnati

    I loved that show!
  34. Mekaniks

    Curious to see what action people are taking for the Coronavirus

    Yes for sure, as well as the folks traveling between communities, using the public facilities, gas stations, grocery stores ect... will likely be a concern.
  35. Mekaniks

    Rifle rentals, how much?

    I don't have a problem paying for rifle and ammo, as long as all the cost is upfront. I personnally prefer that it's built into the package. What I don't want is to find out that I have costs added to the end of my safari that I was not expecting.
  36. Mekaniks

    Curious to see what action people are taking for the Coronavirus

    That is on the horizon in Alaska as well. I believe it's about people traveling between communities and sport fishing not being designated as "essential" ,rather than giving a fish a virus.
  37. Mekaniks

    For Sale Tuffpak 1050 Gun Case Key Lock Version US$200

    This is a a great deal. I paid over 400 for mine.
  38. Mekaniks


    Yes, updated today. Alaska residents only and and no travel between communities
  39. Mekaniks


    State of Alaska suspended all Spring Bear Hunts today
  40. Mekaniks