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    Cancellation Hunt During Prime Dates 2021

    Hey Marius, is this camp a permanent one or addition to other camp? I have not been following AH for some time. My priorities are to still complete my Tiny 10 and have another try at a leopard.
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    Nyala & Bushbuck Hunt Special 2021

    This hunt should tickle anyones fancy. Nice offer.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: First But Hopefully Not The Last Hunt For 2020

    I suggest not even having a body in the picture if the hunter does not want his face shown. There's honor and respect for a harvested trophy.
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    Change in LOP means a change in scope position?

    Simply, you can use the next taller set of rings for more room if this does not throw off your line of sight to much.
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    Rifle for Long Length of Pull

    Go to Boyds Hardwood Gun Stocks and have one custom made. You have various choices, colors etc and very reasonable. Mine LOP is short and they have done a couple thumbhole for me.
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    SAA firearms fees are in full force - $65 to leave Africa

    But then the re-hookup fee is $65. Never going to win unless we stop traveling.
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    Crates arrived!

    Christmas all over again!
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    Rance Safaris "Win A Hunt"

    I would like thank Craig for such a generous offering. I see there are many entries. Good luck to all but I am feeling "LUCKY"
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    Christian arms 6.5 creedmore

    Isn't Jim Shockey now on CA payroll?
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    Safari Club International acquires Texas Trophy Hunters Association

    Probably just in the numbers of combined membership.
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    KMG Hunting Safaris Cancellation Hunt - Early June 2020

    Marius, I hope all hunts get snatched up. I'm taking a couple years off from international travel. Finishing my Tiny 10 is still priority.
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    Roan & Sable Hunt

    Just a few years ago, just a Sable TF was 7500.00. Do not pass this offer up if you have interest.
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    Headed to Tajikistan Dec 18 Any last minute tips?

    Nice Ibex there. I returned from Kyrgyzstan Nov. 12th with a great Ibex. Other hunt had Argali and Ibex. Once inspected at Customs and USFW you can take the trophy but, it needs to stay in the orange bag and sent to a USDA facility, be it a taxidermist or tannery and prepped. Wildlife...
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    New guy from South Dakota

    Welcome to AH John. Where here in SD did you move from? I'm in Aberdeen. I know of Grenz's from here but he is now in Groton and owns DQ. Brother and nephew in Rapid and niece in Black Hawk. Oh Africa, enjoy. I've done 11 hunts.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Safari 2019

    Some proper trophies for sure.
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    Range shut down

    Seems fishy to me. A planted bullet?
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    Air New Zealand SALE

    New Zealand is very safe and beautiful, Kiwi's very friendly and great trophy quality.
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Lalamanzi Safari

    You lucky duck.
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    Roan & Sable Hunting Package With Liam Urry Safaris

    A friend of mine has hunted with Liam and I have visited his camp. You are in good hands. I would do this deal but came off a leopard hunt in June and going to Kyrgyzstan in October.
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    AGENT: Ripped Off!

    I've been in contact with GSS but never booked with them. I have their catalog offerings. The money they spent to produce the catalog could bankrupt them. I'll will not use another booking agent either. Was screwed on a Zim buff hunt. I prefer to deal direct with outfitter.
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    Delta offering premium economy seats called Premium Select

    When i booked my flight to Namibia for this past June, I got a real surprise. Delta was offering 2 business class (Delta One) on the long flights over and one business class back home and it was only $300.00 more. A rare opportunity. Talk about being spoiled! Linen on your tray table, actual...
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    2019 Northern Cape with Wild Wildebeest Safaris

    Impressive Impalas. Thanks for sharing.
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    US$1,000 Reward Hunt Offer

    Fantastic offer! If I wouldn't of just come off a leopard hunt and not going to Asia in October, this would be right up my alley. Dang!
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    I am in need of Red Duiker, Suni, Sharpes Grysbok.

    I am in need of Red Duiker, Suni, Sharpes Grysbok.
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    Cape Buffalo Hunting Special US$10,000

    Just have other hunts to get done first. Need to finish my Tiny 10 with 3 more, the tough ones.
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    NAMIBIA: My Turn For Mr. Spots

    Sorry for late response. Roy Van de Merwe Otjandaue Hunting Safaris.
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    NAMIBIA: My Turn For Mr. Spots

    Hi Jacques, figured your spring goose season was a bust because I did not get a call. It did not exist here in South Dakota either. We had a winter this year! 5 foot or better of snow, late thaw then water every where.
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    NAMIBIA: My Turn For Mr. Spots

    Even Roy my PH and owner began to question my luck. The last 4 years he is 100% on cats, then I come along. HaHa.
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    NAMIBIA: My Turn For Mr. Spots

    Well, third time was "NOT" the charm. If it wasn't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. Very discouraging. 14 days, 2 cats hitting baits and we can not get the timing right to kill even one of them. This a pretty short hunt report but I can stretch it out. For what was invested in this...
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    Roan & Sable Hunting Package With Liam Urry Safaris

    trophy fees are included, re-read it. Hell of a deal.
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    NAMIBIA: My Turn For Mr. Spots

    Well fellas, Wednesday I'm off to Namibia for my third try at leopard. Two males are on bait regularly. Kudu are in full rut and a target animal after leopard is in salt. Baboon and Damara Springbuck will complement my list. Happy Fathers day to you all.
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    Plains Game Hunting Special 7 Trophies US$5,000 All Inclusive 2019

    Welcome to AH, Good deal to say the least. Heck of a price for your spiral horn slam.
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    WIN a FREE Sable Bull Hunt with Observer from Liam Urry Safaris for 2019/2020

    Congrats Susan. Liam harvests some awesome Sable.
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    WIN a FREE Sable Bull Hunt with Observer from Liam Urry Safaris for 2019/2020

    Hello Liam, Thanks so much for this offer. Who ever wins it will be on cloud 9. I have been to your camp for a visit and supper with Mike from NC . We happen to be in Africa the same time but different camps, so we stopped at your place on the way to ours with Ruan. Thanks for that hospitality.