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  1. BWH

    Weirdest animal shot and what with?

    Spring Hare.... the African Kangaroo
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    USA: Texas Hunting Season 2020 / 2021

    You’re just up the road from @gizmo at the Legendary Rockin G Ranch.
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    USA: Dove Hunting Done Right At The Rockin G Ranch

    That’s awesome! Sorry I had to miss it!
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    Greetings from Texas

    Howdy sir from NTX!
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    Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker & Scope For Sale .25-06

    Where you located
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    Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker & Scope For Sale .25-06

    How many rounds through the barrel? Reason for selling?
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    NRA: Does anyone on AH know what is REALLY going on?

    I don't know details..... but I have heard for years of problems/scandals. I don't react to every little rumor I hear. I had a friend tell me probably 10 years ago, who's father was personal friends of Wayne LaPierre's, that he would never give another dime until he was gone. So that tells me...
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    ActionBob's Taxidermy

    Thats a fantastic Goat display! Congratulations!
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    Vaal Rhebuck Hunt Special

    Does the hunt originate from Port Elizabeth?
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    Rhino Hunt Reduced Due To Favorable USD To ZAR 1 Remaining Bull Available At R295,000

    You will have a wonderful time hunting with Bossie & LBGS!
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    Limpopo versus Karoo Hunting

    What species are you looking or wanting to hunt?
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    Qatar Airlines experience

    If/when I go back.... I think I will use them out of DFW. Unless something changes significantly. I’ve done Delta, Emirates & British Airways. Like to give them a try.
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    Mr. Lincoln

    Nicely done [emoji736]
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    Vaal Rhebuck Hunt Special

  15. BWH

    AR-type Rifles

    Not bad.... I mean it is heavier than the 114 or 116 obviously. The equipment is heavier, ammo, larger scope, etc. I can weigh it & tell you exactly if you want.... it wears a suppressor most of the time as well.
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    Hello from Texas

    Howdy fellow Texan!
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    Vaal Rhebuck Hunt Special

    Price not listed.
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    AR-type Rifles

    I chose PWS over Daniel Defense. Just liked more & felt was better value. Very pleased my rifles..... I have in 223 & 308.
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    Luggage insurance

    I’m an insurance guy..... anytime you can, add the additional insurance where it is available or belongs. The “freebie” stuff, by airlines is worthless. You may very well have coverage on your Homeowners, assuming it’s not a basic, limited, policy like many, even big name companies are...
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    For Sale 45-70 Henry H010CC Octagon/Case Colors

    That went quick!!!
  21. BWH

    Duck Hunting in Europe?

    I am an avid duck hunter.... I have inter with, if you are talking about duck hunting internationally. That would be a go to source. I have used them. They are impeccable about the logistics. No guarantees on your quarry. That’s up to Mother Nature & your shooting.
  22. BWH

    Chicken Fried Steak!!!

    Any good Texan can make a proper chicken fried..... if looking for some good old fashioned schnitzel... hit me up. I have some close friends here in NTX, that come from the old country of Germany...20 some odd generations of making it old school. Kubys & Elke’s Market Cafe. Tell them I sent you!
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    Recommendations for the best air rifle?

    Umerex & Benjamin are a couple great place to start.... depending on your need & budget, there’s a lot to choose from.
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    DSC and SCI Shows 2021 - What are your feelings in the current environment?

    Looks like it (DSC) has officially moved the dates from January to February 11-14.
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    Survey : Your Favorite Factory Loaded Ammunition

    Barnes TTSX.... Buffalo Bore, Black Hills, Double Tap & DRT. The latter are more boutique, low volume manufacturers.
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    For Sale Leupold VX5HD 3-15-x44 Illuminated

    Still for sale
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    Vaalie & Caracal Hunt

    Karoo & Coast.... where is camp/lodging?
  28. BWH

    Stunning Nyala Taxidermy

    It’s times like this I wish all my African trophies were done by @gizmo.
  29. BWH

    Would you like a Cigar?

    Enchantment specially
  30. BWH

    Would you like a Cigar?

    The VSG is my favorite
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    For Sale Benelli Ethos 28 Gauge NIB

    Sold! Pending funds.
  32. BWH

    The Small Bore Ivory Hunter By Karamojo Bell

    Very cool.... Thanks!
  33. BWH

    Leupold Warranty

    Yeah....well, they fell off a high rack & landed on concrete from probably 7+'. One point landing, telescoping eye piece first.... No fault of Leupold's, they continued to look great, but that piece no long would go back & forth properly. So it wasn’t the glass at all. I am glad they stood...
  34. BWH

    Leupold Warranty

    I’ve had very similar experience with Leupold... my wife bought me a very nice pair of binoculars for Christmas... first safari the shaft on the zoom cap got jacked. Sent it back.... couldn’t repair so they upgraded. Happened again on the next pair a few years later... they upgraded me. It’s a...
  35. BWH

    Cities in flame

    Man I feel for you.... we had a really wet spring here in TX. However, after a month of 90+ with not a drop were as dry as a tender box. Anything, would start a pasture fire. Getting good rain today. Much needed!!! Prayers to you guys.
  36. BWH


    The thing about a bow or an apology, that’s is essentially an admission of guilt. Be prepared to pay the price or serve the sentence for that.
  37. BWH

    Summer Axis Deer Rut Hunt Texas Available

    I think the Rockin’ G is the safest play for the next 12-24 months..... until nonsense gets sorted, that’s the next best/greatest place to hunt without risking logistic complications. As much as I want to plan the “next trip”..... man, nothing internationally is a good bet.
  38. BWH

    308 ammo for Africa

    Barnes TTSX 165 gr....... [emoji383] [emoji383] [emoji383]
  39. BWH

    Ever OK to shoot from a truck?

    Sure.... to each there own & for what reason/ species.... in TX it’s not uncommon to night hunt predators & hogs from vehicle (truck, UTV, etc) with spot lights, night vision, thermal, etc... However, that would not happen in the same place, by the same hunters for different game (deer...
  40. BWH

    For Sale Leupold VX5HD 3-15-x44 Illuminated

    Any pics?
  41. BWH

    For Sale Remington 700 SPS With Magpul Hunter Stock

    Sounds/looks like a badass rig.... any particular reason for wanting to get rid of?
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    USA: Texas Hunting Done Right!! At The Rockin G Ranch

    Love it @Carrie that’s great stuff!!!! I can certainly appreciate this, having a son with Autism. I am very familiar with that place & how unforgiving those canyons can be & how those giant white scimitars can literally vanish for days not to be seen of again. It’s remarkable. I’m very proud of...
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    Brown Hyena Hunt South Africa

    Man that was an awesome trip!!!! [emoji817]
  44. BWH

    For Sale Trijicon Accupoint 4-16x50mm

    Any wear & tear? Condition? Has it been on rifle? Age of piece? Thank you!
  45. BWH

    .22 hornet vs .17 hmr

    I’m surprised I didn’t hear more about a 22WMR.:.. that round is super effective. Cheap, accurate, available, great ballistics comparing the other 2 rounds....
  46. BWH

    South Africa Reopening Sable Hunt Special 2021

    My man.... coming in hot!!!! Nice offer! My next trip.... I want a Sable & Roan!
  47. BWH

    Does female wild game meat tastes better than male?

    So many variables....time of year, conditions, age of animal, the way processed, etc.... typically, I’d say no. But, an old boar compared to a young sow. Then yes...... but otherwise, I say no.
  48. BWH

    Sun & Fun Get Away Package Texas

    That place is special for sure.... from everyone that just wants to to sit & watch the sunrise/sunset.... to those that want to spot/stalk and get down & dirty with nature. The Rockin’ G is an awesome place that anyone & everyone would find solace.... & FUN!!!! We look forward to every trip &...
  49. BWH

    How (I Personally Believe) The Future Of Hunting Can Be Saved

    I’ve done my very best to raise independent, free thinkers.... while introducing them to what I know, think & like/enjoy.... not all of those things align with my wife. However, she shares the same philosophy. I am fortunate to have kids that love the outdoors, hunting. Fishing, etc.... once...