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  1. Philip Glass

    My Top Ten Gear Items For Safari

    You are so welcome and I appreciate your kind words. Can’t wait to read your hunt report!
  2. Philip Glass

    My Top Ten Gear Items For Safari

    You’re right that most everyone “figure out what works” eventually. I just want to help the first timer get a jump on the mistakes and over packing most of us did years ago! Thanks, Philip
  3. Philip Glass

    Safari Planning - 3 Things

    Shooting sticks video is out.
  4. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    Correct this is the downside to quad sticks. You can’t swing on a moving animal.
  5. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    Jim, Thanks and yes you have some fantastic products! Philip
  6. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    Thanks One Day. Certainly there is a big difference between my tiny little 7Mag, that I love, and big DG calibers. My video series is directed to the “first timer” as it has become my passion to introduce as many hunters as I can to Africa. It is not particularly focused on DG. Your point is...
  7. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    This is what they teach at SAAM shooting school. Sounds like you have it down!
  8. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    Depends on the caliber, the sticks, and the shooter. This is why I am not making recommendations on how to use sticks in this video as there are many ways to do it. Some instruct to hold on to the sling and the sticks, some hold the rifle, and some the sticks. Each shooter needs to find his or...
  9. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    Perfect idea! The more time on the sticks the better.
  10. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

  11. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    Good planning!
  12. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    Yes the Viperflex sticks are really good
  13. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    I agree it is so much fun shooting gongs from the sticks. And what better training!
  14. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    Thanks Mark and good point.
  15. Philip Glass

    WANTED: Pricing A Wild Managed Lion Hunt For 2022

    Cost is hard to determine because of bait cost. Lions eat a lot and in a 21 day hunt it can take tens of thousands of dollars of bait. This is not a leopard hunt. You must have huge baits that they can't finish in one night or they are gone. They rot and have to be replaced over and over. "Wild...
  16. Philip Glass

    Recoil Mitigation

    Thanks. Each person has to find what is comfortable for them when on the sticks. This is why I stress practice instead of trying to demonstrate what I do when It may not work well for everyone.
  17. Philip Glass

    KYRGYZTAN: Kyrgyzstan Ibex Hunt 2014

    I am a total flat lander and altitude is hard on me. I was not sick as I took the Diamox but I was not in good enough shape and should have trained more. The first two days were terrible on me but it got better.
  18. Philip Glass

    MONGOLIA: Mongolia Ibex & Roe Deer Hunt

    Thanks, it was quite an adventure. My mounts should be done pretty soon. What a memory they will be!
  19. Philip Glass

    MONGOLIA: Mongolia Ibex & Roe Deer Hunt

    Yes I’ve trained at SAAM a few times and it was so valuable. My Tikka is right out of the box. It shoots under 1” groups at 100 and I’ve been good on gongs out to 1000. In this world where everyone thinks they need a custom gun I just want to share my experience with the Tikka. For actual...
  20. Philip Glass

    Anyone have trophies ready to ship in Namibia?

    Mine are ready and they say they are being packed for shipment which takes 4-8 weeks. BS!
  21. Philip Glass

    TAJIKISTAN: Tajikistan Marco Polo Hunt November 2018

    Scott who was your outfitter? Very nice trophy room! Philip
  22. Philip Glass

    Shooting Sticks

    I have a brief rundown of the various shooting sticks here and discuss their application in preparing for your next safari. I believe shooting and hunting off sticks regularly is the best safari prep a person can do. Regards, Philip PS Checkout how little recoil there is from my Tikka 7mm Mag...
  23. Philip Glass

    Savage 99

    I’d say see what you can do at 100 yards and see if you can move up to 180gr bullets preferably Barnes. You should do well and what a neat gun. Philip
  24. Philip Glass

    WANTED: Hippo Hunt 2021

    Hippo is a great animal to hunt and classic Africa! You are going to have to travel as the EC is no place to hunt hippo. In fact Zim is your best bet so you’ll be putting together two safaris.
  25. Philip Glass

    Limited Edition rifles investment?

    Quality rifles can hold their value but rarely do they go up in value. I know there are certain situations where rifles can go up in value but it is rare. The only guns that for sure go up in value annually are Transferrable machine guns here in the US (in states where they are legal!).
  26. Philip Glass

    Finally took a leap

    I have one, not limited edition, 12g 32” barrels, and I shoot really well with it. Philip
  27. Philip Glass

    Quiet Muzzle Break

    On wood stocks they normally go in the draw bolt hole. Some guns need a hole drilled out by a gunsmith and synthetic stocks can be done various ways. Some guns we’ve put 2 reducers in. I suggest sending the stock to Edward’s and have them do it. It is fairly inexpensive.
  28. Philip Glass

    Giant Eland Pictures

    Beautiful! Here’s my 2020 bull from Cameroon. Too bad you can’t hunt CAR anymore.
  29. Philip Glass

    Red Dot/Reflex or Low Power Scope for 416 Rem Mag?

    Cool. Great choice
  30. Philip Glass

    .257 Roberts

    Have a friend who swore by that caliber for whitetail. He was a ranch hand and shot tons of deer with his over the years.
  31. Philip Glass

    Red Dot/Reflex or Low Power Scope for 416 Rem Mag?

    I agree with the scope. I’ve used a Leupold VX6 1-6 with red dot on a .416, and a 2-12X on a .375.
  32. Philip Glass

    Quiet Muzzle Break

    Interesting that they claim 85% recoil reduction. It looks like a normal brake to me so how could it be quiet? I guess you need to try it out and see how it works. I’d like to hear a report here on AH. I’m done with brakes and use Edward’s recoil reducers in all my rifles and suppressors in some...
  33. Philip Glass

    Grizzly bear fatally mauls hunter in Alaska state park

    Man I’m doing that hunt next year! Can’t be too careful. Wonder what actually happened.
  34. Philip Glass

    SOUTH AFRICA: 1st Africa Hunt With Molopo Kalahari Safaris In NW Province South Africa

    I have pro success in leather and my son has proS. Stick with the .300!
  35. Philip Glass

    Man-in-the-middle caliber

    We all love buying another gun! I do not see the value in a .338 when you have a .375. The .375 Ruger will do anything you want it to do. I think it’s a brilliant round and I have 2 of them. I will never own a .338. Philip
  36. Philip Glass

    Zimbabwe Lion Hunt Special 2020

    Unreal deal!
  37. Philip Glass

    Lion Hunt

    You need to explain whether you are interested in a nonexportable ranched lion hunt or a true wilderness hunt with a possibility of export of the trophy. They prices will be vastly different depending on what you are looking for and budget.
  38. Philip Glass

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunt With VDV Safaris For Suni, Red Duiker & Serval

    I had a very similar hunt in 2018. A real adventure!
  39. Philip Glass

    Delta Update

    Wow that is back to what the price has been. You will be fine. Make your plans!
  40. Philip Glass

    United EWR-JNB

    Yes they are.
  41. Philip Glass

    United EWR-JNB

    Plus no suppressors on that route.
  42. Philip Glass

    Delta Update

    They just announced, with the United announcements, DL204 will be a daily flight starting in March. It was 5X per week and I am sure we are screwed on the price we paid, oh well at least we got the front row of Premium for our group! So much changing right now. If folks are not particular where...
  43. Philip Glass

    Delta Update

    My group is on Premium Select as well.
  44. Philip Glass

    Delta Update

    Correct but we are skipping JNB and going straight to CPT thus missing the extra 4 hours of misery!
  45. Philip Glass

    Delta Update

    Yes that is our plan. We will just hop from PLZ to CPT then off to ATL. CPT is an international airport just like JNB so no problem. My very first flight to Africa arrived in CPT!
  46. Philip Glass

    ZIMBABWE: Hunting The BVC In Zimbabwe For Buffalo, John Sharp Safaris Exceeding Expectations

    Had the same problems one time with Delta. They checked through to Bulawayo so luckily I had a change of clothes and some toiletries in my carry on as I overnighted in JNB with my gun but no luggage! They also spent an inexcusable amount of time reading their note on gun cases and yes what can...
  47. Philip Glass

    Take this one to bed

    Thoughts on DG Prep 1. Don’t use reloads. Too many stories to tell here. Just ask some PH’s. 2. At the range try hard to make your gun jam. Do everything you can think of besides complete and total abuse. 3. Read DG stories and get advice from those who have been many times and been in dangerous...