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  1. buckmarkhunter

    Wanted Old Big Bore Brass For My Son Cartridge Display

    I have a 416 Barrett I can send, It has a solid brass bullet. Barrett made this round once California banned anything 50 Cal. It’s a 50 bmg that is necked down to 416. Pm me if you want it.
  2. buckmarkhunter

    Von Gruff knives brag board

    Great looking knives! Can’t wait to get one.
  3. buckmarkhunter

    Comment about suggested shot placement for bow hunting cape buffaloes

    I hunted mine in May of last year. I drew 3 times before I felt comfortable with releasing an arrow. My ph had a 458 Lott ready to go once I released an arrow. On my personal experience I had an agreement if he turned and started to come our way he would fire at said buffalo. If I could get...
  4. buckmarkhunter

    For Sale Heym 88B .470 NE High Grade With Ammunition

    What an awesome firearm. If it were next year I’d do it. Best of luck on the sale, shouldn’t have a problem.
  5. buckmarkhunter


    What an exciting time. Best of luck on your journey.
  6. buckmarkhunter

    Hello from Wisconsin

    Welcome, you have a great man cave!
  7. buckmarkhunter

    Buffalo Lost His Horn

    I bet that was one heck of a fight. Awesome photo!
  8. buckmarkhunter

    Hello from Texas

  9. buckmarkhunter

    Once In A Lifetime Pictures

    A buffalo my ph found on a concession. Ended up taking him 2 months later with a bow.
  10. buckmarkhunter

    I had to say goodbye to my Aya No. 2 SxS...

    Nice looking pair of shotguns
  11. buckmarkhunter

    ActionBob's Taxidermy

    Good looking mounts and awesome trophies!
  12. buckmarkhunter

    De-Horned Rhino Hunt 2021

    This would be an awesome hunt! And something most will never do.
  13. buckmarkhunter

    Upgraded gun safe, now to fill it up...

    Awesome safe. I ordered one at DSC this year. I told them between taxidermy and finishing my basement I didn’t need it for about a year and a half. They said give a small deposit and let us know when you want it, no problem. Very helpful company and as a bonus Pendleton whisky is my drink of choice.
  14. buckmarkhunter

    Corona Special 50" Sable Hunt For Only US$8,900

    Great animal, good luck on the sale
  15. buckmarkhunter

    Management Hunt 140 Animals 10 Days

    Creative offer in these crazy times.
  16. buckmarkhunter

    Broad Head for plains game

    I took the Strickland helix (175) to SA last year. It worked great. I harvested a sable and Cape buffalo. Once you find what setup works for you practice and have confidence in it.
  17. buckmarkhunter

    Sable & Roan Combo Hunt For Only US$6,000

    This is a great offer.
  18. buckmarkhunter

    Well wishes for our friend Dennis from The Artistry of Wildlife

    Dennis, glad your doing better! Take your time and don’t rush it. Your a true craftsman and amazing in your field the mounts will still be there when you decide the time is right. Speedy recovery to you.
  19. buckmarkhunter

    Cape Buffalo Bowhunt Video

    Awesome job, great video. You have to love it when a plan comes together.
  20. buckmarkhunter

    1st Trip Coming Up!

    Welcome aboard from a fellow Minnesotan. Have an awesome trip and enjoy everything Africa has to offer.
  21. buckmarkhunter

    Decent scope for .22?

    I went with a larger power scope for my 22. It’s an Athelon 4-18 with the Mill reticle and lit. I think it was about $270. If you could find a leupold that is used in larger power you can have a lot of fun with it. I bring my 10 yr old to the range tell him to put the 7 on the reticle on the...
  22. buckmarkhunter

    Pay It Forward-Free

    I would take the browning one. I don’t have a mossburg but my daughter does turkey hunt with a browning.
  23. buckmarkhunter

    My New 500 B&M.......

    The b&m guns look like a sweet setup. I love that a big gun can have a great looking pc of wood.
  24. buckmarkhunter

    Big Buffalo Bowhunt Group Special

    What a great hunt and offer. I hunted mine with a bow and it was an amazing experience. Best of luck on the sale.
  25. buckmarkhunter

    Cape Buffalo 90 Degree Pedestal Taxidermy Mount

    Awesome buffalo Dennis.
  26. buckmarkhunter

    USA: New Mexico Lion Hunt

    That’s awesome congrats! I did a hunt in NM for my lion and was a great adventure. Awesome state to get a cat. Glad it all worked out.
  27. buckmarkhunter

    Looking for Elk hunt advise

    I lived in New Mexico for 7 years. I have hunted multiple times with Iron sight outfitting, Mark Haynes owns it. He is great with kids and is on this forum some. New Mexico has an outfitter pool in the draw that increases your odds greatly.
  28. buckmarkhunter

    300 Win Mag scope help

    I am a fan of the nightforce scopes. I have a 7mag and 300 mag with the more economical shv line. One illuminated and one not moar reticle. I have a couple long range customs with the higher priced nsx. The nsx is better glass but not for the price difference on a hunting scope. I went to...
  29. buckmarkhunter

    Really Nice Muzzleloader For Sale

    I bought one of those last yr for my NM elk hunt. I use bh209 with 92gr by weight and a 300 Parker ballistic extreme bullet with the sabot they sell. I’m shooting a 6 inch group at 325 yds. Sweet setup.
  30. buckmarkhunter

    First safari booked april/may 2021

    Sweet deal, your going to have a blast.
  31. buckmarkhunter

    New guy in town

    Welcome aboard, sound like your wife is a keeper. Enjoy planning your first safari, it’s awesome and addicting.
  32. buckmarkhunter


    The bloods smear on the face I’ve seen a cpl times. We also take a moment and give thanks after any kill to the big guy up above.
  33. buckmarkhunter

    Been Nose to the Grindstone...BIGTIME

    Can’t wait to see the pics
  34. buckmarkhunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa With Kemp African Safaris

    What a great start. That sable is beautiful! The honey is pretty awesome too.
  35. buckmarkhunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: Buffalo & Sable

    Congrats on 2 fine animals. You did very well and anyone would be happy with them.
  36. buckmarkhunter

    Auction Hunts: Deal? Or Duped?

    I think like everyone has said just do your homework on what it actually is and includes. I have done it one time and it worked out great.
  37. buckmarkhunter

    AUSTRIA: Fallow Stags, Wild Boar, & A Touch Of Mozart In Austria

    Great hunt and adventure. Glad you guys got to take it all in.
  38. buckmarkhunter

    First Elk Hunt New Mexico Unit 15

    I used my bow on both, fun hunts. You won’t be disappointed they have a great set of hounds.
  39. buckmarkhunter

    USA: Wyoming Deer

    Nice buck
  40. buckmarkhunter

    My Lion...Finally!

    Awesome Phillip, congrats.
  41. buckmarkhunter

    New one from Texas

  42. buckmarkhunter

    SOUTH AFRICA: Safari 2019

    What a great trip, congrats.