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  1. Wade J VanGinkel

    Interarms vs CZ or other 375

    It's a mauser action. I got mine from midway. Warne quick release rings and bases
  2. Wade J VanGinkel

    Comment by 'Wade J VanGinkel' in media 'Grandson first hunting license'

    I think I took my first deer at 14, my first buck at 18. My 2 kids both started killing bucks at 12. Nearly all on public land here in Colorado
  3. Grandson first hunting license

    Grandson first hunting license

    I gave my grandson his first hunting license yesterday. He's 11 and super excited. Just hoping to get him a doe or 2 and not going until january 2nd. Possibly a cull buck but not likely. Depends if the lease owner offers a cheap price in the moment. Texas youth even for a non resident is a...
  4. Wade J VanGinkel

    USA: Texas Hunting Season 2020 / 2021

    We hunt in Childress
  5. Wade J VanGinkel

    Whitworth 375 H&H For Sale - As New

    Very nice rifle I bought one less than a year ago or I'd be all in. Best of luck with the sale
  6. Wade J VanGinkel

    USA: Texas Hunting Season 2020 / 2021

    I gave my grandson his first hunting license yesterday. He's 11 and super excited. Just hoping to get him a doe or 2 and not going until january 2nd. Possibly a cull buck but not likely. Depends if the lease owner offers a cheap price in the moment. Texas youth even for a non resident is a...
  7. Wade J VanGinkel

    International travel to RSA open October 1st 2020!!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed, Tickets are already purchased for April 2021 several months ago
  8. Wade J VanGinkel

    CANADA: The Cabin

    I've had my 20x30 cabin in northwest Colorado under construction for several years now. 2 hours from home and just can't get there very often due to work. But my dad works on it alone frequently. Will have solar eventually but runs on a generator right now. Have to carry water in and will be...
  9. Wade J VanGinkel

    USA: Alaska Wolf Hunt

    Very nice, I've failed several times trying to get one
  10. Wade J VanGinkel

    Remington 770 beater rifles

    Due to the current craze in the country background checks are taking days instead of the usual 10 minutes.
  11. Wade J VanGinkel

    Remington 770 beater rifles

    Actually thinking back, Just over 25 years ago during a remodel of the same store I got over 20 boxes of 16guage for $1 a box
  12. Wade J VanGinkel

    Remington 770 beater rifles

    It does seem strange. Last month they sold all the savage axis rifles for $150 . When I saw them they all had hold tags on them.
  13. Wade J VanGinkel

    Remington 770 beater rifles

    Yup. $ 54 each
  14. Wade J VanGinkel

    Remington 770 beater rifles

    I know these are really cheap entry level rifles. But just had to shout out my kids just bought 2 on clearance at wal mart with cheap scopes on them for $54 dollars each. One in 270 and the other 308. Regular price is $260
  15. Wade J VanGinkel

    Help from my Norwegian cousins!

    Scandinavianprohunters came up in a search for me. About 13k for a reindeer hunt. Not sure if it's one you looked at. I'd like to do something similar in Finland someday
  16. Wade J VanGinkel

    Hunts which are not guaranteed - Hunts with only a "good chance" of success

    I'm not a trophy hunter, being totally happy with average animals. That said, I'm 0-1 on mountain goat in Colorado. 0-4 with wolf tags in Canada and Alaska. Failed on my first caribou hunt as well. Other than 1 wolf hunt it was all diy. I'm terrible on elk also but I give them very little...
  17. Wade J VanGinkel

    What have you been doing since you can’t go on Safari?

    Mostly just work, as much as possible to build money for when things open up. Afraid to plan anything else until I'm sure if current plans are gonna happen. First safari scheduled in April 2021 and totally paid for. Finally got to go shooting and dialed in my first 375 with 300gr tsx. I'm...
  18. Wade J VanGinkel

    Hunting In Texas

    Very nice
  19. Wade J VanGinkel

    Is any kind of hearing protection used on safari?

    I tie the corded silicon ones to the back of my cap now. They swing on my neck and take 2 seconds to stick in my ears. I can't afford even 1 shot anymore without. Hearing has been damaged enough already I could lose it all if I forget.
  20. Wade J VanGinkel

    Colorado Get Together

    I'm in the same boat with Jim, Just a little bit further away than he is. But id surely be down for something as well with a little preplanning.
  21. Wade J VanGinkel

    Airline Choices

    I'm already booked with Qatar for the last week of April. 1240 each out of Eagle Colorado. I'll have to recheck in dallas but a long layover there. Eagle is only 20 minutes from home so saves a long trip to Denver both ways.
  22. Gar Fishing Texas USA

    Gar Fishing Texas USA

  23. Fishing Gar in Texas USA

    Fishing Gar in Texas USA

  24. Texas USA Fishing Gar

    Texas USA Fishing Gar

  25. Fishing Texas USA

    Fishing Texas USA

  26. Fishing in Texas USA

    Fishing in Texas USA

  27. Texas USA Fishing Gar

    Texas USA Fishing Gar

  28. Wade J VanGinkel

    Happy July 4th to our US members

    Thank you sir, It's a great day to reflect , And be thankful for what we have
  29. Wade J VanGinkel

    Texas fishing with my grandson

    A big chunk of carp and a treble hook on a steel leader.
  30. Wade J VanGinkel

    Texas fishing with my grandson

    I've been back for 3 weeks already just haven't taken the time to post. Drove from Colorado to Huntsville texas with my grandson to enjoy a few days off and get away from a virus outbreak at my workplace. My son didn't get to go for this reason as he was exposed. Had a great 2 days fishing...
  31. Wade J VanGinkel

    Is anyone booking Flights for Next year yet?

    I'll be booking my flights for late April this week. Like others I'm afraid pricing or seat availability might get tight if I wait until later. Looking at about $1200 from Eagle Colorado to joburg on Qatar with a very long flight.
  32. Wade J VanGinkel


    Just a quick personal experience story. My son was unable to go on this last week's vacation we had planned. His gf was quarantined from work due to possible exposure to the virus. So of course he was told to stay home as well. I hadn't been in contact for several days so went on the...
  33. Wade J VanGinkel

    For Sale Franchi Affinity 3 12ga Shadow Grass Blades Camo NIB

    Fishing with my son and grandson for gar for 2 days out of Huntsville, then picking my daughter in dallas at the airport for 2 more days fishing with a friend at lake Towakami for stripers and catfish. Long drive both ways but should be great
  34. Wade J VanGinkel

    For Sale Franchi Affinity 3 12ga Shadow Grass Blades Camo NIB

    Surely tempted but leaving on vacation in 3 days for a Texas fishing trip. If it's still available and I have any money left I'll think about it on my return home.
  35. Wade J VanGinkel

    Obsessed With Ruger Rifles Especially #1s

    All nice rifles , My Ruger collection is limited to a 10/22, A first year mk11 varmint in. 223 with blue reciever and stainless barrel with laminated stock. Hawkeye in 35 Whelen. My son has 2 stainless laminated LH chambered in 300 Win mag and .270 Being left handed they were exactly what he...
  36. Wade J VanGinkel

    Which prefit limb saver for a Zastava M70?

    I currently just removed the factory pad and used a slip on over the bare end. If I remember correctly one of the templates was within a few thousands when I measured the pad. But haven't ordered one yet
  37. Wade J VanGinkel

    New trend- Pay all upfront for a discount

    I'm booked with henry griffiths next year the end of April. I'm about 70% paid for my son and i but that was my choice before this all started. He always prices in the rand so watching the exchange rate gets you the best deal. It was 16 to 1 when I booked and didn't expect it to change so...
  38. Wade J VanGinkel

    Canada moose hunt recommendations

    I went to newfoundland several years ago moose hunting. Hunt was 4k at the time. Got a small one but totally happy. At that time they had raised the caribou price to 11k due to dwindling numbers. Not sure if that situation has changed. They told me a few years before they threw them in as...
  39. Wade J VanGinkel

    Vortex or Leupold for 375 H&H

    I'm pretty much leupold all the way now. Unless a super deal on something else. Currently testing a sig whisky5 I got a third of retail price. I've had 1 vortex but it broke before ever going afield. Won't buy another. I also have 1 zeiss. Conquest 4.5x14 I purchased new. Best scope I have...
  40. Wade J VanGinkel

    Advice Needed

    Maybe consider something in between where you can maintain your current income stream. Something like a booking agent or consultant. Some are terrible merely booking hunts for terrible outfits and taking money. Others are great insuring a quality hunt with reputable outfitters. Do the...
  41. Wade J VanGinkel

    You guys are a bad WIN 375

    Same thing happened to me a few months ago. Never knew what I needed until I got on here. Nice rifle!!
  42. Wade J VanGinkel

    Do rifles have souls?

    That's why I've never been able to part with anything once I've hunted with it. A soul, memories, or maybe the aura that some pieces carry with them. Any time I pick up my grandfather's model 64 30wcf images of red plaid and deer camp in the U.P. flood into my mind. It's why I carry...
  43. Wade J VanGinkel

    One year from now, what will things look like

    I'm 368 days out. Wondering same things right now but believe everything will come together
  44. Wade J VanGinkel

    A question for zastava owners

    Like others, mine is not lh. But used warne large ring mauser bases and quick release rings with a sig whisky5 2x10 also. Got an amazing clearance deal at optics planet at $400
  45. Wade J VanGinkel

    Fallow & Roe Deer Hunt In Romania US$3,000

    I'm booked in 2022, This is the first negative report I've heard with a few good ones before. I'm not gonna stress without far more details. The posting member has only made 4 posts in 9 years? I talk to George frequently via WhatsApp and sent him a message. He always answers promptly and...
  46. Wade J VanGinkel

    How to choose your next Plains Game safari?

    My first safari is booked for 2021. I'll admit my choice was based 100% on price with a sponsor here. Making it affordable so I can pay the hunt cost for my son as well. He just needs to pay to get his stuff home. Enjoying new adventures and places with my son is more important than...
  47. Wade J VanGinkel

    What Are Your Alternative Plans?

    The only thing besides tags here at home in colorado that I had set in stone this year, is a fishing trip in texas the first week of june. I don't think it will be a problem. The guide is actively fishing now and we should be able to drive down if things don't get worse.
  48. Wade J VanGinkel

    Finally got one!

    Nice rifle! I've never had an itch for a .308 but wish I had grabbed that .250 when it first posted for sale.