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    .458 Lott recoil is no joke

    I also have a no.1 in .458 but I reload ”North American “loads for it which helps with the recoil. I’m a big fan of balanced rifles as they handle much better than barrel or butt stock heavy ones. I found that putting a shell holder on my butt stock and loading it with 10 rounds works perfectly...
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    When have you ever been let down by the performance of your rifle on game?

    I once owned a Sako Forrester in .264 win mag. The rifle had a feeding problem as I found out when approaching a moose I had just shot only to have him get back up at almost point blank range. Put the crosshairs on him only to hear a click when I squeezed the trigger. The next round hadn’t fed...
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    What cartridge have you thought about the most, but never owned a rifle in it?

    For me it was the .270 Winchester, probably because I grew up reading Jack O’Connor’s column in Outdoor life when I was young. 45 years later I bought a Ruger no.1 in .270 Weatherby. Close but no cigar.
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    Deer charge stopped by .500/.416 Double

    Thank god you’re ok. I would recommend a stopper caliber, maybe .500 or .600 nitro, if you’re going to continue hunting dangerous game like that.
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    Friends New 470NE

    Very nice wood and engraving.
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    Why a .375 in North America?

    Yup. Know what you mean about those rogue tree stumps. Got quite a few where I live. Got a Ruger no.1 in .458 to take care of them. Haven’t tried my .375 on them yet.
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    375 Winchester Safari Express sling

    I’ve tried several synthetic slings and found them too slippery for shouldering. I only use leather slings with a suede finish on the inside.
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    Happy New Year

    I’d like to wish all of you a Happy New Year. This is still one of my favourite sites to visit because of all the great info and history as well as the good natured banter. I’ve never seen anything that I would call disrespectful. Sure makes it a pleasure to come here and read your posts, as...
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    .458 Winchester Magnum too much gun?

    Nothing is “too much gun” if you tailor the loads to suit the game. I have a .458 that I’ve developed a couple of nice loads with 350 gr. bullets for brush hunting and am working on a load for my 450/400 double for hunting black tail deer locally. It’s a shame to never use a hunting rifle for...
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    Ruger no1 500 nitro

    There’s a gentleman on YouTube who goes by the name 1tufgun. He likes his many big bores and has a Ruger no.1 in 500 nitro that he shoots in a couple of his videos. The recoil is obvious in the vid but he knows how to take it.
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    Market for .450/.400 double?

    An 8# double in 9.3 is way too light in my opinion. My 450/400 weighs 10.5# and it’s very pleasant to shoot, more recoil than my .375, but not enough to cause flinching. Weight is your friend with powerful rifles.
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    Ruger #1 in big bore calibers

    Nice little shell holder. I use a 10 round slip on holder on my buttstock and when loaded with 10 .458 win mag shells it gives my no.1 perfect balance.
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    A Rare Chance To Acquire A Holland & Holland .577 Nitro Express At Auction

    I wonder if the bullet weight and serial number discrepancies are just typos. Being a 2 finger pecker on a keyboard I know full well how that sort of thing can happen. The barrels say 750 gr., I say go with that.
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    Load Update-Verney Carron Azur 450 NE

    Very nice group. Thanks for sharing.
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    Market for .450/.400 double?

    I like the looks of a classic double with lots of engraving and Damascus barrels. However when I decided to buy a double, I went with a new modern one as I want to be able to shoot it with no worries. I also settled on the 450/400 3” as it is mild compared to some of the stoppers so hunting with...
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    Journey towards a double begins

    I have a V.C. In 450/400 and I can vouch for the high quality craftsmanship that goes into one, but the thing I like about it the most is how well it fits me, and this is very important when shooting powerful rifles in quick shot scenarios. Find the one that fits you the best and go with it.
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    New to me .375 Ruger Alaskan

    Excellent groups with the scope tightened. How is the recoil and what does the rifle weigh?
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    375 Ruger vs 416 Ruger for an all-around rifle

    If I had to choose between those two rounds, I’d go with the .375 because it shoots flatter for a better mpbr, and it’s recoil won’t be as noticeable as the .416. My moose/elk rifle is a .375 H&H, and my bear/bison rifles are .458 reduced loads and 450/400 full power loads. (Double rifle). As...
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    Talk me out of a 416

    If you’ve already got a .375 then I would suggest going to something in .458. That way you’ve moved up noticeably in power and the bigger bore will give more knock down power. There. Now that’s as far as I’m going to discourage you from buying another rifle in .416. Your welcome.
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    .22 Hornet double rifle in action

    What, no recoil? And not having ejectors could be life threatening when that wounded ground squirrel charges. Nice looking rifle. Congratulations on the accuracy. Some detailed pics would be nice.
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    Member of the big bore club

    Something to keep in mind about the Ruger no.1 and the Winchester Hiwall is that it is difficult to get a scope to fit well on them. You will need a scope with good eye relief as they mount well forward of where a bolt gun would. I have a no.1 in .270 Weatherby and I installed a scout scope...
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    .470 NE versus .500 NE Felt recoil

    I had my rotator cuff fixed about 25 years ago. I was told by the surgeon that shooting wouldn’t be a problem. I shoot all sorts of Calibers including .375, 450/400 and .458 win mag. I wear a shoulder pad when I’m at the range but my shoulder has never given me any problems from shooting. Let it...
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    Krieghoff Replacement Stock

    Next time you ride a horse like that one, let it know who’s boss. Pull the reins to steer it away from objects when you see it heading for them. Usually that’s all you need to do. If it’s being stubborn you can dig your heels into his side to help persuade it.
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    .375 H&H, .416 Rem Mag, .458 Lott or .470 NE?

    Beautiful wood on the .470. Almost too purdy to take out into the bush.
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    20 gauge shotgun questions

    My first 20 gauge was a Ruger red label skeet gun. Deadly on grouse and ducks. Didn’t like the flexible fore stock so I traded it in on a Browning Citori, also in 20 gauge. Great gun and screw in choke tubes to boot.
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    Not sure about a Double Rifle

    Totally agree Hunter, but doubles that come with provenance are way out of my price range unfortunately. What I look for is all original condition with a good bore. Engraving, good wood and Damascus if I’m lucky. I may never shoot some of my oldies but I like them to be in good enough condition...
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    Not sure about a Double Rifle

    I’m sort of siding with you RedLeg. The barrels are fluid steel and the gun looks to be in very good shape, so I suspect it received a refreshing sometime in the past that might have included new barrels. It all raises a bit of a red flag so I’m going to take a pass on it. Thanks for the replies...
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    Not sure about a Double Rifle

    Hi all. I’ve been looking at an antique double rifle online and am rather confused as to who is the actual maker. The side locks are engraved with J. Beattie, the action is stamped on the flats with P. Phillip & Son and the barrels are marked E. Harrison & Co. 226 Strand. It’s in .500 bpe. Now...
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    Copper fouling in my Verney-Carron

    Well I finally got it clean after 6 hours of soaking in copper solvent and wiping. I’m still wondering if it’s the copper wash on the Hornady bullets that coming off and fouling the rifling. I’ve had green and blue patches from my other rifles when using the copper solvent, but never so bad that...
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    Copper fouling in my Verney-Carron

    Hi all. I have a VC double in 450-400 NE and am in the process of cleaning the barrels. I've only put 4 rounds through it myself, as well as the ones fired at the proofhouse, so it has not had a lot of rounds put through it yet. My concern is the amount of copper fouling in the barrels. The...
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    Need some advice

    Get G. Wright’s book Shooting The British Double. Lots of reloading and regulation help. Worth every penny.
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    Christmas Blessings to you all

    I’d like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and best wishes in the New Year.
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    450/400 or 470 Nitro express

    According to the recoil chart, 56 ft.lbs. For a 450/400 would be an 8.5 to 9 lb rifle. Shoot it out of a 10.5 lb double and it’s around 40 ft.lbs. Very manageable.
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    450/400 or 470 Nitro express

    I have a VC Azur PH in .450-400. I bought the rifle as I always wanted a high end hand made rifle in an African caliber. I had a choice between the .450-400 and a .470. I will never use it in Africa but do shoot it locally and will hunt with it when the weather is nice. I find the recoil from my...
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    Hornady DG factory load powder

    Does anyone know what type of powder Hornady uses in their .450/400 DG factory loads, or is that a trade secret? Looking to develope some loads for my VC double in that caliber, and seeing as how it was regulated at the factory with Hornady ammo, I thought that using the same powder would be a...
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    Techniques for heavy recoiling rifles

    I have found lots of very informative videos on YouTube that show the best stance as well as how to grip and hold the rifle to reduce felt recoil. I’ve used the techniques I’ve learned when shooting my 450/400 N.E. And it definitely makes the shooting more enjoyable, as with proper stance you...
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    Anyone heard of Brixia o/u shotguns?

    One of my LGS's has a nice looking Brixia short barrel o/u shotgun with rifle sights. Thought it would be a good brush gun but I've never heard of the make and have some reservations about how well it would regulate. Have any of you heard of this make and do you have any experience with...
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    Big bores...just because?

    If you shoot a single shot or bolt gun you can reload milder rounds and hunt the local game in your area. Doubles might be a bit of a problem but I plan to experiment with loads for mine and see if I can come up with a milder load that will regulate.
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    I got the book!

    Thanks for the heads-up. I've already noticed differences between the different reloading manuals. Start low, work up slow.
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    Hello from Canada

    Hi all. Thanks for the welcomes, including a few fellow BC'ers. In regards to my rifles, I have a Siace Alaska in .45-70 and a Verney - Carron Demas Azur Safari PH Round Body in 450/400 3" NE. Havent had an opportunity to try them yet but I've got to put some loads together first and by the time...
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    Hello from Canada

    Thank you.
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    Hello from Canada

    I've already posted a few threads here but never got around to introducing myself. Oops. Well better late than never. I live in British Columbia and enjoy collecting antiques, including rifles, as well as hunting, fishing, camping, off roading, hiking, gold panning and exploring junk shops and...
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    I got the book!

    Received my copy of Graeme Wright's book Shooting the British Double Rifle and let me just say it is a treasure trove of useful information. I have two rifles now, funny how they follow you home, and I'm planning on trying to work up some different loads for them. The info in the book covering...
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    Siace Double Pressure

    Thanks AZDAVE. I hope my pic posting works. When I figure out how to pm I'll contact you and get your load info. Seeing as how you have the same model as me I'd like to know how stiff your triggers are. Mine seem very heavy. Is this a double rifle thing or do mine need adjusting?
  45. Siace .45-70

    Siace .45-70

  46. Siace .45-70

    Siace .45-70

  47. Siace .45-70

    Siace .45-70

  48. Siace .45-70

    Siace .45-70

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    Siace Double Pressure

    Hi everyone. I'm a new double rifle owner and a new member of the board. I've always dreamed of owning a double rifle, don't ask me why because I don't know, and finally fulfilled that dream with a nice little Siace Alaska Lusso in .45-70. I haven't fired the rifle yet as I plan to develope some...