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  1. Rob404

    on a lighter note...

  2. Rob404

    on a lighter note...

  3. Rob404

    TRAVEL EXPRESS - Travel Arrangements For Your Next Adventure

    2022 isn't far away
  4. Rob404

    What Is Your Dream Rifle?

    A Browning Superposed in 20G A Männlicher full stock in 7x57
  5. Rob404

    Out of Stock??

    I have a good amount of Rifle and Large pistol primers plus I have maybe 200 rounds each of already primed rifle ammo, I'm trying to build up my primed pistol stash. Every store tat sells pistol ammo is sold out in every caliber
  6. Rob404

    Out of Stock??

    I know Gunbroker has them but I'm not paying 200.00 +shipping for a 1000primers,
  7. Rob404

    Out of Stock??

    Try finding Small pistol primers
  8. Rob404

    For Sale Husqvarna Super Grade FN Action 270 Rifle

    Nice job on the wood, the price seems right, somebody will be around and snap it up
  9. Rob404

    Double rifle airline case

    I have an SKB that does the job
  10. Rob404

    Wanted .375H&H Dies, Brass, Bullets, Variety Of Ammunition

    Congratulations on your Whitworth/Zastava let me scrounge around and I'm pretty sure I have some bullets for you to experiment with. My Whitworth tends to like 300g bullets
  11. Smith & Wesson Revolver

    Smith & Wesson Revolver

  12. Rob404

    35 Whelen vs 338-06

    Remington 700 BDL 1988 build date
  13. Rob404

    Wanted Federal 375 H&H Ammo Boxes

    I believe the Ammunition must match the box and the caliber of the Firearm
  14. Rob404

    Cz 550 Roulette

    Have and have owned a few CZs in Rifle and Pistol all are great Firearms
  15. Rob404

    35 Whelen vs 338-06

    The Whelen is a Remington BDL made in 1988, I still have a 338 Win I'm working on I tried 180g, 200g this Sunday I try 225g and then there's the 375HH The winner get a free trip to Africa
  16. Rob404

    35 Whelen vs 338-06

    I did a Savage re-barrel a while back to 338-06, I used an Apache Arms barrel,(I think the company has moved to doing only AR stuff but the conversion came out great and real accurate. It doesn't get the range time it used to. This group is at 200 meters. Second most accurate rifle in my closet...
  17. Rob404

    on a lighter note...

    Happier than a sissy in Boystown Dumb as Soup
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    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Hunters Namibia Safaris?

    Thanks for the reply any pictures you can share
  20. Rob404

    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Hunters Namibia Safaris?

    Looking for some hunting reports etc
  21. Rob404

    hello from Namibia

    Welcome to AH from Minnesota USA
  22. Rob404

    Comment by 'Rob404' in media '375H&H Ammo For Sale'

    Love those Swifts what are they selling for
  23. Rob404

    Comment by 'Rob404' in media 'Dunes off the Skeleton coast Namibia'

    Thanks, I'll visit them in 2022
  24. Rob404

    .22 Ammo

    Loaded Ammunition is in short supply here in Minnesota no 9mm or 22 for sure. Even for those that re-load there are shortages in Brass and Bullets.