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  1. CTDolan

    A Rifle Related Question For American Bear Hunters

    Here in Minnesota many black bears have been shot with a good, old .30-30, the same gun taken to the woods in November for whitetail. Most bears shot are in the 200-250 pound range but sometimes you see 300+ pound bears taken with the same rifle. These are mostly shot over bait, within 30 yards...
  2. CTDolan

    New Colt Python?

    The new Python is not the same as the original. They made some internal changes to ease production cost (including use of MIM parts). There have been known issues. I'd wait out a purchase if you're serious about acquiring one. Give Colt time to work out the kinks.
  3. CTDolan

    .357 Magnum for bear defense

    Haven't read through all the responses (so if this has been said my apology) but you'd be far better served with a Glock 20. Load it will 200 or 220 grain hard cast (yes, Glock does not recommend lead in their barrels but you'll be fine for the purpose as long as they stabilize...if not, put in...
  4. CTDolan

    Disgrunted with Nosler Ammunition

    Holy crap!!! :Wideyed:
  5. CTDolan

    Has anyone ever had a Core Lokt truly "fail"

    The Nosler Partition is designed to lose around 40% of its weight in game. Most see this as a failure of sorts compared to much less loss in its nearest competitor, the Swift A-Frame.
  6. CTDolan

    Has anyone ever had a Core Lokt truly "fail"

    The 220 grain Core-Lokt in a 30-06 is a match made in heaven. I used to buy the load by the case (and, as mentioned, for super cheap!). I shoot open sights, moderate range, and for me it was the ideal load (penetrates well, holds together, doesn't demolish lesser game). Now that I load my own I...
  7. CTDolan

    Big bore shooting effects on your body?

    As others have mentioned, a detached retina would be the only real cause for concern. Anything else will heal readily on its own.
  8. CTDolan

    Impact energy VS Penetration

  9. CTDolan

    Comment by 'CTDolan' in media 'Double Rifle Barrel Convergence Regulation'

    This is by far the best explanation of double rifle barrel regulation I have ever seen.
  10. CTDolan

    How possible would a double lever rifle be?

    A double in anything other than a double (be it bolt action, lever action, falling block, or some other) makes absolutely no sense to me. That said, if the old British cartridges weren't so long they'd be marvelous in a lever action platform. As it is, though, even with a pivoting bottom plate...
  11. CTDolan

    Searching Ruger No.1 Blued 458 Lott

    My last three purchases were online ( and Research the seller, of course, but I've always found them to be reliable and trustworthy. Some also offer a 3-day inspection.
  12. CTDolan

    Searching Ruger No.1 Blued 458 Lott

    It must be taken on a case by case basis. Some have wonderful wood, others marginal wood, no one period necessarily better in that regard. As for barrels, later rifles are said to have better barrels but in the case of a .458 it is academic as we're not looking for MOA accuracy. The main point...
  13. CTDolan

    Searching Ruger No.1 Blued 458 Lott

    Personally, if I was in the market for a No. 1 in .458 Lott I'd find an older one in .458 Win. Mag. and run a reamer down the chamber. The older ones (some of them anyway) seem to have been more well made and reaming the chamber to .458 Lott is about as easy as it gets.
  14. CTDolan

    2020 Bow Battle Video: Hoyt vs Mathews vs Bowtech vs PSE vs Elite vs Bear

    I watched the video about a week ago. Very well done!
  15. CTDolan

    Reloaders quality vs affordability?

    I've been using Lee for years. Bought it when young and dirt poor. Hasn't let me down yet.
  16. CTDolan

    Buffalo hunting with a .458 Win Mag

    Agreed, go with the Woodleigh 480 grain bullet (just know that the crimp groove is not in the proper place for maximum loads).
  17. CTDolan

    The .400 Series Cartridge Which No One Seems to Talk About At All
  18. CTDolan

    Searching Ruger No.1 Blued 458 Lott

    Contrary to popular opinion, smaller and lighter people take less of a beating from the big bores as they're better suited to roll with it (their mass offering less resistance...they may, however, get knocked off balance a bit!).
  19. CTDolan

    Anyone building a decent big-bore double for less than 6 grand?

    When I was young and poor (now I'm old and poor) I saw a Purdey at an estate sale. The widow was only asking $10,000. This was maybe 30 years ago, which would make it $20,000 today, but still one hell of a deal on one heck of a fine piece of English gunmaking. Other than absolute, astonishing...
  20. CTDolan

    454 Casull

    Good points, all the way around.
  21. CTDolan

    454 Casull

    It can but then you've got to be sure to keep the "throat" free of buildup and clean (and Freedom Arms, in my experience, cuts their chambers tight).
  22. CTDolan

    454 Casull

    My Freedom Arms revolver was a .475 Linebaugh (sold to fund a .600 NE falling block build that remains in progress). They line bore each chamber, one of the reasons for phenomenal accuracy. It's one hell of a lot of revolver for the money. Should've never sold mine but I'll have another, some day.
  23. CTDolan

    454 Casull

    Regarding a Glock, no, you won't get off 15 shots. But, you might get off 2 or 3, as opposed to one from a .454 (which if not properly placed won't amount to a hill of beans).
  24. CTDolan

    454 Casull

    Agreed. Short of shelling out money for a Linebaugh or Bowen custom revolver, nothing else comes close.
  25. CTDolan

    454 Casull

    If you're looking for something purely for backup get a Glock 20 and load it with hard cast bullets (better in this case than a Glock 40, in my opinion).
  26. CTDolan

    454 Casull

    The question you really need to ask yourself, with regard to recoil, is what kind of recoil would you rather experience. Single-action revolvers roll more when fired, whereas double-action revolvers have a bit more of a straight back kick.
  27. CTDolan

    454 Casull

    In other words, a revolver from Freedom Arms is definitely worth the money, if it's worth it to you (in other words, if such a high level of quality matters).
  28. CTDolan

    454 Casull

    The Ruger Bisley has an excellent grip for managing recoil, as good if not better than Freedom Arms. That said, the overall quality put out by Freedom Arms is in another class altogether (as the price would suggest).
  29. CTDolan

    Monomental and lead bullets compared

    Lead-free will become law in pretty much all of the United States, and likely Europe, within 10 years, 20 at the most. There's a groundswell of pressure and every year more bills are brought forward. As for me, I've never used a lead-free projectile when hunting. Call me traditional but I prefer...
  30. CTDolan

    Anybody seen this AHR rifle on Gunbroker

    CZ was set to introduce a better quality DG rifle. As I recall the sell price would've been rather high. Evidently they've ditched the idea. Too bad...
  31. CTDolan

    *Scope Added To Package!* Beautiful Custom AHR Ruger RSM .458 Lott For Sale

    Actually, Ruger Safari Magnum rifles have a 23 inch barrel.
  32. CTDolan

    98 extractor claws

    Unless you're Ruger and investment cast each separately. ;)
  33. CTDolan

    Searching Ruger No.1 Blued 458 Lott

    If things don't work out with JMD in Canada (I'd definitely attempt to purchase his first), there's one on GunBroker.
  34. CTDolan

    Ruger #1 in big bore calibers

    Thank you!
  35. CTDolan

    Ruger #1 in big bore calibers

    What's the cartridge carrier on the side?
  36. CTDolan

    Holland & Holland Certified .577 Nitro Express For Sale At Auction

    I'd tend to trust what is stamped on the flats (even though it's merely for proof purposes). To my knowledge there was never a 470 grain bullet available for the bore (there was a 570 grain bullet loaded in the black powder version, but nothing as light at 470 grains). That H&H would have such a...
  37. CTDolan

    450 Ackley build using a Zastava

    Please do (post the dimensions)! Thank you!
  38. CTDolan

    Comment by 'CTDolan' in media 'Winchester Silver tips'

    I used to pry off the silver tip for use on medium game. Worked like a charm. Wishing Winchester still loaded the Silvertip in .375 H&H.
  39. CTDolan

    Ruger No.1

    Chamber the No. 1 in .303 British, that is.
  40. CTDolan

    Ruger No.1

    They did. Might have been a Lipseys special but they did.
  41. CTDolan

    Range Report Ruger #1 458 Lott

    Got the same video. Most excellent work.
  42. CTDolan

    Comment by 'CTDolan' in media '.500 Bone Collector Revolver'

    Not only is the cartridge much larger but it also operates at much higher pressure (even a mid-range load in the .500 S&W operates at over twice the pressure of a .45 ACP +P).
  43. CTDolan

    For Sale 460 S&W Revolver $2,200

    The .460 S&W is without a doubt the most versatile revolver on the market.
  44. CTDolan

    10mm auto new pistol which one?

    Not sure if you've ever shot a Glock 20 but it's like holding on to a two by four. The grip is big and boxy (but it does hold 15 rounds of 10 mm, which is nice).
  45. CTDolan

    Heym express 600 NE

    Heym has been making a .600 NE bolt action rifle for some years. Personally, I don't see the point but to each their own.
  46. CTDolan

    500 S & W X-Frame revolver

    As others have stated, it is the concussion that will rattle your nerves. The revolver allows one to handle the recoil surprisingly well (I'd much rather shoot a .500 S&W than my Freedom Arms .475 Linebaugh). I assume you're speaking of the standard 6.5" barrel version (not aware of one with a...
  47. CTDolan

    10mm auto new pistol which one?

    Being a striker fired pistol you can only do so much, but you could give this a try: Or, try the Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger. It's good but still plenty secure for hunting or carrying.
  48. CTDolan

    For Sale 378 Weatherby $1,800 Trolls Keep Scrolling

    Had a .378 Weatherby once upon a time. Wicked hammer. Actually preferred shooting my .460 Weatherby more. Less painful (not the least of which because I tended to shoot the .378 from a bench when not could really reach out there and was well within MOA).
  49. CTDolan

    The Battery of an Old School Professional Elephant Hunter

    And, of course, when it comes to doubles there's always the matter of regulation. In this regard, when it comes to old doubles, Woodleigh's jacketed bullets (solid and soft) are usually best as they adhere to the original Kynoch in form.