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  1. sierraone

    For Sale Leupold 30mm VX-R 1.25-4×20 Illuminated Rifle Scope

    Well we all know that you don't keep guns for 90 days.........scopes? I'm not sure about!
  2. sierraone

    Trophy Elephant Bull Hunt Special Zimbabwe Late Season 2020 Matetsi 5

    Thanks for the answer, I had no idea.
  3. sierraone

    Trophy Elephant Bull Hunt Special Zimbabwe Late Season 2020 Matetsi 5

    So Zim has a lot more elephants than it does lions?
  4. sierraone

    Trophy Elephant Bull Hunt Special Zimbabwe Late Season 2020 Matetsi 5

    This question is for Martin or any member that has the answer. Excuse my ignorance but why is a trophy lion hunt 3.5 times more expensive than a trophy bull elephant hunt? Is it just much harder and time consuming to hunt a lion?
  5. sierraone

    TRAVEL EXPRESS - Travel Arrangements For Your Next Adventure

    I was there a total of 7.5 years over a 13 year period.
  6. sierraone

    TRAVEL EXPRESS - Travel Arrangements For Your Next Adventure

    Mani, I am sure they can help. I was in Kosovo in November, 2015....and @TRAVEL EXPRESS took care of my ticket to DSC for Jan 2016 even though I was in Pristina, Kosovo.
  7. sierraone

    Tough decisions

    We have a member in Alaska @Velo Dog who may agree with including spear fishing as hunting. You might contact him for an opinion. Not to mention he is a hoot to discuss most any outdoor subject with.
  8. sierraone

    ZIMBABWE to reopen for international visitors starting October 1

    @TRAVEL EXPRESS please show best estimate prices for Dallas and Little Rock departure also, knowing we can't go through South Africa at this time. I have never been to Zim, so I don't know how most hunters go there.
  9. sierraone

    Crazy "Gun Case" question related to travel to JNB

    My gun case totals 77 inches. Two trips to South Africa and two trips to Alaska and have never been charged for the case. But mdwest is correct. During the seven years I have been on this forum...Luthansa and the Frankfurt Airport seam to change the rules weekly.
  10. sierraone

    Another Sporting Shotgun

    Beautiful O/U.
  11. sierraone

    Montana Fly Fishing 2020

    Dan, I have gotten to where I look more forward to your Montana fishing reports than I do most hunt reports. The scenery and the fish are always gorgeous.
  12. sierraone

    Delta Update

    My understanding since Delta first announce this maybe two months ago is that you start your trip home from JNB and only have a stopover in CPT. You do not depart the plane.
  13. sierraone

    USA: Alaska Caribou, Bear, Deer, Halibut, Salmon, Sheefish & Grouse

    Doesn't appear your family will go hungry anytime soon. I hope your sons realize what a great life they have.
  14. sierraone

    USA: Alaska Wolf Hunt

    Very nice. Congratulations.
  15. sierraone

    Wanted 9.3x62 Bolt Action Rifle

    Congratulations to both buyer and seller!
  16. sierraone

    Post a review for AH service providers

    Have used @TRAVEL EXPRESS three times. Twice for South Africa and once for Eastern Europe. Never had a problem or an issue. Have used @GLOBAL rescue twice, for each trip to Africa. Never had a reason though to call for help or assistance. Have used twice, on both trips to South...
  17. sierraone

    USA: Dove Hunting Done Right At The Rockin G Ranch

    Looks like all of you had a great time and didn't even have to fly for 20 hours wearing a mask!!!
  18. sierraone

    South Africa to Reopen February 2021

    Same in the U.S., especially if even remotely political.
  19. sierraone

    Delta Update

    Good luck to all of you trying to get to S.A. next year. I was scheduled for Limpopo in 6 days and fortunately got back all of my money except for the $1500 booking fee which I will leave with Bossie for the future. But will not book any more international airfares until the virus has completely...
  20. sierraone

    AH Get Together In Dallas During Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2021

    Wise decision Phil and Jerome. I talked to one of the DSC administrators last Thursday. As of that day the convention is still on, but if it does happen, it is not going to look like what most of us are familiar with. There are still many problems for the organizers to overcome. All DSC members...
  21. sierraone

    What's Next For Dakota Arms?

    @TOBY458 Contact Gulf Breeze Firearms in Gulf Breeze Florida. Duke McCaa has been the primary Dakota dealer for many years. 850-932-4857. He should know any and all of the latest info on Dakota rifles.
  22. sierraone

    Custom Knives For Sale

    Albert, didn't you just have a rifle and hunting gear sell off about a year ago? It appears that bad luck follows you around. Sorry for that.
  23. sierraone

    For Sale CZ LUX 9.3x62 - Not Mine

    Since he is showing two different rifles as one, don't believe I would be interested in doing business at any price. Good catch Ses!
  24. sierraone

    How far is too far?

    Ain't that the truth!!!
  25. sierraone

    For Sale Pair of Zeiss Diavari Rifle Scopes

    Hey @SAFARIKIDD ...Do you have a warehouse off I 10 or I 12 where you store all this nice stuff?
  26. sierraone

    Guess RSA is not opening anytime soon...

    Yes Mike, I read it all. PHASA has been stating at least Feb 21 since June. I realize any date is possible, but personally, I will stay with PHASA's date info until it actually opens instead of getting excited every time two or more people meet and make the news with their projections.
  27. sierraone

    Guess RSA is not opening anytime soon...

    Don't get your hopes up. Still at Feb 2021 at the earliest.
  28. sierraone

    NAMIBIA to open for tourism September 1

    Even though I am not planning on a trip to Namibia anytime soon, this sounds like a PITA to go at this time. The only way I can see that a trip there now makes sense is if you had family or close friends there that you could visit in addition to a hunt.
  29. sierraone

    Livingston I Presume? Nope..just the SAFARIKIDD!

    I hope you two do a linkup in NO. Sounds like a lot of fun for two hunters that speak the same language. Maybe Mrs. Red Leg could document the event. I only request that one of you do a Bar Hunting Report once you return home.
  30. sierraone

    Social Media Links

    @Alexandro Faria , many of us on this forum are not on and have never been on Facebook. My guess is that the majority either are on it or have been in the past. I'm pretty sure many of our members probably live on it.
  31. sierraone

    Wanted 9.3x62 Bolt Action Rifle

    PM sent.
  32. sierraone

    416 Rigby Hang Fire

    Not familiar with Tula primers, so I guess they are an off brand Russian made?
  33. sierraone

    375 H&H or 416 RIgby

    Either will work just fine. Pick one, select a high end bullet and practice. Then when you think you are shooting very good, then practice some more.
  34. sierraone

    Jérôme Lanoue moves from Verney-Carron to join gunmaker John Rigby & Co

    Congratulations Jerome! As I am sure you already know, everything about John Rigby speaks for itself.
  35. sierraone

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome to our forum Bokmeister!
  36. sierraone

    Re-entry protocols into US

    You are correct. Americans cannot transit through Europe until the number of virus infections go much lower than they are now.
  37. sierraone

    Re-entry protocols into US

    You should contact a travel agent that deals primarily with hunters such as @TRAVEL EXPRESS .
  38. sierraone

    The Shikar Club...

    I am pretty sure that many members of the Shikar Club, have a mutual interest in these subjects.
  39. sierraone

    The Shikar Club...

    Joe, the auctioneer is going to have a field day at your home upon your passing!!! But you reminded me in your narrative. I have a roughly 3'x5' silk rug made in Iran, but bought in Kurdistan also, valued at many times the price I paid for it. The local markets in those countries are absolutely...
  40. sierraone

    The Shikar Club...

    I worked as an international police contractor in Eastern Europe and the Middle East for the last 13 years of my working life. Archaeology and antiquities had always been a big interest/hobby of mine. As such I found myself living and working in the middle of the ancient world. So I took full...
  41. sierraone

    The Shikar Club...

    A very British answer. Good luck with your research. I spent a few days of my life researching Ancient Greek Alexander tetradrachm in the British Museum around 12 or so years ago. Truly enjoyed the time I spent there.
  42. sierraone

    ActionBob's Taxidermy

    Beautiful goat!
  43. sierraone

    375 H&H rebored to 404 Jeffery

    Instead of reboring, buy a new barrel such a Pac Nor. Then your smith only has to work the action, which should be much easier to find someone to do the work. Contact @AZDAVE. He will know a smith who does this work. He should also know whether the M70 .375 action can be easily worked into a...
  44. sierraone

    Guess RSA is not opening anytime soon...

    I can only guess that 1. using you to work instead of me fumbling around with the process and 2. since it was originally charged to my Delta Amex card which I have had for about 10 years it was easier for Delta to credit that card. And then again it may have just been pure luck!
  45. sierraone

    Guess RSA is not opening anytime soon...

    Information for anyone with an upcoming Delta cancellation . Delta cancelled my Little Rock to Johannesburg round trip last Thursday. I received my refund today by using Lori at @TRAVEL EXPRESS !!!
  46. sierraone

    South Africa to Reopen February 2021

    PHASA has been saying for two months that international hunting will not return until 2021. Just last week their govt cancelled their domestic meat hunting allowance.