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    Hello from Georgia (US)

    Welcome. I am a GA native now living in Alpharetta. Been on two safaris booked for my third. Please let me know if I can help in any way. Given this is your first one I highly recommend watching Phillip Glasses YouTube video for packing
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    Looking for 450-400 3 inch brass

    Thanks! Please see my PM
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    Clothes list for 10 day SA trip

    Phillip Glass has a great YouTube video on this that I follow to the letter and was perfect for my previous two safaris it insured I did not over pack which I am prone to do
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    Tis the Season...for SCAMMERS!

    Sad but I no longer shop gunbroker since they do such a poor job eliminating scammers
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    Looking for 450-400 3 inch brass

    I am looking for any 450-400 Hornady 3 inch Brass for Sale please. Thanks!
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    New rifle

    Beautiful!!! Congratulations!
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    What’s your guys opinion on a 375 flanged double rifle by Sabatti?

    Agree Tanks. I took my Chapuis 450-400 to Africa this year as my only rifle and took buffalo, nyala, warthog, wildebeest and impala. I don’t understand why people who have not taken the time to practice with a quality well made DR think they are only extremely short range or just stopper guns. I...
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    The Hunt Is Over!

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    For Sale Sabatti Unused .416 Rigby Rimless The Big Five Classic Safari

    Yes there is if the rifle is not regulated. You have not seen ugly but it will come with an unregulated rifle. The seller of this rifle has already been called out about regulation but has not responded hoping someone inexperienced with DR will jump on this. Don’t do it
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    Woodleigh Factory Fire

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    Woodleigh Factory Fire

    Wow. I am luck then. Just two weeks ago I bought 8 boxes 50 bullets per box to reload my 450-400 DR. So glad I did
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    Latest Rifle Build finally Arrived

    Beautiful! Curious with only iron sites yet in a longer shooting caliber what is your longest distance you feel comfortable shooting?
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    TANZANIA: Last Hour In The Selous With GAME Trackers AFRICA. Never Say Die!

    Congratulations on a great hunt, memories and animals!!!
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    For Sale Sabatti Unused .416 Rigby Rimless The Big Five Classic Safari

    No one will buy this until regulation questions are answered. Yes it is both beautiful and a great price. But if it does not regulate then that can be an expensive problem
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    Running a double rifle

    LOP is absolutely critical as is weight when shooting 416 and up in my experience. I bought a 470 DR with too short LOP and about 3.5 pounds too light and it about took my shoulder off even though I was holding correctly and I am 6:2 225 lbs so a fairly stout guy. If you buy a big bore and do...
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    For Sale New Merkel DB141 SxS Rifle 9.3x74R

    I echo thank you so much for your service but I have found the same thing is US. Your price is probably 50% to high but I absolutely wish you well on your sale
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    Who likes the 7X57

    Agree completely. The 275 is a real gem
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    Owning Multiple Rifles from the Same Manufacturer?

    To me it is first about caliber. However, the DR bug bit me and now I have bought two. They now obsorb me and my experience is you decide to either break the five figure barrier on fine rifles or you do not which to each their own. My experience is once you get into the DR stage as I have you...
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    Great animals! Congratulations!
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    AH Get Together In Dallas During Dallas Safari Club (DSC) Convention 2022

    I’ve been in with flights and hotel booked. Just waiting for either AH Friday night dinner or Phillip Glass will get the Zim team together for a separate dinner if no AH
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    Rigby sporter 275 - which is the one to go for?

    Look on Rigbys website for their Stalker in 275. All in with high level wood about $11,000
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    New SOLID from Swift Bullets

    Love it but sure is expensive
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    ZIMBABWE: A Local Hunt To The Save

    Kevin have you gotten your new 450-400? If so where are the pictures and reports of her performance my friend
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    Elephant Hunting & Cartridges

    Outstanding read!
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    Plains Game Hunt With TSALA HUNTING SAFARIS 2022

    Great offer. I hunted with Tsala this year. Awesome experience and family!!!
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    Video DE KLERK SAFARIS Lioness hunt

    Wonderful video and congratulations!!!!
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    NAMIBIA: Namibia Hunt With Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Congratulations on a great experience and beautiful animals. Well done!
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    20% Discount Barnes TSX FB 470-500 Grain Bullets

    You caught them at the wire...I was getting ready to take them off here and place them on GB per the new rules but will not do that will sell to you. Please see my message to you. thanks.
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    20% Discount Barnes TSX FB 470-500 Grain Bullets

    There has been no interest in the Barnes Bullets so I am taking them off the forum per our new rules and placing them on GB. Thanks everyone!!!
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    RCBS Dies For Sale

    The 416 has sold, the 300 WSM is still available.
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    Is Capstick real or fake?

    I have read all his books and believe him to be a great man who had and lived his passion for Africa. He gave up a fortune in American investment banking (fact) to pursue his dream in Africa…how many of us can claim the same
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    30-06 220 Grain Bullets

    1+ on 200 grain option. I handload them for my 30-06 and get great accuracy
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    Woodleigh Hydro seating question/problem

    Thanks! I want to make sure I am sharing what I have correctly. Mine are very long and have a green plastic looking cap
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    Woodleigh Hydro seating question/problem

    Not trying to highjack the discussion but I have bought the Woodleigh Hydro Shock solids and wonder if they are good on elephants or no way? thanks.
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    RCBS Dies For Sale

    I think both are in there. The two full length pieces resize then seat my bullets. I only reloaded about 2 boxes with them before the DR bug got me so sold my 416 Rigby
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    ZIMBABWE: A Local Hunt To The Save

    Kevin tell me about the beautiful elephant tusks!
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    20% Discount Barnes TSX FB 470-500 Grain Bullets

    Lol sorry. I used to have a 470 NE which is why I am selling. Now I have a 450-400 NE
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    RCBS Dies For Sale

    RCBS 416 Rigby P/N 22802 for sale $60 includes shipping US. RCBS 300 WSM for sale $40 includes shipping US.
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    20% Discount Barnes TSX FB 470-500 Grain Bullets

    In a time of reloading supplies shortages I have a bargain. I have 9 boxes 20 rounds to the box of Barnes TSX FB in 500 grain for 470. If you could even get them given OOS they average $37 per box. I will sell all 9 boxes at a 20% discount for $260 includes shipping in US. Will not break up in lots.
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    Barnes Triple Shock 470 NE 500 Grain Bullets - 20% Discount

    I am known on AH to always offer items at significant discounts when I sell. In a time of reloading shortage I am offering a bargain. 9 boxes 20 bullets to the box of new Barns TSX triple shock 500 grain bullets for a 470 If you can even get them given they are OOS everywhere I looked they are...
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    Understanding The Term "High Fenced Hunting"

    Amen!!! You are absolutely correct.
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    Understanding The Term "High Fenced Hunting"

    Here is my experienced point of view after two safari hunts. It is not about the size of the property or fencing it is about the experience of the hunt.
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    Remington Arms relocates

    Cool all my family lives there and I have a farm there
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    Qatar Airway Carry-On Bag Experiences

    You have no worries not an issue