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    Warthog Pictures

    Limpopo SA 2012:
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    Bushbuck Pictures

    One of my favorite pictures in Africa!
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    SCI Auction hunts

    I agree the local chapter is a good way to go. A lot of times the local chapter knows the Outfitter, and has had experience with them. Also, if you are successful you can get spot on advice on equipment, clothing etc., of the hunt. Best of all you can ask good questions, of the hunt in general...
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    Sitatunga hunt in Zambia

    I have a need/want to hunt a sitatunga in Zambia. 1. How many days should I allow? 2. When would the best time to hunt sitatunga. I have a hunt scheduled for the in Tondwa Game Management Area, Zambia for 2014. Now I just need to know when to go?
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    Taxidermy Floor Pedestal Mount Ideas

    Sorry not the best photo of pedestal!
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    Trophy shipping

    I also had Hunter Int. receive my shipment of trophies. My tax. Here had me ship it directly to the tannery. It worked out great and because I had a pig it also solved the USDA receiving problem!
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    Has anybody noticed AH active users online traffic growth?

    "If you build it they will come" Field of Dreams 1989.:cool:
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    How popular is Reloading Big Bore Ammunition?

    What quantities are you talking about?
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    My first time Huntng in africa

    I agree with all the above, I just returned last May from a 4 animal package hunt and then added a 5th for about $6,000, 9 days. Kudu, Impala, Nyala, Bushbuck, and Warthog. Fortunately or unfortunately, all were very good animals and all need to be mounted. By the time I'm done I expect to...
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    Cost of Shipping Trophies

    I don't think it makes a lot of difference, but I was advised that it was better for the entry inspection if it was in a separate crate. The problem is that I believe it narrows the port of entries and additionally it must be received by a USDA approved facility. Other wise it could be shipped...
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    The Agony Factor - Travel to Africa

    Delta has a direct flight from Atlanta to Joburg.
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    Cost of Shipping Trophies

    Ya, about $400 a pig (to shoot it)+ d&p+extra air frt+extra duty+ it may be more cubes so all frt would be higher!!!! It goes on and on. I don't particularly like a European Pig mount. Plus I read a book one time and the author said that "eveyone should have a warthog in their bathroom". And...
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    Cost of Shipping Trophies

    Yes it does pertain to "any" pig parts. You have no idea how hard it is, I would take along duct tape, wrap your trigger fingers with enough that you can't get it into the trigger guard. That might not even be enough!! What an experience!!
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    Cost of Shipping Trophies

    At least $500, if not for the pig you can have it shipped to an airport near you! I got a good one but still wonder, was it worth it! Really nice weather for the opener! I hunted with my 92 year young dad, every year is special! Guided up Here for 25 years, 3rd generation pheasant...
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    Cost of Shipping Trophies

    Cost of Shipping Trophys Yes, does make it more difficult. 1. Yes it does have to be crated separate. 2. It has to go to an inspection port, mine was Balitmore. 3. It has to be shipped by a bonded carrier from port to a USDA approved site only no exception. Then it can be shipped to you or...
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    Cost of Shipping Trophies

    Are you going to shoot a pig?
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    Teaching How to Shoot off The Sticks

    I set up a range in my house with an air rifle! I set up a tread-mill next to it ran a while, jumped off and then shot from sticks. I would do this over and over again, maybe 5-6 times a night. I didn't get in the best of shape I could have, but could run and shoot (from the sticks). Cheap...
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    Unlikely Camp Pet

    My father age 92, hates snakes, but he has one in each of his 2 work shops now. Both non-venomous. Say's it will keep the mice down, but wondered, don't they ever need water? He say's it's still tough to lay on the floor with snake hunting in the same room!
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    Using Barnes XXX FB 300 Grain Bullets for Kitty Cat??

    The Barnes is an excellent bullet, I agree not much expansion. I shot a large brown bear with a 338RUM, 250GR. Bullet went in the size of your index finger, broke both shoulders and came out the size of your thumb, and it was a 200 yd shot!
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    Bullet selection for reloading

    Read everything you can on the subject. It is a real science, takes some time but you will shoot a lot MRE. A good place to start is the Barnes reloading manual.
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    Daily Rates, Trophy Fees, and price negotiations

    I like using PayPal, I live in the credit card capital of the world. Many of the credit card transactions are processed here. I have had the opportunity to talk with many industry people, and they say PayPal. Has the best security in the world. I also have an uncle that was with one of the...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: May Zulu Natal Plains Game Hunt

    Yes the Umkomaas Valley, we stayed at Nyala Pan. We hung-out there mostly, but had a couple of drinks and meals at David's main lodge.
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    Hard Cases for Rifles

    I have used the SKB 4 rifle case did well until a trip to Alaska, tied it to a sled, 40 below weather. One barrel ended up through the end and 2 ends crushed. Sent it back to SKB in a week, received a new one with the new TSA locks. They say Unconditionally warranty, and they did. It is over...
  24. Shiners Hunt 2010

    Shiners Hunt 2010

    White Lake South Dakota
  25. Edgrr's First Hunt

    Edgrr's First Hunt

  26. Big Elk Scrape

    Big Elk Scrape

  27. Ready to Go MAX

    Ready to Go MAX

  28. Short Day in South Dakota with Kirby (RIP)

    Short Day in South Dakota with Kirby (RIP)

  29. Alaskan Bear Hunters

    Alaskan Bear Hunters

  30. Alaskan 27" Bear

    Alaskan 27" Bear

  31. South African Sunset

    South African Sunset

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    SOUTH AFRICA: May Zulu Natal Plains Game Hunt

    I grew up in the Pheasant Capital of the world near, Redfield SD? Now live in Sioux Falls, have a place in Pierre. Travel for my job always ready to go home to hunt and fish!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: May Zulu Natal Plains Game Hunt

    Kwazulu-Natal close to Richmond SA
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    Pet Peeves in the hunting field

    Those that shouldn't hunt While guiding pheasant hunts, occasionally you have the wounded bird that the dog bring to you. I usally just step on their head to quickly put them out of their misery! Wringing there neck usally results in a headless bird and lots of blood. One day were hunting...
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    SAA moves to piece baggage concept

    Having flown most of my life, I found SAA above average as a carrier! Did have a problem with their ticketing in the US. I made a mistake on what day and time my flight into Joburg was. I called and corrected! They charged $43. A couple of days later I received confirmation and the date was...
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    SOUTH AFRICA: May Zulu Natal Plains Game Hunt

    This was my first trip and hunt to Africa. A year ago I was the winner of an auction hunt at our local SCI banquet ( 7 days for kudu, impala, blesbuck). The year flew by as I got ready for a trip of a life time. I actually have had 3 hunts of a life time, this being my 4th trip of a life...
  37. SA 2012

    SA 2012

    Last day Bushbuck
  38. SA 2012

    SA 2012

    Back Up Nyala
  39. SA 2012

    SA 2012

    1st Day Impala
  40. SA 2012

    SA 2012

    1st Day Warthog
  41. Kudu 2012

    Kudu 2012

    Hard earned Gray Ghost!
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    Tipping Guide

    Just returning from Zulu-Natal, had a bargin hunt through an SCI banquet 9 days of hunting. The tracker was ,spotter (extrmely good), driver, skinner (also very good). Tipped tracker $250 US. Cook, clothes washer and camp helper were each $45 US, and PH got $1,200 he was exceptional, did some...
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    32 days left!!!

    I'am leaving in 17 days, about 3 months ago my wife decided not to go along, my PH said "good, we can hunt for another 2 days"