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    Help project for July 2016 15 days with my wife Bostwana no hunt

    Hello,:) My wife and me wish to go to Bostwana for 15 days or more in july 2016 , no hunt just for savana, landscape , animals etc .. for the pleasure to be there. We dont know this country, except for its reputation. What are the best parks to see ? Okawongo, Chobe , Kalahari? Only 15 days...
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    Ugly question: 9.3x62 vs .338WM

    I have a CZ 550 synthetic stock 20" cal 9.3x62 Mauser topped with Leupold VX2 3-9 x 40 which gives me complete satisfaction , but ... I still asked myself : 9.3x62 vs .338WM ? Have you an opinion?
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    For your viewing pleasure: close up Tiger (French zoo: St Martin la Plaine)

    Compare with my daughter's hand .. it's better with a glass ....
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    Lion vs Buffalo: 2 deaths

    Found somewhere (french website) The scene takes place in Zambia National Park South Langwa . These images were taken by an amateur photographer from Eastbourne , who works for Shenten Safaris as a guide. Hungry and sick, this...
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    Which uses in Africa for marlin 1895 cal 45-70 new release (LeverEvolution)

    Hello, Is it possible to do something in Africa with the "new" 1895 GBL, SBL, Gun Guide .. cal 45-70 new release : 325grs V0 2050 V100 1720 E0 3032 E100 2158 with a very good momentum and ... a poor G1 .. Zero @ 100 is not so bad ... Lol 6 cartridges +1 , fast load, pretty good accuracy, short...
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    Please your Opinion about "African DG Cartridges "written by Pierre van der Walt

    Hello, I'm reading "African DG Cartridges" written by Pierre van der Walt. Is it a reliable book about use and efficiency of the cartridges? Do you know another book like this, except "Great African Caliber" by Tony Sanchez Arino ? Thanks a lot.;)
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    Poll: update our templates choice of ammo depending on the context of hunting

    Hello update of our ammo's choice according to the kind of hunting : I -Thick skin , DG : I-1 Closed shots : Double .470NE I-2 Middle range shots ; .416 (Rig, RM, Rug) II-Felins : II-1 Closed shots : Cal 12 slug ... 9.3x62 Mauser short barrel (20").... II-2 Middle range shots ...
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    News about J.C SHOTWELL & SONS (french conceptor)

    Hello news about J.C SHOTWELL & SONS (a french conceptor) Double : base : Pedersoli : cal .450 NE Barrel 61cm ( 24") weight : 4.8kg (10.6 lbs) old fashion , good looking!!! Somebody knows ?
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    Winch Mod 70 SE old and new : pics

    Winch 70 SE : Year about 2005/2006 ? New Haven Cal .416RM Year july - 2012 Baco Inc Morgan Utah Cal .375 H&H New : barrel is "mat" old barrel is bright. Rifles have same weight and same sizes (I am not a photographer ...) I think the "colors" show clearly old and new rifle.....:)...
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    What kind of bullet do you shoot first shot for Buffalo?

    Hello, An advice please, what kind of bullet do you shoot first "solid", "heavy jacketed" or "Soft point", "expanding" for buffalo ? I have read : 1- break the buf : solid across the elbow. 2 - kill (try ..) : expanding.
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    Help me please France is far from Australia : an opinion about "Aussie Perfume" Melbourne

    I am looking for a perfume for my wife named "New West for Her". The only shop all over the world which "sell" it, is "Aussie Perfume" Melbourne" . It's very, very expansive ... 300$ ( 100 .375 H&H ... no comment) Aussieperfumes PO BOX 683 Mount Waverley 3149 Melbourne Victoria Australia...
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    Crazy crocs ... vs Hippo ...

    Find somewhere on the net. Click to enlarge. No comment ... though ... maybe ... Croc was :tired: or :peace: or :loco:
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    Exceptionnal picture of Buffalo chasing Lion

    NO COMMENT ... :small: Click on the pic ... to enlarge
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    Help ... .450 NE #2, .450 Rigby, .450 3 1/4 NE, .450 NE Hornady ...

    Hello, I'm lost ...:confused: TODAY what's the difference between .450 NE #2, .450 Rigby, .450 3 1/4 NE, .450 NE Hornady ...:banghead: What can we find today ... easily and ... where ? :think:
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    .458 WM vs .375 H&H : complementary ?

    Hello, In France :" to sell" : "BRNO ZZK 602 .458WM Wood stock. Price : 500 € ( 350 USD) .. used but seems quite alright! I dislike this kind of stock, I prefer "american style stock" and synthetic ..340 € (250 USD) Plus "labour" to fit the action/stock... ? Is it a good bargain ? What...
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    Somebody knows this Rifle-shotgun? mix?

    Why not ?:cool: Made with a base of Blaser ?? Weight : about 4Kg without scope Caution : first barrel 12 gauge don't use for Heavy Game please !:elch: Pump not for birds, thanks!:biggrin2:
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    Do you know Double Laurona (Spain) cal.375 H&H?

    Hello, Somebody knows Laurona side by side cal .375 H&H ? I know only the name ...:D Seems good looking ... ???
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    NEW : Made by Pedersoli for J.C SHOTWELL & SONS Ammo Hornady

    Hello, Few months ago I 'd found "J.C SHOTWELL & SONS" while I was looking for "cheap" double ... if it's possible !!!:dozingoff: Here is their flyer :
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    Hello from France (Europa)

    Hello, Beg your pardon for my english, but I am french, nobody is perfect. Shooter, I am interesting by african guns and ammo. I am the owner of a Winch Mod 70 Safari Express .375 H&H and a CZ 550 Synthetic cal. 9.3x62 Mauser:) I know a few Africa (Ivory Coast) but I never hunt there. One...