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    First .375H&H, what to avoid?

    Hello Norfolk Shooter May I ask why you would keep the .375 over all others for UK game? With kind regards Chris.
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    First .375H&H, what to avoid?

    + 1 I have never shot Dangerous Game, but I have short cycled my push feed a couple of times just with the excitement of shooting a Roe.
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    .450 Rigby whats your opinion

    People seem to be saying very positive things about this calibre. (I am still fairly new here) but my understanding is that .450 Rigby is relatively rare. If that is the case, why isn't it more common?
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    Thinking of selling my .404

    Hi Stalker91 A couple of ideas. Holts Auctioneers have free valuation days around the country. After lockdown, it might be worth popping down to one of those. Or you could try asking Westley Richards for their thoughts. With kind regards NF
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    Hippo hunt: why?

    I have never hunted outside England, and I too wondered what the attraction was in shooting a hippo was. Having read a little bit about dangerous game hunting now, it seems that hunting hippo on land is pretty dangerous and exhilarating. (And now it quite appeals to me.) I agree that I...
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    Hunting The Royal Bengal Tiger : The Essentials

    Fascinating, Professor Mawla. Please keep these articles of your experiences coming. What is the name of your book?
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    Thinking of selling my .404

    Any chance you could get it cleared for boar in the UK?
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    In memoriam - RIP Dennis Croukamp

    I did the same!!
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    Thinking of selling my .404

    May I ask why you think you will never use it? Plains Game only??
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    .404 Jeffrey and .416 Rigby: which is bigger?

    Thanks. How would you best describe "fit"? Length of Pull relative to your arm's length?
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    Drinking Water on Safari

    Why does no one seem to carry any water in the photos of safaris? I would have thought that there would have been a water-bottle or two on people's belts or a camelbak.
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    .404 Jeffrey and .416 Rigby: which is bigger?

    Quick question: which is the bigger calibre? I think I know that the answer is the .416 Rigby. Everyone says the recoil is higher. But apparently, the real diameter of a .404 Jeffrey bullet is .422. So, why is the .404 not regarded as a larger calibre and why does it not create more recoil?
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    Detachable Mounts and open sights

    I see a few rifles for sale with quick detachable mounts to allow open sight use. How often do you guys actually take your scope off and use open sights? And, are quick detachable mounts worth having, or should you just stick with a variable scope which has low magnification option?
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    Why are there no Double Rifles which are Over and Under?

    As someone who has never shot a double rifle (but has shot shotguns with two triggers) I think that this question probably deserves a thread of its own!
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    What headgear do you guys use on Safari?

    This is triggered by a Pith Helmet thread I just read. Old safari photos often show some sort of Pith Helmet headgear and having googled Pith, apparently it is light, keeps the head cool and provides shade. Is the Pith too Colonial now? New safari photos often have some form of baseball...
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    Why are there no Double Rifles which are Over and Under?

    I am used to hunting in the UK where just about everyone uses a bolt action (saw a Ruger No1 once), but new Safari Hunting and am learning of the passion for Doubles rifles, particularly for Dangerous Game. The Doubles only seem to come in Side by Side? Is there a reason for this? Is...
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    A Push Feed Rifle Or A Control Round Feed Rifle?

    Thank you, Mr. Rahman. Most interesting and enjoyable. Please keep sharing with us the benefits of your real-world experiences. NF.
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    Brno Action "stronger" than Mauser

    I was talking to a gun dealer about a rifle and he mentioned that it was built on a Brno action rather than Mauser because the Brno action was "stronger". I don't know what he meant by "stronger" and I know that there must have been many hundreds of thousands of Mauser 98 actions out there, and...
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    Snakes on the plains

    I would like to know more about the Black Mambas. I went to a talk about Big Game hunting in Africa and the PH giving the talk said that those were the one thing that really worried him in Africa. He said that they could rise up to waist height. And if bitten, not much that could be done...
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    Parker-Hale 1100M

    Did your rifle come with that stock or did you have it fitted afterwards, AZDAVE? Lovely!
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    Is any kind of hearing protection used on safari?

    I haven't booked any safaris yet. I have only just become interested after reading Dr Robertson's book, "The Perfect Shot 2". Namibia probably looks tops at the moment (because I read that Windhok is the cleanest city in Africa and I don't my wife would want it too rough). I would like to...
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    Is any kind of hearing protection used on safari?

    Hello, is any kind of hearing protection used on Safari? There are a lot of tiny noise cancelling hearing aid type of devices available these days. I have not seen much mention of hearing protection and yet you could be firing multiple rounds of large calibers, and moderators (silencers) are...
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    Hello from the UK

    Yep, that is right. A moderator is a silencer, but it does not silence the sound, just reduce it so ear protection is not needed. A moderator looks like a can on the end of the rifle and makes the rifle look a little ugly and ungainly but it does reduce the sound, and importantly, it...
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    Hello from the UK

    Hello from England I have been deer stalking in the south of UK for the past 10 years, mainly Fallow, Roe and Muntjac. I bought Dr Kevin Robertson's Perfect Shot 2 to understand more about shot placement and the full book, as opposed to the guide, goes into a fair bit of detail about the...