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    RSA Covid Requirements

    Is RSA requiring a PCR test for entry … or will a rapid test suffice? Seeing conflicting things?
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    For Sale Hornady DGS 450/400

    I have 5 boxes for sale. Strongly prefer to do this in a single sale. New production run. Let’s figure out what a fair market price is. - Andrew
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    Help Deciding on Double Rifle Chambering

    Hi guys, I am in the process of ordering a new DR and have to decide on what I would like to chamber it in. This is not as easy of a decision as one might think given that I am trying to avoid caliber “overlap”. In making my decision and soliciting yours, the below must be taken into...
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    For Sale Custom .458 WM Mauser Action

    Admittedly, I don't know much about this gun or it's maker so here are some specs + observations. Manufacturer: AR Pryor Model: Custom Mauser Caliber Info: .458 Win Mag Condition: VERY Little use Barrel: 25" Action: Bolt Stock: Tiger Striped Maple LOP: 13.5 Sights: Marbles (f), Williams (r)...
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    For Sale Trijicon MRO Green Dot Very versatile optic. Have been very pleased with it. $375 to your door.
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    For Sale Marlin 1895SBL 45-70

    OK, here's the deal. This is going to be a half-arse sale thread much like I made a half-arse attempt at making this rifle perform for me. This is the item offered: I am not a gunsmith but this rifle has never shot...
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    Question: Kilombero v. Selous

    Gents - If an outfitter were to suggest that you hunt would take place in either the Kilombero Valley or Selous, would you take issue with one v the other? Perhaps better said, is one area preferential v the other (same price)? Primary large targets 2x buff + hippo + croc + limited PG. I can't...
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    TANZANIA: Has Anyone Hunted With PD Safaris?

    Do any of you have any experience With PD Safaris? Interested to hear any impressions that you may have received from third parties, as well. Lastly, do you think that one should hold out to hunt specifically with Peter (seems like doing so is intrinsically worth more than having one of his...
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    Thoughts on This Verney-C O/U Double Rifle

    Gents - would very much appreciate your thoughts on the DR in the link. The price seems to be reasonable enough that rolling the dice on something that is somewhat odd (read:has no resale market) may have some merit. I have never fired an O/U double but I suppose its not too different than...
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    North Korea Kim Jong-Un Reportedly Dead

    TMZ is a ridiculous organization but their info tends to be early and correct. If this is true . . . couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.