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  1. Alexandro Faria

    Defining/key Species

    Hi all, Been a long time! As many of you know, things in RSA have been pretty intense... We do the best with what we have! 1) This first question is mainly aimed at the PHs and land owners, but please feel free to chip in even if you don't fall into that category: I'm not 100% sure how hunts...
  2. Alexandro Faria

    Army Veterans

    Hi all, Haven't been on the forum for a while thanks to finals- priorities, right? I'm in need of some advice and guidance from someone who served in the US Army and I thought I would ask if there's anyone on the forum, if there is anyone anyone that can assist. Please do let me know- I've...
  3. Alexandro Faria

    30-06 AI and the 300 Winnie

    Everything I need to make the decision- thanks a million.
  4. Alexandro Faria

    30-06 AI and the 300 Winnie

    So this is a pretty specific scenario: I have a build in mind, but I need some guidance on the details: Specifics: Bolt gun, detachable magazine, 23-24" barrel, suppressor Desired projectiles and velocities: 1) 210-220gr mono (hunting) 2800ft/s 2) 155gr tmk or similar (training and messing...
  5. Alexandro Faria

    Eating Wild P1

    Hi guys and gals, Its been a while, but we've been doing a few cool things that will be featured in the next few pieces, so no loss! Just a quick bit on eating game- a beginners guide, if you will. Hope you enjoy it! Eating Wild- Introducing Venison to Your Diet, Part 1 (Bringing home the...
  6. Alexandro Faria

    Social Media Links

    Hi guys, I'm looking to connect with members on social media- Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn- and I was wondering if it's within forum rules to share those links on the forum?
  7. Alexandro Faria

    The Importance Of Children

    Hi all, Please excuse my tardiness- things have been manic this side. So last week's article was an interesting experience: I'm not overly happy with it, but I felt it time to start changing up the tone as not to have the same predicable air. It's going to take some practice, however, as I have...
  8. Alexandro Faria

    The Value Of Female Hunters

    I'm glad that there are other hunters that share the same sentiment. My experience of female hunters is that once they get into it, they're deadly. Women are usually better listeners (generalization, I know) and thus learn a little faster. They also shoot really well, as a general rule- I'm...
  9. Alexandro Faria

    The Value Of Female Hunters

    Hi guys and gals, This week I have the pleasure of writing on a topic I really feel strongly about- it was recently national Woman's Day here in RSA and I want to do something to commemorate that with everything that's been going on lately. I hope you all enjoy it. As always, please feel free...
  10. Alexandro Faria

    Hi, I am Eveline Stalling

    Best of luck- no doubt you are more than capable. I'm sure my girlfriend will be seriously keen to have a chat with you at some point- awesome to see more women making big strides in the industry. I see I'm really late to the party, but the point stands.
  11. Alexandro Faria

    Canvas Is King

    You drive a defender in the US? That must be a pain regarding parts? Awesome 110- I drive a 90 here in SA.
  12. Alexandro Faria

    Canvas Is King

    Hi guys, New one, for your enjoyment. Some beautiful spots here. Forgot just how amazing some of these places are- was actually nice going through all the old shots. Canvas Is King- A Look At Modern Day Camping Options (One of the reasons we camp- Segal Rieger) A quick disclaimer before I...
  13. Alexandro Faria

    Big female Warthog

    That's a lekker "little" piggie there- congrats. Years of hunting corn thieves on and off and the biggest tusker I shot had tusks no longer than my thumb. Would love a big pig one day- very happy for you.
  14. Alexandro Faria

    So You Think You Want To Start Fishing

    Cheers guys, thank you for the supportive words and I'm glad that this brought a few smiles to members. @Dinosaur and @Andrew Short you are both exceedingly kind- I really appreciate the generosity. Fishing is picking up nicely, prespawn bass are smacking the weightless rigs.
  15. Bass Fishing South Africa

    Bass Fishing South Africa

  16. Fishing Bass in South Africa

    Fishing Bass in South Africa

  17. South Africa Fishing Bass

    South Africa Fishing Bass

  18. Shelly Beach Carlos Faria South Africa

    Shelly Beach Carlos Faria South Africa

  19. South Africa Fishing Bass

    South Africa Fishing Bass

    One of my first bass
  20. Alexandro Faria

    So You Think You Want To Start Fishing

    Hi guys, this week's article, for your enjoyment. So you think you want to starting fishing Off the bat, let me just acknowledge that starting something new is seldom easy and there’s a decent amount of bravery and humility needed to do so properly. Forcing yourself out of your comfort zone...
  21. Droëwors hanging out

    Droëwors hanging out

  22. Hunting South Africa

    Hunting South Africa

    Kalahari 9 years back- haven’t hunted with my father since
  23. Friends and our furry helpers

    Friends and our furry helpers

  24. Warthog Hunting South Africa

    Warthog Hunting South Africa

  25. South Africa Hunt Blesbok

    South Africa Hunt Blesbok

  26. Alexandro Faria

    The "Why" Of Hunting

    This week's article- an introduction to hunting, just to open up the discussion for further topics. The ethics of hunting- looking past the obvious If you’ve been a hunter for any reasonable length of time, you’ve likely gotten the “If you like animals so much, why do you kill them?”...
  27. Alexandro Faria

    For Sale 425 Westley Richards

    What a beautiful piece. I suspect that the person who takes this on will be really happy.
  28. Camping in South Africa

    Camping in South Africa

    (Sometimes it's okay to overdo it, but not always...)
  29. South Africa Camping

    South Africa Camping

    (no pillow= painful neck)
  30. Camping South Africa

    Camping South Africa

    (My Sabi dilemma)
  31. Camping in South Africa

    Camping in South Africa

    (Fire!.. and light)
  32. Alexandro Faria

    Camping For beginners

    So I wrote a (meant to be) short article on tips for the weekend camper and I thought I would share it with you guys. I'm really enjoying this process and I would obviously appreciate any comments or criticism you guys may have- I don't take stuff personally. Weekend Warrior- what you’re gonna...
  33. Alexandro Faria

    308 Norma Mag project

    I want one so bad. Biggest worry is getting somewhere having forgotten ammo (it's happened before- don't ask) and sitting with a really beautiful paper weight... Nice bang stick, congrats.
  34. Alexandro Faria

    Local Products

    Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises. I think it may very well be South Afircan lingo...
  35. Alexandro Faria

    Local Products

    Hi guys, I'm looking for suggestions and recommendations and you guys (and gals) are the perfect people to ask. The policies and legislation passed have wreaked havoc on the economy here in South Africa and the worst hit have been SMMEs. I'm looking to do what I can to help these businesses so...
  36. Alexandro Faria

    Barnes LRX

    Morning all, Someone mentioned the Barnes LRX range on another thread in the forum and it got me interested: Does anyone on the forum use them and if so, what are your experiences thus far? TIA
  37. Alexandro Faria

    The Excellent 308 Norma Magnum

    You guys don't get how much I wish it had made more of an impact in the industry. Whether it was marketing, bad time or just hard luck, doesn't matter- it's an AWESOME cartridge and should have made the 30-06 and 300 win mag obsolete for most hunters. If you guys are going to give it another...
  38. Alexandro Faria

    Monos vs Bonded

    I think you make a fair point. I see GS make a 188gr mono (according to their website) that really appeals to me, but getting hold of them here in SA is next to impossible. I know, too, that Stewart make a nice 190gr bonded projectile in 7mm. This was more theoretical than anything else- wanted...
  39. Alexandro Faria

    Super Nova

    Apologies :P Went with the 26"- marginally more compact. I did get to handle the 28" a while ago and while I felt it swung a tad better, I did not how bloody long the thing was.
  40. Alexandro Faria

    Super Nova

    Cheers all, appreciate the input. Decision made, papers will be handed in on Friday and hopefully I'll have her before year end.
  41. Alexandro Faria

    Super Nova

    Ladies and gents, I have the option to add a pump action to my arsenal. I already have a 20 gauge sp1 for clays and "formal" shoots. This will be a utility firearm- waterfowl, pigs, pigeons and the odd hare/guineafowl. I need help on barrel length: 26 or 28"??? I doubt it'll make a huge...
  42. Alexandro Faria

    Monos vs Bonded

    It could be that I suck at searching for stuff using google, but I do know we have some outstanding ballisticians on the group, so I would like to put it to you guys: A mate of mine has a 7mm rem mag that's currently loaded with 160gr accubonds. The formula works great as is, but I noticed...
  43. Alexandro Faria

    One rifle for North American big game?

    If it's likely to bite you back, I don't get why anyone would take chances.
  44. Alexandro Faria

    WANTED: Looking For A Good Sable Hunt

    Are you looking for concessions on is a 8000 Hectares farm okay?
  45. Alexandro Faria

    Mountain boots for South Africa

    I have 3 boots I wear when hunting: My Wildebeest Vellies (RSA brand) are worn when the hunting isn't too intense- wingshooting, for example. My Courteney boots are for just about everything else except for snow, in which case I have a pair of wolverines that I love. To answer your question...
  46. Alexandro Faria

    Does female wild game meat tastes better than male?

    All things equal, I would say yes. I'd go even further and say that older cows/ewes and immature bulls/rams are what you should be targeting if you want meat quality. Obviously there are other important factors such as a quick kill, bleeding out the animal, proper slaughtering etc. But all...
  47. Alexandro Faria

    Are we missing out on the true African experience by blind hunting only

    Never understood people spending all the money to come this way only to sit in a hide. Best experiences I've had were on foot, no contest. Unless you're in a really dry place, I feel like blind hunting will always limit what you see- you miss all the little things and many big things as well...
  48. Alexandro Faria

    .22 hornet vs .17 hmr

    Man, that sounds like a lot of fun. What distances are you usually shooting at for the Pdogs?
  49. Alexandro Faria

    What about a .375 Wby?

    Not sure I fully agree with this, even if it is personal experience/opinion. Let's take South Africa for example: Assume you take one rifle and a shotgun (because really, we have outstanding wingshooting). If you're hunting in the kalahari, Magalies, Drakensberg or karoo, that "little bit...
  50. Alexandro Faria

    Rigby 350 Magnum

    I see you haven't been on the forum since March, so this may not be helpful: If you decide you still want one, I know a high end gun dealer here in Gauteng who will most likely have a 350 for you. He did last time I was there. Cheers, Alex