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    300 PRC options

    Custom load with the 212 grain ELD-X
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    CANADA: Newfoundland Woodland Caribou & Moose Hunt With Red Indian Lake Outfitters

    Good luck! My trip to do the same was pushed to next year, unfortunately.
  3. Golden Wildebeest Hunting

    Golden Wildebeest Hunting

    300 PRC
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    Elephants with the largest tusks

    Not sure if it has been mentioned but SMJ in Nyae Nyae produces the largest, on average, elephants per season, I believe.
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    300 PRC options

    @Rimshot It is a custom rifle. Griffin & Howe All American with some upgrades, modifications, etc. it is a hell of a gun. The process was very fun and the folks there are best of breed. I have Pendleton and Superior load ammo for me and they can turn it around quickly. It’s a .5 MOA gun, at...
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    300 PRC options

    Just finishing up a safari with a 300 PRC. It was my pick for plains game when I went about having a rifle for that purpose built. Absolutely love the caliber and the performance is absolutely devastating.
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    Elephant Hunt Botswana Last Call

    So how heavy was he?
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    Elephant Hunting Zimbabwe 2022

    Hell, I might come again. Any more beer left over there in Zim?
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    For Sale .470 NE & .500 NE Ammo - Cash Or Trade

    I will take the 500. Please send DM and we can work out a price to Charlotte, NC. Currently in Namibia so forgive a potentially slow response.
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    Rhino Hunt South Africa 5 Nights 2021

    Holy moly!
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    Which animal makes the most impressive taxidermy mount?

    People tend to gravitate to my Full body Muskox. I think it is such a statement because most people don’t even know what it is.
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    HUNTING Leopard

    I am en route to Africa as we speak and I am serious when I say that I would rather not shoot a Leopard, than shoot a 90lb Leopard lol.
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    RSA Covid Requirements

    Is RSA requiring a PCR test for entry … or will a rapid test suffice? Seeing conflicting things?
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Photos From The Last 8 Days Of My Hunting Safari With De Beer Safaris

    Thanks for the pics. That first kudu is perfect to my eye.
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    You can do G550 / falcon 8x or similar ATL>Paris>Addis>wherever
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    Westley Richards Synthetic??

    Different tools for different purposes.
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    Difference between the 450/400 and the .450 3¼

    The answer is that if it’s a double, just buy the gun you like because neither is as good as a 416 Rigby! :).
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    My Heym 88B in 9.3x74R is in my hands finally...

    That’s great. Congrats!
  19. Elephant Hunting Botswana

    Elephant Hunting Botswana

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    Elephants with the largest tusks

    100# from Bots this season.
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    Trophy Room build Question - Wall backing

    Thant Rhino. FnA awesome.
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    "I Want A Heym"

    I went for it a few months back. Went simple with some highly customized touches. Great experiences and I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about paying the balance! Go for it! Probably a 12 month lead, at this point.
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    Lion Hunting

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    For Sale Hornady DGS 450/400

    Weekend bump and $110/box shipped works for me.
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    For Sale Hornady DGS 450/400

    Cal, thanks for the input. I respect your opinion but That is certainly no longer msrp ... if you can find it for that price, gobble it up! Maybe I should be clear that I paid $125/ box, retail is $140. This is a tight ammo market and I don’t intend to be the first guy that has lost $ on brand...
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    For Sale Hornady DGS 450/400

    Responded. Thx.
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    For Sale Hornady DGS 450/400

    I have 5 boxes for sale. Strongly prefer to do this in a single sale. New production run. Let’s figure out what a fair market price is. - Andrew
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    ZIMBABWE: Leopard Hunting With Nyamazana Safaris

    I was in that area in March. There was Leopard sign everywhere and I saw 3 during the day. Awesome area and sorry to hear about your luck.
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    Double rifle value?

    This is one of those posts where we have to believe you are advertising :) Your suggestion, while epic, has nothing to do with the OP!
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    Issues with the Artistry of Wildlife

    Then roll up at his shop and start making demands. That is ridiculous.
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    Delta just cancelled June 1 ATL to JNB flight

    It is, admittedly annoying to fly though Amsterdam or Paris on Delta (code share) to JNB. I did it last week, carrying guns, staying overnight, etc. Don’t let it ruin your safari. If you have the time, it is really not that big of a deal. It should be done in Delta One.
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    The Lost Ones

    .369 Purdey in a Purdey DR is a dream of mine.
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    Flight PCR testing getting easier...

    I caveat the above by saying that I have already had covid and now have had the vaccine. Would not typically be that careless before a trip.
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    Flight PCR testing getting easier...

    I am in the same boat next week. Going to just get it day of departure and hope for the best.
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    Summer Madness Hunts Rockin G Ranch

    So as I think through this and trying to determine fully-loaded price for a Nilgai . . . it sounds like a $7k, 3 day event. Admittedly, your operation is one of the finest in TX and I know you typically get what you pay for. That said, doesn't that seem materially more expensive than your...
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    Montana Antelope 2021

    I would suggest you get an outfitter and hunt private land. After that is (likely quickly) successful, hunt public land with an OTC female tag. Great little combo pedestal trophy set and can be done for less than $4k.
  37. Hunting Pronghorn

    Hunting Pronghorn

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    Let’s see them speed goats!

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    Help Deciding on Double Rifle Chambering

    Well, I ended going with 500NE. Now the wait begins. I went with a pretty uniques spec which I look forward to sharing. Thanks to everyone for the input.
  40. Red Deer (Iberian) Spain

    Red Deer (Iberian) Spain

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    Red Deer Pictures

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    Leopard bullet choice

    Thoughts on 300PRC, Hornady ELD-X 212gr (precision hunter)?
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    Non resident Moose Lottery- Maine, NH or NB

    For sure do Newfoundland. Travel is easy, hunting relatively inexpensive and landscape is beautiful. Combo with a Caribou and a chance black bear. It’s a fantastic trip.
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    Elephant & Leopard Hunts Available 2021

    @Clifford Johnson no worries, will clean up for you!
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    Dakota Arms still open?

    Remington owns them. Did they just shutter the brand?
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    US Travel Bans/Restrictions South Africa

    I am not sure why the lack of a direct flight is that big of a deal. Obviously, direct is nice but between Delta code share with BA, KLM and Air France; getting to JNB is still pretty damn easy. I am booked to pass through in March (via AMS) and have heard nothing of a cancellation.
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    Favorite movie lines

    “Best left out quote regarding a lawn in pulp fiction” — Pulp Fiction
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    Favorite movie lines

    “Fuckin’ right doggy” — American Pie
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    Favorite movie lines

    “I have no legs” — KIDS
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    Favorite movie lines

    “Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, but it’s better if you do” — Closer