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  1. yhc

    Tipping Guide

    The original article was written by Jerome in 2008. Just curious whether the recommendations are still valid. I assume the recommendations for PHs are still valid since they are in percentage rather than dollar amount. How about for staff members? The following is from my one and only...
  2. yhc

    Does anyone know if Qatar Airways allows Duffel Bags to be Checked Baggage?

    I used an Osprey duffel to and from RSA on Qatar Airways without any problem. A buddy of mine used a duffel as well and no issues.
  3. yhc

    Suggestions on binoculars

    Vortex is a very good choice and their warranty service is excellent from all the reports I have read. Personally I have been using Swarovski optics for the last couple decades. I have nothing but good to say about them. Regards,
  4. yhc

    WIN a FREE Trophy Customs Clearance from TROPHY SHIPPERS for 2021 in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    May 2021 RSA Species harvested: kudu, sable, gemsbok, impala
  5. yhc

    Trophy import brokers

    @TROPHY SHIPPERS yup that was me. I called a few brokers last week. I will call tomorrow Tom. Thanks. Regards,
  6. yhc

    Trophy import brokers

    Thank you for your input everyone. @wipartimer, just curious as to whether it was Trophy Shippers or Coppersmith that you have used? Regards,
  7. yhc

    Trophy import brokers

    My trophies from last month’s safari are now @LIFE-FORM TAXIDERMY. They are projecting 6-8 months completion time. Prior to heading to South Africa, I have spoken with a few trophy import brokers. From those conversations I was able to narrow down my choices to Coppersmith and Trophy...
  8. yhc

    Elephant Madness

    And there he was...just minding his own business!!
  9. yhc

    SOUTH AFRICA: GAME 4 AFRICA SAFARIS From A First Time Africa Hunter

    Welcome back to Alaska @Tundra Tiger Are you having any Africa withdrawal symptoms yet? Regards,
  10. yhc

    Help! American/British Airways has cancelled my flights

    @chashardy be aware that your newly booked flight itinerary may get cancelled as well. Monitor it closely. AA or BA did not inform me that my original flight from London to JNB was cancelled. I only found out when I called BA a month prior to my departure to notify them of my intention to...
  11. yhc

    Help! American/British Airways has cancelled my flights

    I was in your shoes a few weeks ago. I ended up flying with Qatar Airways without any problem. You might consider them. Regards,
  12. yhc

    My daughter’s sable on her first African safari with Dave Freeburn Safaris

    Congrats to your daughter!! That sable looks fantastic. Her smile says it all. Glad to see the next generation getting involved with hunting as well.
  13. yhc

    Taxidermy References In South Africa

    @LIFE-FORM TAXIDERMY those look good. Looking forward to have my buddies‘ and my trophies picked up soon and have you guys do your magic!!! Regards,
  14. yhc

    For Sale Multiple Blaser R8 Bbls

    300 WM Safari Selous BBL w/ iron sight is now SOLD
  15. yhc

    SOUTH AFRICA: Preliminary Thoughts From A First Timer

    Congrats @Tundra Tiger ! It sounds like you’re having a great time there. I am still a bit jet lagged but hit the deck running after returning from Africa 3 days ago. Once things slow down a bit then I will consider writing up a brief summary of my experience there. Regards,
  16. yhc

    WIN One of Two Knives Made By Von Gruff in a Random Drawing Giveaway

    THAT WILL CUT Thanks @Von Gruff
  17. yhc

    The 470 has landed!

    That’s a beautiful set of stock @machinistbutler !!
  18. yhc

    Leaving on a jet plane

    Just cleared customs and got our rifles. We will be driving to our lodge shortly. Will check in after the hunt. @Tundra Tiger We booked our own flights. Initially we were booked through American Airlines, operated by British Airways. BA cancelled our flights but didn’t notify us. We found...
  19. yhc

    Leaving on a jet plane

    @Milo and @Tundra Tiger yes I should have prefaced that one of the friends and I are traveling with our firearms. Since we are traveling with firearms we had to claim our bags in SeaTac and checked them back in with Qatar. One of the guys in my group who is not traveling with a firearm was...
  20. yhc

    Leaving on a jet plane

    Thanks guys. @Tundra Tiger if you are flying Qatar Airways via SeaTac make sure you have at least 3 hours of lay over. It was painfully slow process to check in with Qatar. Alaska Airlines will have your checked bags routed to SeaTac only. You have to claim your bags the recheck them in...
  21. yhc

    Leaving on a jet plane

    My friends and I are on our way to South Africa today for our first safari!! There have been some challenges with flight cancellations, etc. but we are hoping for a smooth sailing henceforth. Regards, yhc
  22. yhc

    For Sale Dakota Arms Model 76 In 375 H&H

    The rifle is SOLD.
  23. yhc

    New trophy room completed!

    Wow...she let you have those trophies hung in your bedroom? She must really love you Rick!! Congrats!! Your man cave looks good. Regards,
  24. yhc

    Back to Africa!!!!! Its been too damn long - Damn you COVID-19!!!

    @Travis Dove thanks for the updates and congratulations on your fine trophies. I will be heading to South Africa early next month for my very first safari. Looking so forward to it. Regards,
  25. yhc

    For Sale Dakota Arms Model 76 In 375 H&H

    This rifle is SPF now.
  26. yhc

    For Sale Dakota Arms Model 76 In 375 H&H

    I have decided to thin out my 375 H&H herd and up for sale is my Dakota Arms Model 76 in 375 H&H. I have shot 1/2" MOA w/ my handloads using RL 15. Some highlighted features are: Control Round Feed / 3 position side safety / Claw extractor XXX English Walnut Ebony Forend Tip Front pop-up...
  27. yhc

    For Sale Multiple Blaser R8 Bbls

    Good morning @Justbryan Yes, it is still available. Regards,
  28. yhc

    SOUTH AFRICA: Last Minute Trip To SA Plus Introduction

    Awesome @Jeff Oregon!! Glad you had a wonderful time. BTW welcome to AH. I have been learning a lot from other members here over the past 1 month as I prepare for my first safari. Great place to learn from others.
  29. yhc

    Courteney boots fit in width

    sgt_zim, I think it was meant to be relatively narrower than their wide shoes. Both Courteney and WR were kind enough to take their time to respond to my inquiry. I posted their responses here as references since they were helpful for me. Regards,
  30. yhc

    Disappointing Day at Range

    Mark that bites!! However, as mentioned above, glad you discovered the problem at the range today rather than while a buff is charging at you during your upcoming hunt!! Regards,
  31. yhc

    Courteney boots fit in width

    Thanks again for your feedback. The following is an email response I received from The Courteney Boot Company: “The EE boot is the boot that made us famous. It has a generous toe box for maximum comfort. The narrow D is for feet that are definitely narrow, and we use the same last for...
  32. yhc

    Courteney boots fit in width

    Thank you all for your feedback. Regards,
  33. yhc

    Rangefinding Binos: Leica vs Swarovski

    Setting up the app is quite intuitive and use friendly. Since I just got the pair a few weeks ago, I have not had a chance to use the range bino to dial in an actual target on an incline to shoot yet. Once the weather warms a bit and snow melts away, I will give it a go. One thing I have...
  34. yhc

    Courteney boots fit in width

    Good morning. I am considering a pair of Courteney Selous boots from Westley Richards. I understand it comes in UK size for length. I usually wear 10.5 ~ 11 D in US size, depending on the make so I figure I will order 10 UK per WR size conversion table. WR website states "wide feet at toe"...
  35. yhc

    Rangefinding Binos: Leica vs Swarovski

    Last year I compared Swarovski, Leica and Zeiss range binos. I ended up purchasing a pair of Zeiss’ newest model. After using it for a few months, I ended up going back to my trusty Swarovski EL since I preferred the optical quality of Swarovski EL over the Zeiss range binos. When Swarovski...
  36. yhc

    Do you wear your expensive watch to South Africa?

    I have never been to South Africa yet so I can’t really answer your question specifically. However I do wear my Rolex Submariner everywhere, including to my hunting grounds here in the US. My first trip to South Africa is planned for next month and am planning to wear the watch there as well.
  37. yhc

    ATV recommendation!

    I have been very happy with my Can Am Outlander. My hunting buddies and I run Can Am, Honda, Polaris and Yamaha. My Can Am can hold its own amongst these. The ride quality and the power, in my opinion, are the best. It’s been trouble free and have only required routine maintenance.
  38. yhc

    Double delay

    My vote is for the 450/400.
  39. yhc

    Wanted Brown Bear Hunt

    As an Alaskan resident, I did not require his guide service. However, I have hunted for brown bears in the same area where Sam guides in 2010, 2018 and 2020. The 2020 hunt was to back up for a friend who had a tag. Each time he was kind enough to share his local knowledge of the area and...
  40. yhc

    Wanted Brown Bear Hunt

    I highly recommend Sam Rohrer from Kodiak. Sam Rohrer Rohrer Bear Camp P.O. Box 1388 Kodiak, AK 99615 (907) 486-4074 (hm) (907) 539-1828 (cell) Regards,
  41. yhc

    Flying Tomorrow

    Enjoy and be safe!!
  42. yhc

    a brand spanking new naval aviator

    Congrats to you and the LT!! Wish him fair winds and following seas for his naval career!!
  43. yhc

    Cancer diagnosis for christmas

    Thanks for the update and that's fantastic news!! We will continue to lift you up in our prayers.... Regards,
  44. yhc

    For Sale Multiple Blaser R8 Bbls

  45. yhc

    The last pair of binoculars

    Hi Jake. I think SLC is a good choice but I prefer Swarovski EL. They just feel better in my hands and the optical quality is second to none. I have been running EL since 2002 and upgraded to EL Field Pro a couple years back. These binos have served me well all these years. I know you...
  46. yhc

    Obscene Trophy Shipping Costs

    Yes indeed. However I was expecting dip and pack would take up less than 20~25% of finished products in volume. But the shipping cost is almost 40% of finished products. Perhaps I am underestimating the volume of dip and pack hides. But regardless my point is that shipping dip and pack will...
  47. yhc

    Obscene Trophy Shipping Costs

    I recently got quotes for AIR freight costs for shipping dip and pack vs finished taxidermy for same amount of animals. The cost for dip & pack was ~$2000 vs $5000 for finished taxidermy products. I thought shipping dip & pack a whole lot less given it’s smaller volume but that’s not the case.
  48. yhc

    Our Hunting Trophy Shipping & Importation Specialist on AH

    Same here. As Philip said Tom must be quite busy. I will try to give him a call on Monday.
  49. yhc

    Rigby's Big Game vs Heym Express

    But @HWL, unlike in your grandfather’s days, you now have the Channel Tunnel. You can easily drive to Rigby, H&H, etc!! Now you don’t even have to risk your life flying their with all them anti aircraft guns pointing at you!! ;) PS I have lived in Germany for a few years. That’s where I was...
  50. yhc

    Verney-Carron 500NE Load Development

    Swift Bullet Company One Thousand One Swift Avenue PO Box 27 Quinter, KS 67752 P: 785-754-3959 F: 785-754-2359 @Theo v Niekerk Swift Company is located in Quinter, Kansas so they are 8 hours behind RSA if you were to call them. Regards,