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  1. Tulu

    Need help with European Hunting!

    Hey All! So probably within two years I will be moving to France for work. It will be a huge culture shock for me but I am excited! I have been to a couple European countries before but I have never hunted outside of the states. Now here is where I need help, Anywhere I go I look for an excuse...
  2. Tulu

    Hunters Trolling PETA

    I thought of no better place that people would appreciate this more. Enjoy the laugh!
  3. Tulu

    Any luck with Boyd's stocks?

    So sometimes you make mistakes and I went against what I always preach and bought a rifle online without ever feeling it, and of course as soon as I picked it up I knew the stock didn't fit me right. It is a CZ 557 Sporter Manners, meaning it came with a manners stock on it. I didn't trust my...
  4. Tulu

    Resources for safari rifles

    I was hopeful someone could point me in the right direction of resources about famous owned safari rifles and safari rifles in general (manufacture tell tail signs etc). I want to be able to recognize one when I see it and know it's history. This might be kind of a bland question but thought I'd...
  5. Tulu

    I feel like we are already family

    Hello from Pennsylvania! I stumbled upon this forum and couldn't believe my eyes. Finally people who understand how I feel about Africa and how I will spend the rest of my life just trying to get back. I have been to the couple of the Eastern countries but never to hunt...yet. I'm just so...
  6. Tulu

    Favorite books about Africa! History, adventure, etc

    What are some of your favorite books about Africa including history and adventure? Looking to branch out of my perspective and see what you all like to read!