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    Doing Nothing.

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    Yellow fever certificate for SA?

    I seem to have a propensity for convoluted travel routes. This year, I will be flying DEN - IAD - ADD (Addis Ababa) - JNB - KIM (Kimberly, SA). Although I will have only had a 5 1/2 hour layover in Ethiopia, will I need to have a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate to enter South Africa? I...
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    Something's broken

    I guess it's all in your perspective. :D
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    Choosing a good hunting outfitter

    It's that time of year. Lot's of shows; lot's of outfitters trying to sell their services; lot's of hunters wanting to book their dream hunt. So much hope and so much potential, yet unfortunately, far too often those dream hunts end in disappointment. There are many things besides the...
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    Physical preparation for shooting sticks

    This afternoon, I am going to have knee surgery - think of it as a souvenir from my safari in August. ;) (Should that count in the total cost of the hunt? :heh: ) Once I am cleared to go back to the gym, I plan to work with a personal trainer who is also a physical therapist. So, the stage...
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    Which ones to mount?

    I expect almost everyone is going to have an opinion about this question. The short version is "I shot several animals on my first safari. Which ones I have shoulder mounted?" This time last year, when I had no thoughts of ever hunting in Africa, I was feeling like my trophy room was close...
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    PETA & The Bears

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    Packing ammunition in a separate bag

    I have seen various mentions on this site about packing ammunition separate from guns (for air travel). In the US, TSA does not require this. Below is what the TSA states: "Travelers must securely pack any ammunition in fiber (such as cardboard), wood or metal boxes or other packaging...
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    Availability of 375 Ruger ammo in Africa

    I was ready to start shopping for a 375 H&H when 375 Ruger crept into the picture. I understand that in Africa 375 H&H is about as universal as say a 30-06 in the States. What about 375 Ruger? If I should happen to get separated from my ammo should I be able to find some to replace what had...
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    Trophies may be MIA

    It should probably say "MiT" (Missing in Transit). I am more concerned than I might otherwise be because the shipping service had raised to possibility of loss in one of his early messages. "We would like to send our last US shipments on the 6th of December, as I want to avoid them being...
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    PETA's Letter To 18-Year-Old Girl Mauled By Bear

    An 18-year-old Pennsylvania girl was mauled by a bear Friday while hunting with her dad. The real story is the letter she received from PETA following the attack in which she suffered bite wounds and almost lost an ear. Via The Blaze: The letter, which asked the girl to use the attack to...
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    Elderly driver

    An elderly driver is stopped by the police shortly after 2:00 AM. They ask him where is going at this time of night. The man replies "I am on my way to a lecture about (1) alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body, (2) the harmful effects of smoking and (3) why staying out late...
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    Connection through Heathrow w/guns

    I'm trying to make flight reservations to JNB with miles. Of course, the airlines are stingy with seats. It is looking like my best chance of getting a seat is via Heathrow. What is entailed with making a connection there with a gun?
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    Which rifle for lion?

    I realize that I am probably going to regret start this thread, but here goes... I am getting serious about booking a lion hunt. If I do, it will be for a captive bred animal in RSA. (Can we please skip the debate about hunting captive bred animals?) My understanding is that in that...
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    Lion - stalk vs. bait

    As some of you know, I've been giving serious thought to booking a lion hunt. The outfitters that I have spoken with hunt them using spot and stalk. However, on hunting shows that I have seen I think that all, or nearly, all have been done using bait. I realize that shooting over bait is...
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    Rhino poaching

    I rarely look at the Forum section "Hunting News". However, today, I happened upon a post by gillettehunter with the title "Rhino horn funding Renamo???". It is interesting, but disturbing. I am posting this so more people will be aware of it.
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    Which species for 1st dangerous game hunt?

    My first safari (plains game) is behind me and, yes, I got the Africa bug and am starting to plan for the next trip. I could be perfectly happy with more plains game. However, I would like to add a DG animal on my next trip. However, I'm not sure which one to try for first. I have...
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    KLM discount flights to Joburg

    I got an email this morning from KLM listing some special prices on flights between select cities. One of the city pairs was New York/Joburg. Here is a link. Youll have to decide for yourself if it is a good deal. Book a flight - I'm sorry to use a compressed URL, but the link was...
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    Advice needed for a new rifle scope

    I realize that the question I am about to ask is going to be a bit like throwing a bone to a pack of hungry dogs. :D In the latest issue of Safari Times, Craig Boddington had an article titled "How Much Gun Is Really Enough?". It's a very good article (aren't his always?). If you haven't...
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    NAMIBIA: I'm Back From My First Safari

    I just got back from my hunt with Omujeve Safaris in Namibia. It was an outstanding trip. Thanks to everyone on this forum for all of the advice that helped to ensure a great experience. I'll post details and photos later.
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    Travel Advice - expediting US Immigration & Customs

    Eventually, I will pull my travel tips together into a single piece. However, at this moment, I wanted to share a tip about something that I have found to be very helpful. The US Customs & Border Protection organization has a program that is not well known. It is called the Trusted...
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    12 hours and counting...

    Tomorrow at 3:30 AM (I can't bring myself to call that morning) a car is scheduled to arrive to take us to the airport. That will be the beginning of what is supposed to be roughly 53 hours of travel to get to Omujeve lodge in Namibia. It will include four commercial flights and 24 hours of...
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    Advice about gifts for staff

    I've read here and been told by others that I should take some small gifts for the staff. I'd really appreciate some guidance about how much and for whom. I'll be hunting 8 days - plains game in Namibia with Omujeve. When do you give the gifts? At the beginning? At the end? Do you give...
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    Medical evacuation insurance???

    I'm going on a plains game hunt in Namibia. Do you think that a medevac policy is advisable? I have selectively had them for other travel (business as well as hunting trips). If you think it's prudent to have a policy, which company do you prefer? The two that I know best are MedJet Assist...
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    Shooting on sticks

    I would appreciate any advice you folks can offer about shooting on sticks while standing. I have never done that and I've only once shot with sticks while sitting. I've seen a couple of videos on YouTube, but they seemed to give conflicting advice. I intend to practice as much as I can...
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    Paying for the hunt

    The booking form for my Namibian plains game safari called for a 50% deposit. That seems normal, based on my experience with hunts in the US and Canada. However, when I asked for details so I could wire the deposit, the answer that I got was "your dates are booked if it will be easier for you...
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    Greetings from the People's Republic of Boulder (Colorado)

    I just discovered and joined this site today. Living where I do, there aren't a lot of hunters to connect with. (Hunting is politically incorrect here.) Looking forward to learning from all of you. Last month, I booked my first African safari (plains game in Namibia). Until now, my...