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  1. Rick HOlbert

    NAMIBIA: Namibian Hunt In 2021

    After having had to cancel my hunt for 2020 the news that Namibia had finally opened for 2021 was like an early Christmas present. Arrangements were made for airline tickets and another hunt was booked with old friends and hunting partners at Elandpro Safaris in the Otjozondjupa Region Of...
  2. Rick HOlbert

    Take a son or daughter

    Good day to all. I wanted to share with you what was an incredible experience for me. I know many of you have hunted with a son or daughter but for those of you who haven't you're missing out on one of the greatest experiences you could have. In 2019 I invited my youngest daughter Annie to go...
  3. Rick HOlbert

    Incorrect Email address for Namibian customs

    Good day folks. I'm in the process of helping hunters get ready to hunt in Namibia this year. I started emailing the first groups application for import/export of their firearms. Listed on this sites hunting information for Namibia the email address is firearmairport@nam.n. Several other sources...