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  1. BigGame

    Born Again Springfield For Sale

    This is a "Born Again Springfield" inspired by an article about a build of an old Springfield sporter rifle. After reading the article I was inspired to undertake my own build from this side of the pond. It took a few years before I found a rifle suitable for the build and then a few years...
  2. BigGame

    For Sale A-Square Hannibal Minty In 416 Rem Mag

    The A-Square motto"A-Square rifles are like none other in the world. Their Design fitness for purpose, quality of materials, and quality of workmanship is unmatched. A-Square rifles deliver more power, have less recoil, shoot with greater accuracy, and are more reliable." Getting hard to find...
  3. BigGame

    Masterful Forged Tanto For Sale

    I don't really want to part with this Tanto. It's a beast! Overall length is 16.5" and the blade comes in at 10.5". The hamon is very present along the length of the blade. Dragon inlays and custom sheath. I've had many offers in the past but, I am letting this one go now at a very low price...
  4. BigGame

    For Sale Texas Truck Rifle In 7mm Remington Magnum

    Featured here is a rare Texas Truck Rifle in 7mm Rem Mag w/Scope included. $825 shipped to FFL This Texas rifle started off life as a Weatherby Vanguard and was rebarreled with an ER Shaw barrel in 7mm Rem Mag. It shows lots of character and was a working rifle in a past life. It has a hogue...
  5. BigGame

    For Sale Custom Winchester M70 Alaskan 375 H&H w/CRF

    Custom Winchester M70 ALASKAN 375 H&H w/CRF $1825 shipped to your FFL Again, here is a custom Winchester Alaskan in 375 H&H with CRF. Stock includes ebony fore end with windows peak, fully pillar bedded, solid steel grip cap and William's bottom metal, talley bases and jeweled bolt. I'm taking...
  6. BigGame

    For Sale Custom Winchester 416 Rem Mag w/CRF

    Custom Winchester in 416 Rem Mag w/CRF $1825 shipped to your FFL There is just too much to list on this custom rifle. But I'll give it a try... Custom stockwork including pancake cheekpiece, ebony fore end with windows peak, fully pillar bedded, skeleton grip cap. Custom steel floor plate with...
  7. BigGame

    For Sale Remington 700 KS Safari 416 Rem Mag

    Remington 700 KS Safari 416 Rem Mag Rifle with Leupold M8 2.5x Compact $1425 shipped to your FFL Custom work by Griffin and Howe for dangerous game use includes; ejection port machining, feeding and bolt jeweling.
  8. BigGame

    Kahles KX 3.5-10x50 With Kahles Lens Covers For Sale

    KAHLES KX 3.5-10x50 PLEX w/KAHLES lens covers, accessories and original box. $525 shipped OBO With the Helia KX line, Kahles defines the standard in modern riflescope construction in the one-inch class. Excellent image qualities and low light capabilities in perfect harmony, with precise...
  9. BigGame

    WTS/WTT Federal 416 Rem Mag Cape Shok

    I have 3 boxes (20Rds Ea.) of Federal Premium Safari Cape-Shok NIB (2) 400 Grain Barnes TSX P416RB (1) 400 Grain Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer P416RT2 I sold my 416 before I had a chance to use. I now have a 458 Lott and would like to trade out or sell for 458 Lott ammunition with same...