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    Current (2021 - Covid Era) small caliber double rifle options?

    Where should one be looking for a SxS double rifle in a 7mm or .30 caliber rifle that isn't an expensive new build? I'm not really interested in a new Chapuis even though companies like Larkin and Moore generally stock double barrel set new builds in the $13K~14K range. I'm really thinking...
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    Stock Forend Separated During Shipping So, Slightly Bummed

    First of all, the rifle appears to have been packaged well so NO FAULT or negative feelings towards the seller! This is a really old rifle and I think it is mainly an age-related issue with the glue originally used. The rifle itself looks really nice, especially for something this old! What...
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    Sako A7 in 416 Remingon?

    What are the thoughts on a Sako A7? Specifically, I'm looking hard for a 404J but, stumbled across a Sako A7 in 416 Remington. I'm not sure I would rebarrel it or try to convert it to 404J but, it looks like a nice rifle from the initial inspection. Cost-wise, initially, they are asking for a...
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    Want To Buy Winchester Model 70 Donor For 404J Conversion

    The barrel is a don't care, caliber is flexible as long as it is an African option though I'm expecting a 375H&H. I'll pay for a nice stock, otherwise, I'll probably restock it. If you have an 'unloved' Winchester Model 70 Super Express priced appropriately for a rebuild, please contact me...
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    404J rifles custom build or secondary market?

    I have been shopping the common places for a 404 Jeffery bolt action rifle but, they seem rather rare for whatever reason or are super expensive. Sure, I'd love a Heym Express but, at that price, I'm either not hunting with it ($ all gone) or I'm getting another double rifle! On the cheaper...