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    A Flickering Light

    Today I am going to share another article on boar hunt at night. This article is of my distant uncle . I heard it when I was in school. So forgive me if I miss out anything . My uncle was a great shot .He owned a DBML(Double Barrel Muzzle Loader ) in 12 bore. It had no choke and allowed all type...
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    A Close Shave

    A Close Shave Today I am going to relate a small incident which happened with my father. This event took place before the ban of hunting in India in 1972. I am sorry but I will not relate the place of this occurrence due to obvious reasons. A few words about my father .My father is a very...
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    Info on cartridge?

    Hello to all members here. I recently got a few imported shotgun cartridges from a friend for my uncle. My friend showed me a certain "Anglia" by Eleys. It is a 70 mm case in plastic. It is a slug cartridge. I do not know what type of slug it is neither does my friend . I am attaching pictures...
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    Hello to all members and admins on this wonderful site. I am Sam Kunal from India.This site is really wonderful and it helps me to connect with the long forgotten past.Thank You..