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    SOUTH AFRICA: CT-Safaris Goes the Extra Mile for the Client

    CT-Safaris Goes the Extra Mile for the Client Most people on this forum know that I went on my first and probably last South African Safari in mid August 2011 with Chris Troskie of CT Safaris and due to medical conditions I was hindered from the start and although I had warned Chris at the...

    Qantas Grounds ALL Flights both International & Domestic IMMEDIATELY

    It has just come over the Channel 10 News ( Australia) Qantas is grounding ALL flights both International & Domestic IMMEDIATELY...... Good luck if you have booked Qantas.....:mad:

    SOUTH AFRICA: The Last Day Kudu

    Africa, the mere sound of the word congers up stories of Hemingway, Corbett, Taylor and after 50 plus years of waiting to go to Africa for a Safari, I finally made the decision to bite the bullet and contacted Chris Troskie of CT-Safaris where I advised Chris of my limitations and asked him was...

    50 Days and Counting

    In 50 days time my big adventure begins where I leave Dubbo on the 9th August and return on the 22nd of August 2011. I thought that it was a timely figure (50) as it has been 50 years since I first wanted to hunt Africa but due to the normal work, marriage, family etc it had been put off, but...

    Wanted First Edition "Shooting the British Double Rifle" by Graeme Wright 1996

    Hi, I am wanting to obtain the First Edition of Graeme Wright's book "Shooting the British Double Rifle" I have the other two Editions but would like the full set if possible. Cheers, Jeff Gray .:)