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  1. gt_diesel

    Magazine Spring Issue???

    I have been doing some feeding tests on my new CZ 550 in 500 Jeffery... This is what I have found. Testing was using Nosler Safari Ammo (Nickel Plated / 570 Grain Solid) If I put three rounds in the magazine, the gun seems to feed fine most of the time... On occasion I have had the tip of the...
  2. gt_diesel

    Introduction from Tennessee!

    I have posted a few times on here and done a bunch of reasearch but don’t believe I have officially introduced myself! The name is Robert... I grew up on a farm in Maine where hunting and the outdoors was a way of life! Over the years, I have drifted away from traditional deer hunting and such...
  3. gt_diesel

    The Gun Dock - Free Shipping

    I recently picked up a great new sponsor for 2019 and because of the partnership they are offering free shipping on orders over 100 bucks! Just have to use the code BLAZING_ANGEL at the checkout. They have pretty much anything you need for the outdoors and their prices are as good if not...