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    Stepping Back In Time

    You have a great press to use those file trim dies on. The angle allows the filings to fall away from the ram and not down into the press body/ram interface.
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    Would it be possible to get together a group buy for 404 Jeffery dies?

    I doubt it is even remotely viable. They can't make 9mm Luger or .223 dies fast enough. Just think of the backlog of the thousands (tens of thousands?) that each maker need to produce in those calibers alone. There's no reason to make 2 dozen .404 Jeffrey die sets from a business standpoint as...
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    "Whitetail" load for .375 Ruger

    I shoot a 250gr. gas checked cast bullet sized @ .379" (bullet from my 38-55 M94) at 2150 fps with 43.0 grs. of IMR 3031
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    What is it about European cartridges in North America?

    I respectfully disagree with the Professor. Euro cartridges don't even remotely come close to holding their own in the the USA as far as market share or volume of guns and ammo made. The 3 exceptions are the 9mm Luger and 7.62x39mm, and the .375 H&H. Every other Euro cartridge is a...
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    .404J Factory Crimp Die - Possible to modify .416 Rigby FCD?

    Another idea, (if the .404 slips into the Rigby FCD) is if you need to open the finger end of the Rigby collet, would be to wrap a 3/8" steel rod with a narrow strip of 220 grit sand paper where the neck would be and screw the die down until it just kisses the sand paper and turn the rod while...
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    .404J Factory Crimp Die - Possible to modify .416 Rigby FCD?

    It just might work. Most collects in the machine shop arena have about a + or - tolerance of around .008" to .010". I did modify a 6.5x55 Swede FCD once to work on the 6.5x54 M-S by turning down the overall length of the collet by .055" (material removed from the bottom of collet where they...
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    .404J Factory Crimp Die - Possible to modify .416 Rigby FCD?

    Sorry about being unclear. Trying to machine an existing collet of a .416 Rem (for example) FCD would be difficult because the collet finger are thin and springy. You would have to build some fixture to support the fingers and hold the body. It would be easier to build a new collet to correct...
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    404 Jeffery Lee Crimp Die - Want To Buy Or Even Rent

    No, the Lee design works with the cartridge length to apply the crimp. The .44 Mag collet is too short.
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    .404J Factory Crimp Die - Possible to modify .416 Rigby FCD?

    Well it would be a little easier if I could adapt a pre-made collet to the Lee die body rather than start from scratch to keep the price reasonable.
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    .404J Factory Crimp Die - Possible to modify .416 Rigby FCD?

    The collet is the issue. In the machine shop world there is tooling called emergency collets. This is a 3 slit collet with a 1/16" pilot hole and is not hardened so you can bore it to your desired size/shape. The Lee collet is a 4 slit design. I don't have a .404 Jeffrey dummy round or shell...
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    404 Jeffery Lee Crimp Die - Want To Buy Or Even Rent

    I actually was kicking around making one this morning when I was out in the shop casting bullets. The collet is the part that's is going to be time consuming. I usually prototype on my hand crank lathe and mill before taking it to my friend's machine shop to be duplicated on the CNC. I've...
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    404 Jeffery Lee Crimp Die - Want To Buy Or Even Rent

    Yes, they would. Of course the craziness has to die down and the backlog caught up which will be awhile (years?). I've picked up FCD's off their site over the years in .219 Zipper, 25-35 WCF, 6.5x54 MS, & .450 Ackley Magnum
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    404 Jeffery Lee Crimp Die - Want To Buy Or Even Rent

    During normal times Lee has many special run non cataloged Factory Crimp Dies on their website. I've picked up a few for odd ball calibers over the years. Just FYI
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    Mannlicher Schoenauer 1903

    My 1903 is not a takedown but has the same color of wood. I can never seem to find one that hasn't suffered the effects of corrosive priming in the barrel so when I hear "looks to be unfired" I would be ready to pounce.
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    Recoil limit

    I have a Weatherby Mark V in .300 Wby that was given to me as a graduation present. It's a mid 1980's Japan manufactured 26" No. 2 contour barrel. I can't stand that thing. The speed of the recoil and the way the Monte Carlo stock belts me in the chops has relegated it to languishing in the safe...
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    Peter Hofer Video

    I enjoyed the video. Whoever produced/directed it seems to be more interested in the embellishment aspect though. I'm more of a nuts and bolts guy.
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    Why no lever-action rifle for Elephants?

    Just to add, modern 1886's conversions to 50-110 WCF are rebarreled with 1-20" twists. And lever gun cartridges like the 475 Turnbull (and others loaded to equal pressure) with a MAP of 42K psi extract easily. But I totally get what Bruce is saying.
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    Why no lever-action rifle for Elephants?

    I think 38,000 CUP/42500 psi max is all you really need for these old lever gun cartridges. There's a lot of performance at that level. The brass will last longer and cases fall out of the chamber.
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    Why no lever-action rifle for Elephants?

    Depends on how you load it of course. The rifle has a crescent butt so it can get wicked with heavier bullets at higher velocities. I use a home made shoulder pad made from an old pair of jeans with sewn in baffles and filled with sand. That tames those sharp edges. Hodgdon 50 Alaskan load data...
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    Why no lever-action rifle for Elephants?

    I have a Browning 1886 built into a 50-110 WCF. I've had it for about 20 years now. I enjoy it very much.
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    Overpriced Reloading Components?

    CJW, where are you located? I shoot cast in the .458 WM about 99% of the time. You can load full power with cast bullets in that cartridge or anything in between.
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    Colt Sauer Grand African 458 Win Max

    I've watched Colt/Sauer rifles for years on GunBroker. I've never seen a Grand African .458 sell without an actual auction where bidding takes place. Almost every one for sale is a "buy it now" add and priced at $4K plus. They never sell like that. My guess is that rifle would bring about $3500...
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    No.1 458 Lott

    Nice wood!
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    Whitworth Hexagonal Bullet

    sambar, If you are familiar with the trajectory that's perfectly doable. Any bullet 450gr. and up will crush deer at that range. Muzzle velocity is around 1400 fps and at 300 yards will be right at 1000 fps. Hex bullets are not needed but are neat accessories. Cylindrical bullets will bump up...
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    Whitworth Hexagonal Bullet

    sambar, The rifle's accuracy is only limited by the issue sights. I have made a mount held by the lock screws for using a Williams 5D elevator/peep sight. The 36" barrels provide a long sight radius when using the peep. My screen name (457121) is the Lyman mold number for what they call their PH...
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    Whitworth Hexagonal Bullet

    I have both the Parker Hale and the Euro Arms repro's of the Whitworth rifle. I have a hex mold made by KAL tool and die.
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    For Sale Ithaca Mag 10 Semi Auto 10ga. 32"

    Mag 10's won't function with 2 7/8" shells
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    .401 Winchester

    Lyman/Ideal No. 40 handbook (1955) lists 200 and 250 grain jacketed bullet data as follows: 200gr: start at 19.0gr of 2400, max 24.7gr start at 29.0gr of 4227, max 31.0gr 250gr: start at 18.0gr of 2400, max 23.3gr start at 19.0gr of 4227, max 27.5gr Powders have been reformulated in the ensuing...
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    Ruger No. 1 Upgrades

    I use a Skinner on my No.1 .458 Win Mag also. I had to swap out the front sight as it was too low even with the factory irons. My No.1 in 375 H&H had a taller one that worked perfectly and since it has an old Weaver K3 on it I put the shorter one from the .458 on it.
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    .458 Win Mag powder

    Using the Accurate Mold 46-500L2 I have tried the following: 65.0 gr IMR 3031 for 2038 fps 69.0 gr IMR 3031 for 2150 fps 65.0 gr IMR 4064 for 1940 fps 74.0 gr H4895 for 2218 fps 72.0 gr Ramshot X-terminator (Belgium production) for 2116 fps 74.0 gr Norma 202 for 2093 fps 74.0 gr RL-15 for 2044...