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    Death threat at DSC over rhino auction

    I wasn't at the auction last night but the hunt fetched $350,000 USD. And according to one PH that was there, 12 protestors showed up.
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    Death threat at DSC over rhino auction

    DSC has handled the press well with all the correct statements. The local media is making a lot more out of it than is there.
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    WANTED: First Plains Game Hunt - Where/When?

    Charlie, You see from the posts that your time in August/September is fine. Besides looking on this forum, my recommendation is to attend one or both of the big conventions coming up. Dallas Safari Club and SCI both have their conventions in the next couple of months. Attending and having a...
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    Transiting through Johannesburg

    Sure. Final destination was WDH. Flew Delta from DFW-ATL-JNB-WDH round trip. Going I had to spend the night in JNB and returning connected in JNB but didn't RON. I had about 2:30 on the ground in JNB. Did it twice....2011 and 2012. I also talked to several others who were doing the same...
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    Transiting through Johannesburg

    I've transited through JNB a couple of times and have never had to fill out any paperwork. If you're luggage including rifles is checked to your final destination you'll be fine even with a cancellation. If you're RON in JNB for your connection, by all means have your paperwork as you should...
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    Why the 300 mag for the small caliber in the battery?

    Craig's comments were what the PH recommends and I'm guessing the PH assumes a level of competency with the .300 Winmag??? His comments elsewhere in the book talk about having enough gun. So if you've got a .375 as the big gun for plains game you're covered and can bring a .270/7mm if you like...
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    Russell or Courteney - Safari Boots...

    Ordered a pair of Russell's last winter after the DSC show for my May safari. Very excited to get a "custom fit boot". Like others mine came about a month late and well over one size to big. I called Russell and they told me to "cinch them up a bit tighter". Hmmmm Ok. I tried that and took them...
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    Plains Game Rifle Selection

    I have one African plains game safari under my belt so I am by no means an expert. But I will share my experience. I took two rifles with me for my central Namibia safari this past May; 30.06 and a .300 Weatherby. I took 12 animals in 10 days and all were taken with the .300 Weatherby even...
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    Other 1st time safari tips needed

    Bigred, Went through JNB in mid-May and handled my rifles without a service. It was no problem. It took all of :45 and :35 of that was waiting on Delta to get the rifles to SAPS. Just fill out your paperwork correctly, have your passport photos and you should be good. I would also suggest you...
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    .300 Weatherby Magnum

    I recently took my .300 Weatherby to Namibia. I couldn't be happier with the performance. I took 12 animals and 9 were one shot kills with most dropping in their tracks out to 380 yards. The 3 that took follow ups were my fault. The cartridge proved itself (again) for me. Highly recommend the...
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    Blue Wildebeest Bullets

    I used a 180 gr TSX out of .300 Weatherby. 286 yard shot and he never took another step. CK
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    Your 3 favorite hunting cartridges of all time

    .257 Weatherby .300 Weatherby .375 H&H
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    NAMIBIA: BOWHUNT: Omujeve Safaris

    Hunting with them the last two weeks of May. Shoot me an email then I'll back brief you. CK
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    He has Risen Indeed!
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    Satellite Phone in Africa

    Heading to Africa for the first time next month and it looks like I'll be on the continent 3-4 times over the next two years (Namibia, RSA and Tanzania). I have been using Skype when I'm overseas and it works great IF you have an internet connection. I know I can't count on that at all in...
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    How old is old enough?

    Hi Dave. My son is currently 11. I started him with a .243 when he was 5. Moved him to the .308 when he was 9. He has done well with it. I did/do spend quite a bit of time with him at the range getting used to the rifle. I require him to put 10 out of 10 shots inside a pie plate at the range...
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    Anti-Malaria Medication Side Effects

    Currently taking Malarone for a business trip I'm on. When I take it I feel kind of bloated and blah for a few hours but other than that nothing else. My traveling companion is also taking it and stopped due to his side effect diarrhea. CK
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    Hi from Texas

    Late May and about an hour from Windhoek. Hunting with Omujeve Safaris. CK
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    Hi from Texas

    From one Texan to another....welcome. Will be in Namibia also this year. CK
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    NAMIBIA: Anyone Hunting Namibia In 2011

    Yep. 10 days in late May with Omujeve Safaris.
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    Caliber for my Double Rifle

    I appreciate the comments. The .450/400 was a distant 3rd in this eval and it's moving farther away. Leaning towards the .450 3 1/4. Call it nostalgia but I have an affinity for it. But a .470 is, well, a sweet round. CK
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    Caliber for my Double Rifle

    What I should have said is I will be hunting elephant with this double as well as other animals.
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    Caliber for my Double Rifle

    I've been doing my homework learning about Doubles for a year or two and I'm debating which caliber for mine. So I thought I would test the waters from this august group. The rifle will be for animals other than elephant so I'm going to stay under a .50. I'm looking at the following"...
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    Best make for Doubles

    I find it interesting that there are no mentions of Heym doubles in this thread. Thoughts?
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    Pair of rifles for plains game

    .338 WinMag and 7mm Remington .300 Weatherby and .257 Weatherby 30.06 Springfield and .270 Winchester or mix and match.
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    Black Mamba Pictures

    Ahhhhh.....didn't need to see this thread Jerome. CK
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    What qualifies as a Trophy

    Kelly, Thanks. I completely agree. I'm just trying to get a feel for what I'm going to be looking at. CK
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    What qualifies as a Trophy

    I'm trying to find some reference material for what constitues a "trophy". Specifically, what horn length makes an animal average, good and great. For example from getting ready to go to Africa I know that a Kudu of 50" is very good, 55" is extraordinary and 60" is out of this world. But I'm...
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    Self-Clearing of Firearms on Arrival in South Africa

    Ardent, Just curious....which Pelican case did you use for your ammo?
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    A Safari without your own rifles?

    Thanks for the feedback. Looks like the French allow hunting rifles to come in and go to my hotel for a few days. So I'll apparently have that option. CK
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    A Safari without your own rifles?

    I had a situation come up where I'll be in Europe on business and decided I could run on down to RSA and hunt plains game for 7-10 days (It's only a 10 hour flight! :)). My problem is I'm going to travel from DFW-CDG (Paris) and work for a few days, then travel to JNB to hunt then returning to...
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    Favorite Rifle

    This one's easy. I have an Ed Brown Bushveld in .300 Weatherby. It shoots 180 gr TSX in one hole quite regularly. If I could only keep only one from the collection, that would be it. CK
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    Cost of Dip, Pack and Crate...The Real Cost???

    I appreciate the advice I got on here. I've actually gotten quotes to dip, pack and crate 7 animals to DFW from a taxidermist. They're in the ball park and it's nice to have some peace about this.
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    Safari Club International Convention 2010

    Sorry if I'm a bit off topic and guilty of thread creep....but I keep hearing that SCI is going to leave Reno and come to Dallas. Can anyone confirm/deny this rumor?
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    NAMIBIA: My Cape Buffalo Hunt with Classic Safaris In The Caprivi

    Mike, Thanks for a thorough and informative report. BTW, how accurate was your Ruger? CK
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    African Style Range

    You will enjoy Monty. He can tailor a program to your specific goals. Additionally, he used to have a selection of doubles you could try. CK
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    Cost of Dip, Pack and Crate...The Real Cost???

    I have been doing my homework preparing for my first African safari for nearly a year. I've talked to numerous outfitters and negotiated rates and trophy fees. I also spent 3 of the last four days at the Dallas Safari Club convention speaking to many of the same outfitters plus several more. One...