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  1. PhilipP

    Hunter attacked by Leopard

    Hello Guys, Just seen this on FB. Not sure, might be old, just thought I would shard it.
  2. PhilipP

    Duck and Dove Hunts in Nicaragua

    First, let me say thank you to for allowing us to post here. Although we are not a sponsor and this is our first post, we appreciate allowing us to post. While Africa offers some amazing wing shooting, and has a tremendous dove population. For those of you who are going down...
  3. PhilipP

    Hello from Nicaragua Bird Hunting Adventures

    Hello, My name is Philip, and I am the sales manager for NBHA. I am happy to be here in this forum, and hope to share lots of great information and hunting experiences from around the world. Never had a chance to hunt in Africa yet, but it is for sure on my bucket list.