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    Orvis Blue Face Safari Chronograph

    Anybody got one of these they no longer use/need? Long shot I know but if you don't ask you don't get!! I live in sunny Scotland but I don't think that shipping should be much of a problem. Fingers crossed and thank you. Good hunting.
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    Safari Rifle Scope Required

    Hi everyone. I am having a .404 Jeffery built for me. I wish to put a low power scope (1.5 - 4?) on it which will be fitted with detachable mounts as I want to enjoy the open sights also. Now, I am the meanest of Scots and will be looking for the best price known to man!!! I also, strangely...
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    Barrel band

    Once you read this, you will understand that my knowledge of most things is very limited! However, whilst hunting in Limpopo last year, one of the guys was discussing getting a "Safari" rifle built. One of the things he wanted was a traditional barrel band. Having fretted about this since, I...
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    Al Jazeera Anti Poaching TV Series

    I'm in Qatar for a couple of weeks. At least there are some English channels on the tv. Very good half hour documentary this morning on anti poaching patrols in South Africa. Good positive reporting on the work being done to nail the poachers. We will never see it in the UK I am sure!
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    SOUTH AFRICA: Bos en Dal Safaris

    I hunted for a hard week with Gerrit van Vuuren of Bos en Dal Safaris, based near Koster in "The Platinum Province." My reason for choosing this company was the good service in replying to my questions and the fact that Gerrit was prepared to collect me at Oliver Tambo and not neccessitate...
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    Scottish hunter

    Good morning folks from sunny Scotland. I've been on this fine forum for ages but never done an intro. I live near Perth on the East coast of Scotland and, whilst I did a lot of shotgun shooting at one time, my main interest now is deer stalking - or, I suppose hunting in Africa. Several rifles...