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  1. Whacker

    For Sale Leupold Scope & Henry Lever Action

    Good Evening AH family...I have a couple of items as I was going through the safe I have no need for and going to give you guys first go at them. The rifle I will ship to the lower 47 with the exception of CA to your FFL dealer as long as they accept transfers from individuals. The Scope will...
  2. Whacker

    Getting Ladies Used To Recoil

    I have a question for you hunters who’s wife’s shoot heavier recoiling calibers or you ladies who shoot heavy recoiling rifles. My daughter is into hunting and is currently 16 but when I get around to making my first trip to Africa she will most likely accompany me. She shoots a 6.5 creedmoor...
  3. Whacker

    Good Evening from Arkansas, United States!!

    Good evening everyone, my name is Jon. I have been reading the forums here for a long time and figured it’s time to join lol. I do a lot of hunting where I’m from which my favorites are deer, turkey, hog, and coyote hunting. I hunt primarily with a 44 mag. handgun or my 45-70 in deer season...