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  1. Timbo

    Humourous hunting stories

    Recently I posted up a humourous hunting story concerning my brothers and am very curious to hear if anyone else has witnessed some of their own. Please use aliases - if appropriate - to protect the unfortunate. Thanks.
  2. Timbo

    South African Airlines stated that ammunition reloads are NOT allowed on SAA flights

    Hi all, I'll make this brief, as I'm totally pissed off!! I'm 2hrs away from boarding for my buff and PG hunt in SA. The SAA Manager (a self-confessed hunter) asked if my ammo was factory or hand loads. I naturally said hand loads. He then categorically stated reloads are NOT allowed on SAA...
  3. Timbo

    The "Campaign to ban trophy hunting"

    Hello all, Forgive me if this sounds a bit disjointed, but I'm writing this on the go! I must bring to your attention to today's online headlines of The Mirror (see: where the "Campaign to ban trophy hunting" has...
  4. Timbo

    Baffling floor-plated BSA .22 Hornet

    Hi all, I'd like to get some information from any members who may know something about the model and history of this rifle I’ve had for a number of years, some photos of which accompany this post. I have a BSA .22 Hornet and as far as I know it’s still in original condition from manufacture...
  5. Timbo

    Interarms Mauser Mk.X Ramline Stock - Free to a good home

    Free to good home! One synthetic stock (OD Green) to fit a Interarms Mauser Mk.X. Small crack on the lip of the plastic butt spacer plate, but otherwise ok. Postage and handling at buyers expense.
  6. Timbo

    Reloading fired primers

    Hi all! I was sent this video and thought I'd share it with the AH community. As reloaders (and some do-it-yourselfers) who like to go to the nth degree with their reloading, I thought this little video would be interesting to watch. Enjoy, and may you all have a Merry Christmas! "How To...
  7. Timbo

    SOUTH AFRICA: Hunting Down A Scammer

    This is a brief frank and honest outline of my experience after being scammed by a South African “PH”, who disappeared with my US$15K and how I eventually managed to get him convicted. I must state here, that at the time in question (2011) there was an unrelated, legitimate PH, with the same...
  8. Timbo

    The BEST two weeks of MY LIFE!!!

    This isn't related to hunting, but it's nevertheless perfectly true of what happened to me. As part of my training as a surgical nursing student I was regularly posted away on practicum out to various hospitals to consolidate my theoretical training. In this particular instance I was detailed...
  9. Timbo

    Mugabe resigned

    PH in Zim watching developments just texted me one word: "Pambereeeeeee!" Just checked the news online and CNN have posted up this headline 4 minutes ago: Robert Mugabe resigns after 37 years as Zimbabwe's leader Harare, Zimbabwe (CNN)Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has resigned, the...
  10. Timbo

    Is this the ultimate .404 Jeffery?

    Reading some of these posts recalled an amazing experience I and my son had a few years ago in Zimbabwe, and would like to share with you guys. My family were spending a few days game viewing, and in that camp I spotted an lovely old rifle in one corner. Over the days in talking with the ex-PH...
  11. Timbo

    Re: US importation roll back

    G'day all! Not sure if this is the right area to post this, but here goes! Just having a thought about the recent furore and opposition by the "anti gun/hunting" mob towards President Trump rolling back the laws concerning importing elephant trophies, and putting this out for your info and...
  12. Timbo

    December buffalo hunt Zimbabwe

    Hi All, Just want a bit of advice. I've got a late buffalo hunt booked for early December in Zim, and am debating whether or not to proceed. In light of recent events, does any PH or recent clients know/have advice of what the situation is like for clients over there right now? Thanks.
  13. Timbo

    ZIMBABWE: Buffalo - Hwange Consul Area

    G'day all, Has anyone hunted buffalo in the Hwange Consul area (north of the Nat Park and south of the Matetsi Units) recently? I'm planning my first buffalo hunt, and I'd like some advice of the area and quality of trophies. Thanks! Timbo
  14. Timbo

    SOUTH AFRICA: PH inquiry - South African PH Gerry S Du Preez

    Hi all, In the last few years has anyone hunted with a South African PH named Gerry S Du Preez? Thanks, Timbo