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    The best cheap night scope/optics

    Hi all I am looking for something that will allow me to walk through the bush at night and be able to see my way around reasonably well. I am looking for the cheapest as I live in Africa and can't afford the fancy stuff I wanna be able to see things like animals, snakes etc in the dark via...
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    Has anyone hunted on horseback

    I am a zimbabwean with a general interest in hunting and I haven't been on a hunt with a pH. My hunting is restricted to hunting for the pot and I am curious to know how do animals react to a hunter on horseback (I'm thinking kudu, steenbok etc). Do the animals get spooked even more or the...
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    Wanted AR-7 Rifle

    I am looking for a second hand/used AR 7 bugout rifle I have failed to find this gun out here in Zimbabwe or South Africa Anyone with a cheap one please?
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    What African game have taken using a .22

    I intend to use a .22 to hunt for the pot, nothing big and I would like to know what game I can take a .22lr Is it good for warthog and
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    Greetings/makadini/kunjani from Zimbabwe

    Newbie here and I hope to learn from you guys. I'm totally new to guns but I'm very keen to learn I hope to do some hunting around Trelawney area on a farm belonging to a friend. I have access to my dad's guns A Charter Arms AR-7 Savage 1899 model Enfield .303 The AR-7 is easily my favourite...