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    Advice for a newbie from SA

    Hello Wilhelm, welcome to The Family! Just have a serious look at Khomas Highland Hunting. Trully wild mountain zebra and Kudu are their specialities! For the springbok they will bring you to a 25000 acres consession! Philip Hennings is running the place, main farm is apr.25000 acres and...
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    Cape Buffalo Targets

    Hello Ed, Safari press is selling life-size and reduced size buffalo posters for 39.95 US. Brgds, Marc
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    SAA firearms fees are in full force - $65 to leave Africa

    Hi all, I travelled with a Pelicase 3300 and ammo box Pelicase 140 , CZ550 and 3 boxes of 375 ammo. Brussels-Frankfurt was 50 euro one-way with Lufthansa. Frankfurt-Windhoek with Air Namibia, they charged me 440 Euro (FRA-WDH-FRA) (double rate for beeing oversized!) All the other hunters leaving...
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    WANTED: Namibia Hunt

    Hello Sir, I hunted 2 times with Khomas Highland safaris with Philip Hennings. Got some nice kudu's out of these hills. I am not able to post pictures because I am a pc analfabetic! Also if you want genuine free range mountain zebra, they are there! Waidmansheill, Marc
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    NAMIBIA: Has Anyone Hunted With Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris?

    Hi Lmcquin, I hunted with Philip in 2017 and 2019. Incredibel landscape and lots of game. I shot impressive kudu,steenbok,springbok. You will feel like part of the family! Don't hesitate,Go! Enjoy your hunting! Marc