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  1. The Bongo


    Has anyone hunted PG with this calibre? Sometimes referred to as the Russian 30-06, there have been several modern guns for sale chambered in this archaic(?) round locally. I love using my sons on deer up to large lowland Reds up to 140 yards (zeroed dead on at 100), but is it a practicable...
  2. The Bongo


    I have just got been offered some cheap solid ball for my 12g BP smoothbore. I usually use it with shot but 200 ball for £10 was too good to resist! What BP charge would people with experience use please? The gun is proofed to 1 1/4 oz shot and 3 1/4 drams BP. The balls weigh less than 1...
  3. The Bongo

    Weaver K Series

    Reading Martin Peglar's 'Out of Nowhere,' and listening to a friend who has hunted extensively worldwide, the classic fixed mag Weaver scopes are rated as being incredibly tough no frills tools. However both my friends scope and Peglars book are a few years old now; and little is as it used to...
  4. The Bongo

    WW Greener Empire

    A local gunsmith has stated that it would be probably be possible to fit a set of double rifle barrels to a 12g Greener Empire triple bite lock-up, magnum action. Has anybody out there done this, and what calibre is achievable please? I know I could buy a Weatherby or Remington for less than a...
  5. The Bongo

    New UK Member

    Hi, I am looking to put together a father/son safari for 2017/18 and am here to learn more about extending my hunting experience. Ideally we would like a plains trophy each, along with some management hunting and some wing shooting for a couple of days. We both immerse ourselves in the local...