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    My First Mountain Buck

    Very nice! Great deer from GA!
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    Recommendations On Rifle For My Wife

    Everybody is probably going to have an opinion on this one. I like the .30-06 because of its flexibility to cover a large spectrum of bullets. The ammunition is normally available globally, perhaps not in the brand or bullet you desire at the time. The recoil may send her back to the living...
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    Krieghoff Trumpf 12x12x30-06

    Thriller, that is the more common mechanism, used by Sauer, Merkel and others. That half moon is a greener design side safety. All good designs.
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    Krieghoff Trumpf 12x12x30-06

    Ridgewalker, I suspected that red dot was there. You have a great piece. Those double triggers are awesome and that set trigger option is super nice for the rifle barrel. I once had a drilling with three triggers, but I couldn't wrap my mind around the barrel selection and triggers...too...
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    Krieghoff Trumpf 12x12x30-06

    Ridgewalker's latest photo shows another design with a slide safety also on the tang. I do want to point out one other concern or thought regarding tang slides. This is probably not the case on this trump drilling, but I have seen some where people think a barrel selector is the safety. On...
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    Krieghoff Trumpf 12x12x30-06

    Regarding the safety, Thriller mentioned "on the left side" which is very common on many drillings as they were following a greener type design. On the krieghoff, in the tang selector, this also serves as a true decocker. There is no greener side safety, instead you have the decocker, which is...
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    Krieghoff Trumpf 12x12x30-06

    Awesome acquisition. I bought my first when I was living in Germany. That started a disease for me. I have several and hunted with them extensively. I remember one day where I shot a red fox with a load of #4s and forgot to switch the barrel select to the rifle when a deer came by within...
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    Gun Case - Have I outsmarted myself?

    When I was living in Germany, I was asked if I had a saxophone...nope, small electronic piano/keyboard. My loden wool clothes weren't a give away. The TSA guys in Atlanta torqued my SKB double case closed with the foam divider insert sticking out the end about two inches. By the time, I saw...
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    CZ Gunsmithing

    I have a CZ 550 safari classic or classic safari, can't remember the order of the two words on the action. I do remember that it has open sights, leaf flip ups, and a single set trigger. It is buried in a safe as I have two heym bolt guns in the same caliber, .375 H&H. I enjoy shooting the...
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    7x65r anyone?

    ian-bradley, Good on you. Unfortunately, every day I think it gets harder for me to see iron sights. Thanks somebody for transitional trifocals. Of course, this also requires a good glasses retainer strap. Don't want recoil to dislodge the glasses, they are on the ground, then when you see...
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    7x65r anyone?

    Foxi, right you are. My "affair" with this cartridge started when I was living and hunting in Germany. It started with a merkel drilling and this was the rifle barrel, kugel. Since then, I have it in other drillings and bockbuchsflinte (BBF) , over/under rifle shotgun combos from merkel and...
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    7x65r anyone?

    I have 6 or 7 combination guns, drillings and over/unders chambered in 7X65R, and a couple of bolt guns in 7 X64. I agree with the comments thus far, use heavier bullets. I also reload and have RCBS dies, great caliber.
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    Planning Austrian Chamois Hunt

    Foxi, I concur. I hunted above the tree line and the mountain woods were far below. Those trees might have stopped me if I slipped into a rapid descent.
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    Planning Austrian Chamois Hunt

    Blessed to hunt Chamois several times on the German side of the border, literally walked ridges dividing Austria from Germany. Number one recommendation is to get your lungs ready. Steep rock slides in oxygen deprived areas. I really enjoyed those hunts and the scenery was incredible. Steep...
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    Sako issues

    Earle, I have a pile of bolt action rifles, and some would say I am a threat and need a raid on my house, but Sako rifles have been with me for years and performed. My .300 Win Mag and .338 Win mags have piled up some elk and my 7mm rem mag has taken animals around the globe. To your point, I...
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    Importation or Transiting Procedures Through Countries with Weapons & Ammunition

    I lived in Europe, Germany, for many years. I don't transit there with firearms. My recent trip to South Africa involved conversations with the PH about this topic. They were working on "transit" paperwork for another client coming in the future, via Amsterdam and KLM. I would attempt to...
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    Importation or Transiting Procedures Through Countries with Weapons & Ammunition

    I just returned from another awesome trip to South Africa. Only hiccups were at airports coming and going. On the far end in Joberg, the police inspector had my SAPS form, but in the serial number block on the form, it had the serial number of the scope vice the rifle. The first inspector...
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    Comment by 'Germanfan' in media 'Hunting Lodge in South Africa'

    Austin, where was this photo taken? It looks like the Molopo Kalahari lodge in South Africa.
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    Rimmed (only) Cartridges

    Top 3, 7X57R, 7X65R and 9.3X74R
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    Simson & Co. Questions

    I don't know that much about DRs, only own two, but I am also a member of GGCA, lived in Germany for about 7 years, and do have a pile of German firearms literature. Simson was a Jewish family in the Suhl area prior to 1939. That didn't bode well for the family to be in Germany, so some...