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    Satellite Phone in Africa

    Heading to Africa for the first time next month and it looks like I'll be on the continent 3-4 times over the next two years (Namibia, RSA and Tanzania). I have been using Skype when I'm overseas and it works great IF you have an internet connection. I know I can't count on that at all in...
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    Caliber for my Double Rifle

    I've been doing my homework learning about Doubles for a year or two and I'm debating which caliber for mine. So I thought I would test the waters from this august group. The rifle will be for animals other than elephant so I'm going to stay under a .50. I'm looking at the following"...
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    What qualifies as a Trophy

    I'm trying to find some reference material for what constitues a "trophy". Specifically, what horn length makes an animal average, good and great. For example from getting ready to go to Africa I know that a Kudu of 50" is very good, 55" is extraordinary and 60" is out of this world. But I'm...
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    A Safari without your own rifles?

    I had a situation come up where I'll be in Europe on business and decided I could run on down to RSA and hunt plains game for 7-10 days (It's only a 10 hour flight! :)). My problem is I'm going to travel from DFW-CDG (Paris) and work for a few days, then travel to JNB to hunt then returning to...
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    Cost of Dip, Pack and Crate...The Real Cost???

    I have been doing my homework preparing for my first African safari for nearly a year. I've talked to numerous outfitters and negotiated rates and trophy fees. I also spent 3 of the last four days at the Dallas Safari Club convention speaking to many of the same outfitters plus several more. One...