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  1. enysse

    SOUTH AFRICA: Lalamanzi Safari

    I’m heading out on Sunday night to the Limpopo Province to hunt sable and roan. I could not pass on that hunt when it was offered on AH. I hope to find a nice warthog too! I’m not bringing my gun and that will allow me to fly very cheap this time, which makes me happy. I’m going to have Dennis...
  2. enysse

    ZIMBABWE: Nyamazana Safaris Leopard Hunt

    I booked a 14 day leopard hunt with Nyamazana Safari in Marula, Zimbabwe. I saw the hunt advertised here on AH. The hunt was to be from June 16 to June 29 2019. I flew from Chicago to Dubai, then to Johannesburg and onward to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Thanks to @BRICKBURN, for all of his wisdom on...
  3. enysse

    Any problems using KLM to fly from JFK to Amsterdam to Johannesburg?

    Trying to buy airline tickets on a budget. Other than firearms permit needed in Amsterdam, are there any major negatives to flying this route? I would love to fly from Milwaukee to Atlanta and then to Johannesburg but the price is over $1000 more. Just looking for input. I want to bring my 7mm...
  4. enysse

    USA: Wyoming Shiras Moose Hunt

    I drew a Shiras Moose hunt in Area 27, it took me 18 years to draw the tag. I'm heading out tomorrow to start the hunt. I'm in a cheap hotel in Evanston, Wyoming. Going out in the morning to start the hunt. I hired a local guide because honestly I don't have time to scout and getting a moose out...
  5. enysse

    SOUTH AFRICA: Kemp African Safaris

    I'm down to one month and one week to my final safari for awhile. Going up to the Limpopo Province to hunt for honey badger, civet cat, serval, genet, bushpig, red duiker, sharps grysbok, brown hyena, steenbok and common duiker. Hopefully it's successful hunt with many memories to last a long...
  6. enysse

    What is the market for tanned zebra hides in the USA?

    I know what tanned zebra hides sell for at the airport as you leave Tambo International Airport. I have seen them listed on Ebay, but I never check to see how long they are for sale or if they sale. I see prices from $700 to $ 1500.00. What is the real market value for them? I know the people...
  7. enysse

    SOUTH AFRICA: East Cape Plains Game Safaris Hunt

    I just got back today from a hunt with PH Tinus van der Mescht of East Cape Plains Game Safaris. The hunt was nothing short of excellent. We hunted hard and took some amazing trophies. The weather was hot, dry and windy except for the the last two days of the hunt. I have to start 12 hour...
  8. enysse

    Bushbuck Taxidermy Pictures

  9. enysse

    Game 4 Africa Safaris

    I have joined the Game 4 Africa Safaris team. Wik asked if I would be willing to represent the company on the USA side. I have been impressed with their operation. Great accommodations, great animal quality and great prices for Africa hunting trip. They have an incredible website! They have...
  10. enysse

    Aloe Ridge Safaris

    Back in February I bought a hunt off a SCI action in Green Bay, WI. I was not there in person. I gave a personal friend permission to bid on the hunt. I set a value that I was willing to pay for the hunt and let him bid for me with the agreement I would pay for the hunt when I was off work. I...
  11. enysse

    Have any of you booked your own flights to Africa?

    I have a rare day off from work today. And I was trying to figure out how much flights were in the end of August 2016. The travel agent I usually use came up with $2074, which to me was pretty steep. I looked up individual airlines with obvious delays between flights to allow for errors and I...
  12. enysse

    Drought status for Northern Namibia

    How are conditions in Northern Namibia? Are game populations down? Or does it depend on the property and how much water is available?
  13. enysse

    Is it practical to rebarrel a CZ 550 375 H&H to a .404 Jeffrey? How much to do it?

    I'm just kicking ideas around. It's camp fire talk, something to talk about and maybe learn something.
  14. enysse

    .404 Jeffrey Win 70 LH On Gunbroker

    Beautiful .404 Jeffrey for sale on gunbroker for $2500. It's left handed, mint condition
  15. enysse

    Serval hunts

    Is there anyone offering serval hunts on AH? How do you do the hunt? Dogs or night hunting? Success rate? Legal permits for export to USA needed! How many days needed and costs? I will be watching this thread to help plan my next hunt. Thanks again for any hints that can make my next hunt a...
  16. enysse

    SOUTH AFRICA: Tsala Safari August 2014

    Well I booked this hunt in April 2014. I had just signed up for summer college classes and found out there was going to be an open window of opportunity to hunt or do whatever I wanted for 4 weeks in August. So I scanned some of the great deals on AH and sent some emails out. At this point I was...
  17. enysse

    SOUTH AFRICA: Just Got Back From South Africa With Tsala Safari

    Hi, I just got back from hunting in South Africa with Tsala Safari in the Limpopo Province. I had a great hunt shot a sable, 2 bushbuck, a klipspringer, porcupine and honey badger. Full report to follow in the coming weeks. SOME OF YOU ARE FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK, PLEASE DO NOT POST ANYTHING ON MY...
  18. enysse

    How limited are honey badger permits?

    Don't have time to look the information up, but do outfitters have to apply for a honey badger permit months before a client arrives? Are outfitters limited on how many them can take?
  19. enysse

    President's stamp

    The Postal Services created a stamp with a picture of President Obama on it. The Postal Service noticed that the stamp was not sticking to envelopes. This enraged the President, who demanded a full investigation. After a month of testing and $1.73 million in congressional spending, a special...
  20. enysse

    Church Humor :praying:

    Why Go to Church? One Sunday morning, a mother went in to wake her son and tell him it was time to get ready for church, to which he replied, "I'm not going." "Why not?" she asked. I'll give you two good reasons," he said. "(1), they don't like me, and (2),I don't like them." His...
  21. enysse

    Irish Humor!

    Due to a water shortage in Ireland , Dublin swimming pools have announced they are closing lanes 7 and 8. Paddy thought his new girlfriend might be the one; but after looking through her knicker drawer and finding a nurse's outfit, a French maids outfit, and a police womans uniform, he...
  22. enysse

    What happen to "Tracks across Africa"?

    I used to see 26 new shows a year, now I'm down to 8. Are you kidding me, this is new low for outdoor "Africa" programming. They did not have to be lion, leopard, elephant and Cape buffalo hunts. You could of mixed in plains game?
  23. enysse

    Who out there is using North Forks? Tell me your favorite loads or hunting experience with them.

    There isn't a loading manual out there out there for them, I just wanted to hear anyones experience with them. Most of the information I found surfing the web was just general information. Also I wanted to know if you use them do you still load solids in your guns? The front end on the North...
  24. enysse

    Winchester Safari Express .416 Rem.

    I bought a brand new Winchester Safari Express .416 Rem. today. I have been kicking the idea of getting a bigger rifle than my CZ .550 .375 H&H. I really wanted a .404 Jeffrey but they sell for $2500 and thought that was crazy when you can buy a .416 Rigby or .416 Rem for a lot less. I was...
  25. enysse

    What keeps you from taking your dream hunt to Africa because you are afraid coming home empty handed

    For me it's the leopard! He's unpredictable, expensive, and I'm not thrilled about sitting in a blind waiting, hoping, and praying for Mr. Spots to show up. In North America it is the Sonora Mule Deer. I would say stone sheep but he is crazy expensive. I'd love a big mule deer but tag soup...
  26. enysse

    What happen to Ruger?

    I think I lost respect for Ruger today. I was doing a gun search. And found that they do not offer anymore guns in the bolt action above the 375 level other than the 375 Ruger and 416 Ruger. What a shame! They still offer options in their single shot rifles but no bolt action????
  27. enysse

    What animal do you think is the most overrated for the trophy fee? Or daily fees that make it expens

    For me it would have to be the cape buffalo. I think when cape buffalo hunts where $5000 years ago....I know a while back that was a fair price. I can't justify all the $10000+ hunts I see, and I tend to see a lot $15000 hunts when you add all the cost up. The only way I could see cape buffalo...
  28. enysse

    Browning X-Bolt Stainless Steel Stalker Rifle

    My brother owns a 300 WSM with 23 inch barrel, bolt action, composite stock, stainless steel barrel and dura finish. He shoots 180 grain TTSX bullets in it with a 3.5x10 50mm Leupold scope on the gun. I sight my brothers guns...because we are similiar height and weight. It was a impressive...
  29. enysse

    How to mount a wall pedestal mount on a wall that has 1/2 inch drywall with 2X4 frame behind it?

    Had my mounts from my last trip in Africa arrive at my house on Friday. I know...I need to post pictures! I have a dilema...I need to mount 2 kudu, 2 waterbuck and a eland wall pedestal on my walls on my basement. I have it drywalled and 2x4 framed. I have no interest in starting a remodeling...
  30. enysse

    Is Africa game more difficult to kill than animals from the rest of the world...Yes or NO?

    NO, I don't think Africa game is any different, than any other animals. If you look at the biological make-up of the is bones and tissue or just cells. I think each animal has it different characteristics, but in the end, they are not that different. I think some of the game over...
  31. enysse

    Why not a PayPal account?

    A member on AH brought up a important subject. How to pay for your safari or taxidermy costs in Africa....while you are away from home. Everyone wants to do it as cheaply and fast as possible and PAYPAL....accomplishes this service. :confused: I for one wish it was a regular way of paying your...
  32. enysse

    Judging Giraffe

    Judging Giraffe Does anyone have pictures of light and dark color giraffes? Indication on how to judge a Giraffe. I understand the light colored are cheaper. I have always wanted to hunt a giraffe, but wasn't looking to spend a ton of money on wife isn't too thrilled in the first place...
  33. enysse

    Is it all right to question and post comments on the forum pages? On hunt offers, etc

    This may sound like a stupid question....given the nature of forums. But I think it is perfectly normal to ask questions or probe for answers. I have seen offers that where not very clear. People telling everyone they had the right to an area? This animal to hunt or a price that was unclear. If...
  34. enysse

    What countries do you consider dangerous to hunt?

    I wanted a show of countries people...would have second thoughts of ever taking a hunting trip too. I guess I'll start with Iran, Pakistan, and Vietnam.. I was wondering about parts of Africa or what we use to call "Russia". I know Russia has some great moose and brown bear hunting? Would...
  35. enysse

    What one animal from Africa, finally pushed you to hunt in Africa?

    For me it was the Southern Greater Kudu! Don't get me wrong there are lots of great animals in Africa...that are beyond what words can truly express! But for me, I love the spiral horn antelopes. I would definitely like to hunt for some of the "Big 5"...but my true love is hunting animals like...
  36. enysse

    When will you be hunting Africa next? And what animals are you interested in hunting?

    I have been wondering, when the people on this website are planning to go to Africa again? Has the economy had a effect on your decision? The economy has had a definite effect at my work place. I'm not sure when I will be going back to Africa....but I definitely would like to hunt sable...
  37. enysse

    What is TOPS?

    The reason I ask this is because of the problems, I'm dealing with, in trying to get my animals "Out of Africa". I'm learning a lot of things about the hunting permit business in South Africa. I know what TOPS is now....but would like a PH or PHASA to explain it to everyone else.
  38. enysse

    What happens if PH disappears after the hunt?

    My taxidermy is sitting in Port Elizabeth. My taxidermist picked my animals up after the hunt, didn't get the hunting permit information, now the PH has disappeared. We have tried email and phone calls, nothing has been returned for the last 3 months. What should I do? Call SCI and try to get...
  39. enysse

    Trophaendienste Taxidermy

    I got my animals that I took in Namibia in June 2008 back to my house on Wednesday. I had it ocean shipped to New York and then trucked to my house. Trophaendienste Taxidermy in Windoek, Namibia did the taxidermy. The animals were packed into garbage bags with bubble wrap around the ears. They...
  40. enysse

    SOUTH AFRICA: Mhimbi Safari

    I was picked up at the airport by Cobus Roos the PH. We meet on a hunter's chat line. And I bought a hunt package from him last October 2008. We stays at a chalet in photo safari property in the Gauteng Province. We spent 2 days sight seeing. The diamond mine and the lion park. We went to a...
  41. enysse

    SOUTH AFRICA: Russ Field Safari-East Cape

    I bought this hunt last year in August 2008 at Game Feast fundraiser for our SCI chapter here in Northeast Wisconsin. The package included a Kudu, bushbuck, blesbuck and impala. I bought the hunt for $1300. I was going to upgrade the hunt because...#1 It was the right thing to do. #2 I bought...
  42. enysse

    Judging Eland

    I going to try to finish my spiral horn collection in May 2009 in the Limpopo Province. How long of horns and how big of bases should I be looking for in the Cape Eland. I saw very few in Namibia last year and I know the females have long skinny horns. I would like a thick based Eland with like...
  43. enysse

    Judging Bushbuck

    I will be hunting for a bushbuck in the East Cape in May. Are there differences in the size of horns and color of the cape...between the East Cape and the Limpopo Province? I have read Boddington's book and he says the East Cape bushbuck is darker in color and has smaller horns, 12 inches would...
  44. enysse

    Which is the hardest Spiral Antelope to hunt in South Africa?

    1) Kudu 2) Bushbuck 3) Nyala 4) Eland
  45. enysse

    Taxidermy shipping-ship or airplane?

    I have a big shipment of taxidermy at some point this year...with payment due from a place in Windhoek, Namibia. I've heard it's a alot cheaper to ship by boat across the ocean to the U.S. than by airplane. What I'm asking is do I have to pick the right shipping agent? I would like my mounts...
  46. enysse

    New Gun Rules for South Africa?

    I have read that you must have your ammo in a locked storage box. They are confiscating ammo that isn't locked! Manufacturer boxes and hard plastic boxes are no longer good enough. Is this true? I'm going to Africa next month...and need to know immediately! Is there a light weight way to...
  47. enysse

    Tanzania Antelope!

    I have been trying to figure out how to get most of the antelope species of Africa. Sorry, if that isn't the correct term. I'm mostly a horn hunter and love to see different species of animals that have different shapes of horn for headgear. I know Tanzania has the gerenuk, grants gazelle, and...