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    For Sale Colt 100th Anniversary 1911 Pistols (Tier II & Tier III)

    I have these for sale locally but thought someone on this forum may be interested as well. I have an example of both limited edition Colt 100th Anniversary 1911 pistols. Both are totally NIB and have never been messed with or shot. Both come in the Custom Shop packaging with special WWI Colt...
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    For Sale J Rigby & Co 416 & 275 Magazine Rifles

    Have a few hand selected (CA) Rigbys with lots of upgrades for sale: First is a John Rigby & Co 416 Rigby rifle on a Double Square Bridge Magnum Mauser Action. It has a 24” tapered, stepped, round Lother Walther barrel with proper sleeved-on front sight base, gold bead front sight, flip-up...
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    For Sale Vintage Holland & Holland .375 H&H Magnum Best Sporting Magazine Rifle

    I am selling another classic British safari rifle out of my collection. This is a Holland & Holland .375 H&H Magnum takedown rifle made in 1950s that was brought out of England a few years ago. It is in excellent condition with great metal finish as well as oil finish on the wood and nice case...
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    Micro Red Dot Sight Options for Double Rifles

    I know that this has been mentioned or asked a few times but not in awhile and I haven't seen a bunch of options or pictures. I have a vintage (1920s) Rigby Double in 9.3x74r (originally 350 No2 and rechambered by Rigby years ago).I am planning on going to France for a driven Boar hunt in...
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    Want To Buy .600 NE Dies, Brass & Bullets

    Hi, I am looking for reloading equipment for the .600 NE including dies, brass, and bullets. My rifle is an original pre WWI rifle so I probably my need to stick to the Woodleigh bullets. Please let me know if you have any of these for sale. Thanks!
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    Historic and Vintage Rigby Rising Bite .470 NE Double Rifle

    I have one more that I think you guys may appreciate: This is a J Rigby & Co Rising Bite double rifle in .470 NE. It was made in 1905 as a 450 3-1/4" and sold to Col PB Osborne. Later it was sold back to Rigby and then was purchased in 1933 by famed British Explorer and author Sir Wilfred...
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    Pre-war WJ Jeffery 404 Magazine Rifle

    I thought you guys may enjoy this one. It is a prewar (1920s) WJ Jeffery .404 caliber magazine rifle with case and accessories. It was made on a Mauser Magnum Single Square Bridge action and is pretty well unmolested even still having the checkered steel trapdoor buttplate. The cleaning rod in...
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    Rigby Rising Bite Underlever .500 BPE

    I don't post too many pics on here but there aren't very many of these of these old Rigby Rising Bite Underlever doubles that I can find even with Google so I thought you guys might enjoy. This recently came out of an old collection with another Rigby magazine rifle. I am a big sucker for Rigby...
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    For Sale Safari Classics CZ 550 In .500 Jeffery

    This is a NIB CZ 550 out of the Safari Classic “custom shop” for CZ big bores. It features fancy walnut stock with stock grain throughout, mercury recoil reducer installed in the stock, glossy blue upgraded finish (no rough edges), banded hooded front sight, one standing and two folding leaf...
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    For Sale Holland & Holland “Best Quality” Takedown Magazine Rifle In 375 H&H Magnum

    I am selling one more classic British rifle out of my collection. This is a Holland & Holland “Best Quality” Magazine rifle in .375 H&H Magnum. This is Holland’s takedown model meaning that the barreled action can be separated from the stock with a single captive coin slot screw being removed...
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    For Sale London Made Cogswell & Harrison 404 Jeffery Magazine Rifle

    I have an extremely nice Cogswell & Harrison Magazine Rifle in 404 Jeffery for sale. According to Cogswell, this rifle was made in 1949. It was made on the super strong Enfield P-14 action (cocks on close) and mercifully has made it through life without having a scope mount bolted to it. I would...
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    Wanted George Gibbs .505 Rifle

    I am looking for a a nice George Gibbs made .505 (Gibbs). I missed out on a great example of one a few years ago and regret it. It is for my collection but it would also be my intention to take it hunting and use if for what it was built for. That is usually the intention I have for all of my...
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    Rare Trophy Room Book For Sale – Wanderings Of An Elephant Hunter By WDM Bell First Edition 1923

    I am selling one of my rare trophy room books. This is a copy of the original first edition of Karamojo Bell's book describing his life elephant hunting back in the golden age of ivory hunters. The book is in very good condition overall with some rounding of the covers but the gold gilding is...
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    Rare Trophy Room Book For Sale – Man-Eaters Of Tsavo By Col Patterson First Edition 1907

    I am selling one of my first edition copies of the Man-Eaters of Tsavo by Col J.H. Patterson. This is the harrowing tale of his hunting of the man eating lions that were terrorizing the work crews on Britain’s Uganda railway in the heart of Kenya in 1898. This is a classic story and was also...
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    Does the Delta ATL-JNB flight have wifi yet?

    Just curious if Delta has gotten their long haul 777s outfitted with inflight wifi yet? Getting ready to head back to Africa on flight 200 on Wednesday this week.
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    Swarovski STS-80 HD 20-60x Spotting Scope With Stay On Case for Sale

    Up for sale is a like new Swarovski STS-80 HD, straight body spotting scope with 80mm lens. This includes the 20-60x zoom eye piece and Swarovski stay-on soft case (must have for hunting applications to protect your optics in a functional manner). The condition of everything is like new with...
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    Factory CZ-550 505 Gibbs with Barrel Band Sling Swivel. All Safari Classics?

    Hi, I have a Safari Classics 500 Jeffrey and have been looking to add a 505 Gibbs of the same variety. I just picked up what I think is a pretty rocking deal on a CZ550 505 Gibbs and I was curious if it is a Safari Classics gun (no box with it). It says "CZ 550 Magnum" on the receiver, has the...
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    Zeiss Diavari V 3-9x42mm T* Riflescope Great Hunting Scope

    This is a used Zeiss Diavari V 3-9x42 T* Riflescope with the duplex reticle and a 1” tube. It has been mounted on a rifle but is still in very nice condition with a few minor handling marks but no real visible ring marks (see pics). Price is $450 + $15 shipping. I can accept cashier’s...
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    Rare Winchester Model 70 Custom African Express .416 Rem Mag

    Up for sale is a rare Custom Shop Winchester Model 70 in .416 Remington Magnum. This style of rifle was called the Custom African Express and was made in the Custom Shop only from 1999-2006. It features many upgrades above that of the standard Safari Express including a 24” Krieger cut rifled...
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    Great Hunting Scope Leupold VX-6 2-12x42mm CDS Illuminated Firedot LR Duplex New

    Up for sale is a New in Wrap Leupold VX-6 CDS 2-12x42mm riflescope with the Illuminated Fire Dot Long Range Duplex reticle. This scope features excellent glass, the custom dial system allowing you to have custom bullet drop turrets made for your caliber and rifle as well as an illuminated duplex...
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    Great Hunting Scope Kahles 3-9x42mm Duplex Reticle

    This is a very nice used Kahles 3-9x42mm hunting scope. It features a matte finish and duplex reticle as well as crystal clear glass as you would expect from an Austrian made Kahles scope at a bargain price. It has been mounted before showing a faint scope ring and a few very small dings (they...
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    .505 Gibbs African Style Magazine Rifle

    I have decided that I really want a 505 Gibbs. I am looking for something nice and well built in the African Express style (nice wood, drop box mag/floor plate , express sights, controlled feed, etc). I would need something with a 14"+ LOP. AHR had a really nice one up for sale just a short time...
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    "Hunting The African Lion" By Jim Rikhoff A Rare Trophy Room Book

    For sale is Hunting the African Lion by Jim Rikhoff. This is a rare limited edition, #319 of 1000 signed by the author in 1989. This is part of The Big Five series from the Amwell Press African Hunting Heritage Series. Books within this series are getting exceedingly hard to come by. Price is...
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    Anyone Hunted with A .500 Jeffery?

    I was wondering if any of you guys have hunted with or do hunt with a 500 Jeffery? If so, what have you hunted and what has been your experience? Do you use it scoped or open sights? I have wanted a big .50 cal bolt gun for a little while and picked up a Safari Classic .500 Jeffery at the DSC...
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    Winchester Model 70 Classic Stainless In 375 H&H

    I am currently searching for one of these Winchester Model 70 (controlled round feed) Classic Stainless rifles that were made a few years back in 375 H&H in very good++ condition. Please let me know if you have one available or may know of one.
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    Headed to South Africa in Less than a Week... Ebola Concerns?

    I am headed to RSA early next week and have my wife joining me a week later. I have not been too worried about any of the Ebola stuff because it is centered mostly 3500 miles away in Liberia and we are on a non-stop flight from Atlanta. However, my wife is getting nervous about it now and so I...
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    Favorite Safari Hat and Rifle Sling

    I am in the final preparation for my next rip to Africa and would really like a new hat and looking for a better sling. I will be headed to South Africa with a plains game rifle and dangerous game rifle in October (warm weather) What is your favorite type of safari hat? What slings do you like...
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    Anyone hunted with Sellier & Bellot 7x57 Mauser 173 gr SPCE (Soft Point Cutting Edge)?

    I am trying to work on a good factory load to take on a S. Africa hunt in October for Sable, Gemsbok, Hyena, and possibly a few other smaller animals. Most of the ammo loaded in the US uses 140 grain bullets but I ready so much about how this caliber shines with heavier bullets. Does anyone...
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    Rigby .500 NE vs. Water Jug and Watermelon

    I took my .500 NE double out for a shooting session last week and it was a blast. Here is a quick video of my shooting a 1 gallon water jug and then a watermelon. It has awesome power and and a smooth shooter. I thought I might share. Sorry for the crappy cell phone video but I hope you will be...