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    Brand New Swarovski CL Companion 8x30 Northern Lights Edition

    Brand new pair of the swarovski cl 8x30s. Never been used asking 1050 shipped in the lower 48
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    For Sale Brand New Kahles K16i

    I have a brand new kahles k16i that I bought for a project that never came to fruition. These retail for 1999.99 asking 1800 shipped in the lower 48. Open to offers. There aren't many scopes that are better for an AR type rifle.
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    For Sale Reloading Room Purge

    Cleaning out some stuff from my reloading room. New 7x57 dies with small bag of mixed brass 35 shipped obo Like new 257 Roberts dies with small bag of mixed brass 30 shipped Used set of 30-06 dies 25 shipped Nice set of 222 Remington dies 30 shipped, Also have a nice RCBS rotary trimmer 30...
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    For Sale FN Commercial Mauser 300 H&H

    Really nice FN commercial Mauser in 300 H&H. 24 inch barrel. Has a set of talley signature steel bases installed. Gun is in nice shape with no issues with the wood or metal. Has had a model 70 style safety added as well as an aftermarket trigger. Trigger is honestly too light for me but should...
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    For Sale 3 Full Boxes Of Hornady 375 Bullets

    3 full boxes of hornady 375 bullets 100 bucks shipped
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    257 Roberts Brass For Sale

    100 pieces brand new brass. 60 shipped
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    For Sale Westley Richards 243 Ammo Wallet

    Westley Richards ammo wallet for a 243. Holds five rounds. Very lightly used. Asking 40 bucks shipped
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    275 Rigby & 300 H&H Brass & Bullets For Sale

    200 pieces of brand new hornady 275 rigby brass. 150 are I'm the original packaging. 75 pieces of Norma 300 h&h brass one box of older 175 grain hornady. 275 rigby brass - 150 obo shipped 300 h&h brass - 100 obo shipped 7mm bullets 25 obo shipped
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    Brand New Kahles Red Dot For Sale

    Got this for a project that never came to fruition. These are going for about 400 online. Brand new never used. 300 shipped in the lower 48
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    For Sale Overhauled Pre 64 Model 70 In 243

    Pre 64 featherweight with Williams bottom metal and a McMillan stock. Has Talley mounts and a Swarovski 3-10. Will sell for 1500 with the scope or 1000 without.
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    For Sale 375 H&H Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer Solids

    2 boxes of federal premium solids. One box is factory sealed. The other box has been opened but is full. Bought these a while back and decided to go another route. 160 shipped in the lower 48
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    For Sale As New Swarovski Z6i 1-6x24

    Bought new and mounted it in a set of talleys but have not fired the rifle with scope on. As new. Comes with the box and all paperwork. 1700 obo
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    Damn fine day for a new 300 H&H and 30-06

    Well the mail man finally came through and delivered some long awaited goodies. First off is an FN commercial Mauser in 300 H&H. Also brought me a mcmillan for my Colt Coltsman barreled action that I rescued from a pawn shop in December.
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    Zeiss diavari question

    Hoping someone can answer this one for me. I am wondering if someone that has a zeiss diavari 3-9x36 could tell me the distance from the bell of the scope to the closest possible place to mount a ring. I have a mauser with an express sight that is making it extremely difficult to mount a scope.
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    For Sale Brand New Swarovski Z5 2.4-12x50

    New in the box. Bought it to put on a 300 H&H but it will not fit my rifle. These scopes are fantastic. I have another one and love it. This one has the plex reticle with their ballistic turret. These sell for about 1200 plus tax at most retailers. Asking 1050 shipped in the lower 48.
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    For Sale Brand New Zeiss V4 3-12x44

    Brand new. Plex reticle, never mounted.
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    Talley mounts for a Pre 64 300 H&H

    Just picked up a pre 64 300 h&h and looking at the Talley website and it says that it is an extended base. Does anyone have a pic of these bases on a gun or know if they extend over the bolt?
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    Overhauled Remington 300 H&H For Sale

    Testing the waters here to see if anyone wants this before it goes for sale locally. It is a remington 721 in 300 h&h. I ditched the factory stock and stamped bottom metal. It has Williams one piece bottom metal and a Mcmillan remington classic stock. The action has been glass bedded. Gun...
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    For Sale Like New Swarovski ATX 65

    Like new. Comes with the stay on cases and a phoneskope adaptor. Scope is as new and comes with the boxes and all paperwork. Scope retails for 3500 and another 300 for the cases.
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    Ruger Hawkeye African 6.5x55

    I have the opportunity to purchase one of these with my employee discount at work which is very tempting. Does anyone have any experience with one of these? How is the fit and finish on them and any idea how accurate they are? I have literally never owned a ruger rifle.
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    Talk me into or out of a Blaser r8

    Alright I need some opinions. I have begun to feel a little rifle heavy and am toying around with selling 3 or 4 of my bolt action hunting rifles and getting a blaser r8 professional with 300 win mag and 375 h&h barrels. I would put a z5 2.4-12 swarovski on the 300 barrel and a z6i 1-6 on the...
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    Almost New Courteney Selous Boots For Sale

    I bought these 3 days ago at SCI from African Sporting Creations and wore them twice before they just do not work with my foot shape. They are as close to new as you could ask for. Size 9.5 D the narrower width. They will come with the bag, and cleaning kit. I paid 400 for these asking 300...
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    For Sale Brand New 3-9x40 VX Freedom W. CDS

    Brand new and still factory sealed. Great scope for the money. Asking 220 shipped
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    Expanding bullets and solids for 375 H&H

    Looking for recommendations for a combo of solids and expanding bullets that you have gotten to shoot at the same point of impact in a 375. I am considering a swift a frame with the swift breakaway solid, a Los looking at the woodleigh hydro with maybe their weldcore. Anything else I should be...
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    For Sale Brand New Vortex Razor 10x42

    I have a set of brand new 10x42 razors. They have never been out of the box. Asking 900 shipped in the lower 48. Open to offers. I bought them as a backup for my swaros and ended up not needing them. I will be back at my house Friday and will get pics then.
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    Sako/Colt pawn shop find

    Stumbled onto this gem at a pawn shop the other day. Colt Coltsman aka sako finnbear in 30-06. Bluing is in 95% or better and bore looks perfect. Came in a hideous old stock that is going on Ebay and will be replaced by a mcmillan sako classic. Didn't realize that colt had these rifles made by...
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    375 rifle options

    I know this topic has probably been beat to death by this point but I am about to purchase my first ever 375 H&H and I am torn between 3 rifles. Option one is the winchester safari express, option 2 is the CZ american safari, and option 3 is a very nice BRNO zkk 602. I like the stock and barrel...
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    Swarovski Z3 3-10x42 4a Reticle For Sale

    Excellent shape, glass is like new. Has a very very faint ring mark on the bottom of the scope, it does not go into the finish and can only be seen at the right angle. 500 shipped in the lower 48 I have the original box and paperwork for it
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    For Sale Like New Swarovski Z3 3-10x42 4A Reticle

    Like new, was mounted for a few weeks and sighted in but is in as new condition. Comes with the box and and paperwork. Asking 600 shipped in the US or best offer
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    For Sale William Powell Leather Shotgun Handguard

    I am planning on selling my double gun so I thought I would see if anyone here was interested in this nice handguard. It is a william powell. Made in england. Fits a 12 guage sxs shotgun with a splinter forend. Asking 40 shipped in the us
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    Brand New Swarovski ATX 65 For Sale

    Brand new. It has been used 2x to look at a hawk from my porch. I have the boxes and all paperwork. Can also include a phoneskope adaptor for it if you want. Retail for it is 3500 plus sales tax. Asking 3000 shipped in the lower 48
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    Brand New Swarovski Z3 3-10x42 W. BRH Reticle For Sale

    Brand new never mounted swaro z3. Fantastic lightweight scopes. These are 799.99 new. I would like to get 700 shipped anywhere in the US for this one.
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    Swarovski CTC 30x75 For Sale

    Really nice scope in nice shape. Asking 700 shipped in the lower 48
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    For Sale 3-9x36 Zeiss Diavari MC

    Nice zeiss diavari. Glass is perfect. Finish on scope is very good, a little bit of fading on the edge of the magnification ring but very minor. 300 shipped.
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    Sauer 101 question

    Anyone on here have any experience with the sauer 101? Toying with the idea of picking one up but I don't know anyone that's ever had one so I was wondering how they perform in the real world.
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    Like New Swarovski EL 10x42 For Sale

    Like new. Purchased less than a year ago and well cared for. Have the box and all accessories. 2100 shipped in the US
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    Swarovski z6i 1-6x24 on 375 H&H

    Alright I'm finally getting ready to order my 375 and I am trying to decide on the scope. I am leaning towards the swarovski. I will be getting the winchester safari express. Other options that I am looking at are the leica visus 1-4 and the leupold 1.5-5 vx3i. Any experience with any of these...
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    Brand New Vortex Razor Compact Spotter

    11-33x50 vortex razor compact spotter. It has literally never been out of my house, I just use my other one when I need a spotter. 550 shipped in the lower 48 states. These sell for 699 pretty much everywhere.
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    Swarovski SLC NEU Binoculars 8x30 For Sale

    Great condition, have the box, case and neck strap. Awesome binos just upgraded. Asking 800 shipped.
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    300 H&H reloading help

    I just barely purchased a 300 H&H which is a caliber that I've been after for a long time now and i was hoping to get some guidance on what bullet/powder combos others have found successful. I am looking to be in the neighborhood of a 180 gr bullet but I have no experience loading this...
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    300 H&H reloading help

    I just purchased a new rifle in 300 H&H mag and am looking for some advice on what works best with this cartridge as it is completely new to me. What powder/bullet combos work the best and any other info you might have to share would be appreciated.
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    Best bullet for a 7x57

    Hi all I am in the process of developing a load for my 7x57 and I was wondering what bullets you have had luck with and which weight works the best on medium size game. I don't really need a light bullet as I use my 257 Roberts for varmints and small game. Any help would be appreciated thanks.