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    Professional Hunters Double Rifles

    I see, Philip Glass, you are looking to buy a double - apparently. So, as I said in another post, please private message me and I'll put you in touch with the chap with the .470. The you can put your money where your mouth is. You will be in contact with him by today or tomorrow.
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    Professional Hunters Double Rifles

    Well Philip Glass, why would you be suspicious? Why use a word like that?
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    Professional Hunters Double Rifles

    Spike, its not all that uncommon in auction sales in GB. As I say, I know a chap who put his 470 in last year and it didn't make his - pretty low -reserve and it went home with him. I am confident he will still have it if you want to message me.
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    Professional Hunters Double Rifles

    Having another read through, you will pick up 470 doubles in GB for 4 - 6 thousand GB pounds. Maybe less now as they will have sat around another year never being used. One of them, as I recall, has only ever shot a zebra!
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    Professional Hunters Double Rifles

    I used to wonder how these old chaps could afford such expensive doubles. Like someone above said they started, particularly in the ivory hunting days, with a rifle - of whatever make and calibre and worked up. I suspect if any of us knew that our laptop was needed to save our lives we wouldn't...
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    WANTED: Interested In Plains Game Hunt

    As reedy says, there are many fine operators on here. I've hunted a couple of times with Bos en Dal and if you want some unbiased info, get in touch. In any case, good hunting.
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    Anybody seen these Rufiji APU Boots???

    Its a good idea to support the anti poaching unit. I think you'd be better sticking with Courtenays. I'll probably buy a pair of Rufiji's anyway. Good hunting.
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    Ridiculous Bargain Elephant Hunt Zimbabwe

    Under £8,000 - that's eight thousand British pounds. Who would ever have believed a price like this was possible? What can a boy do? It is my birthday in December!
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    8 X 60 Double for a plains game hunt?

    Obviously the guys you spoke to were making too much money. Amazing comments given the state of the economy and how many people actually want to hunt each year. Obviously you have moved on to sympathetic PH's. Personally I would have thought they would have welcomed anyone with something a...
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    Cape Buffalo Hunting Package with Favorable Forex Rate Offer

    Damn, damn and double damn! I thought for a minute I might manage it.
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    Cape Buffalo Hunting Package with Favorable Forex Rate Offer

    Marius, I don't want anybody else to know(!), hahahah, but what is a 2017 50% limited offer????? If its a half price bull I am going to do some serious raiding of funds to be able to come!
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    China Donates Equipment to Anti-Poaching Efforts

    There are many good things here, but - and is there always a but? - this is merely another manifestation of the creeping Chinese colonialism in Africa. Being a Brit from sunny Scotland I know that we are often criticised for our role in the world and our accumulation of colonies. Times change...
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    Zimbabwe: Mugabe unhappy with white professional hunters, over 1000 ZANU-PF youths to be trained

    How many of this group might have the smallest chance of passing the Zim PH, or even guide course which I think is probably the most comprehensive - and challenging - on the planet? It costs a lot because there is a ton of training involved. Do you want to be the guy in the bush with a "PH" who...
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    WANTED: Looking for a Hunt Near Rustenburg South Africa

    Go with Bos en Dal. Top notch outfit.
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    416 Rigby Ruger

    I have one of these and it has served me well on many African trips. I'm sure the new owner will have a great time.
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    SCI "First for Hunters"??? / "First for Oil Investors"!!!

    I must say, of late, I have really been wondering about SCI. I live in Scotland and I do enjoy the magazine, despite the strange habit of American newspapers and magazines running a story over several very disparate pages spread throughout the publication. Why on earth does this happen? But I...
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    Prehistoric beast, the alligator gar

    I love these old gentlemen on "Swamp Men" I think it's called fishing for 'gators but catching the odd gar too. I have a feeling that one of them - they were brothers I think - may have died.
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    Orvis Blue Face Safari Chronograph

    Anybody got one of these they no longer use/need? Long shot I know but if you don't ask you don't get!! I live in sunny Scotland but I don't think that shipping should be much of a problem. Fingers crossed and thank you. Good hunting.
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    Comment by 'paladin100' in media 'Sheep'

    Having had a look, I see you are from New Zealand, so, presumably it's a NZ sheep. Is it just a sheep sheep or is there a name?
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    Comment by 'paladin100' in media 'Sheep'

    "Sheep" is not helping much. What kind of a sheep and where is it? Thank you.
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    Just an idea.......

    Thanks Royal 27. I must confess I had never noticed the "Report" button! So much for my powers of observation.
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    In memoriam - Namibian Professional Hunter Basie Maartens Passes away

    Sir, with reference to your opening remarks on the passing of a good man, I, I am afraid, have no knowledge of the 12 commandments you refer to. Would you be so kind as to inform this wide audience? Many thanks.
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    WANTED: Looking for a Monster Anything with a Bow

    Surprised there's nothing on this site so far about this big lion, is it Cecil or Clarence, shot in Zimbabwe, apparently with a bow. It seems to have been something of a celebrity and was apparently wearing a collar. ZPHGA is investigating we are told. What news chaps?
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    Question for Professional Hunters or experienced hunters of Africa

    sestoppelman, my apologies. It has become a silly thread. Indeed it did not start off as such. I shall be more precise in future.
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    Question for Professional Hunters or experienced hunters of Africa

    Further to the guff about hearing damage, as the shooter I don't believe its any worse than any other rifle, but, if you are to the side, yes it is pretty unpleasant. I think this is a silly thread!
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    Question for Professional Hunters or experienced hunters of Africa

    Well I have had a brake on my 416 for years now and all the PH's I have been with have been perfectly happy - or alternatively have never complained. I've read a lot of stuff on this forum about muzzle brakes and frankly I think most of it is utter tosh. The PH knows you have a muzzle brake and...
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    Getting In Physical & Mental Shape Before The Hunt

    Thinking about carrying the 10 lb pipe, I recall that the big guns of the Victorian era-or some of them - (I seem to recall Walsingham and Grey) - had their walking sticks, which every British gentleman carried, made the same weight as their guns, so that, come the start of the grouse season -...
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    Getting In Physical & Mental Shape Before The Hunt

    Try and read "Mzee never miss" - doing the hard hunts in your 60's, 70's and 80's. Its written by a retired American doctor or vet - William Pritchard - but it certainly changed my life. You can get it on kindle. Following from that I started my gym regime to get fitter, but after about a year...
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    Dangerous Game Rifle in .404 Jeffery /10,75 x 73/

    Well, if we are talking classics, after, or to some extent, alongside the 404, the project is for a 300 H&H magnum. We have the action - complete with Apel swing off mounts - and a magazine that has had some work done on it already. After that the 500 Jeffery is on the cards.
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    Dangerous Game Rifle in .404 Jeffery /10,75 x 73/

    Sir, I have sent you another mail, but in reply to this particular one, my e mail is: My name is Iain MacGregor and I live in Scotland. Many thanks and good hunting.
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    My .404 Jeffery is home

    Mmmmmm, I'm loving all of this as I have a 404 on a Mauser action coming along. Hopefully be ready early 2016 for a hunt in South Africa, or even better, chasing - and catching - that elusive Eland in Zim. Thank you gentlemen.
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    Norma .404 Jeffery

    All very interesting to a chap sitting in Scotland this morning - who is in the process of getting a 404 built. We have action, wood for the stock (a very fine piece of walnut), the scope (as it was too good a chance to miss) and I believe the barrel maybe in the country now. So it's all coming...
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    Good traditional safari jackets?

    Norfolk Shooter, did you ever get your coat?
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    Comment by 'paladin100' in media 'Big Bore Rifles'

    Are they all built on Mauser actions? I can't quite see.
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    Double Handgun / Side by Side Pistol...

    Hmmm. Pretty heavy piece to lug around. Won't go in your pocket, won't tuck in your waistband, won't go under your arm.
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    Shall we consider this as a new way of baiting buffalo? Lateral thinking at it's best. I read in the British newspapers that the big fella jumped down and scarpered - pride deeply injured I imagine. I hope no lady cats were watching their erstwhile hero.
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    Well I have never heard of such a thing but it is a beauty. Sigh! Something else to lust after.

    Well I have never heard of such a thing but it is a beauty. Sigh! Something else to lust after.
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    Hahahahaha. Very good.
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    Comment by 'paladin100' in media 'New Zealand Hunt'

    That is an impressive trophy. I see it says ram? What kind of ram? Sorry to be so thick!
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    Hello all! and hunting in Kenya..

    MOV, welcome. Viz a viz absolutely nothing to do with hunting, I am reading "Across the wide Zambezi - a Doctor's life in Africa" written by Warren Durant. If you are a medic - Doctors without frontiers - you may find it interesting. You can get it on kindle. It's not particularly well written...
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    Good day from Richards Bay

    Thank you. I read on a different forum that there are 42 huntable species in South Africa. Now, you added another nine I think on your wish list. I wonder what the number is for Africa as a whole? Somebody on here will know I'm sure.
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    Good day from Richards Bay

    Boela, 37 species hunted. To a chap from Scotland, that seems a lot. Might you list them? Thank you and welcome.
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    Blue Wildebeest Shoulder Mount For Sale

    I wouldn't know anyone Sandy. I've got two or three very good trophies as bleached skulls and I am not allowed them in the house anyway! I imagine most people will want their own trophies. Is there an e bay in South Africa? I see heads on the UK site now and again.
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    Blue Wildebeest Shoulder Mount For Sale

    A good price.
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    Emirates airlines opinion?

    I flew with them recently from Scotland to Zimbabwe. I think the planes are faster, being new. The Glasgow/Dubai leg always seems to have better planes than the Dubai /Harare one. I've used them several times over the years and have no real complaints. We have taken guns many times and its...
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    Safari Rifle Scope Required

    Yes spike.t, that is pretty much our plan. Mean Scot you see! Ian Evans, do you actually, in Africa, ever use the illuminated reticule? On a wider point regarding illuminated reticules, does anyone think they are an excuse for less good optics? This theory has been postulated to me.
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    Black or Blue Wildebeest

    I had a great experience in Zim last month when a BIG blue bull came up to about 30 yards from us. Head up, giving us a good look. He wasn't on the menu but the thought did cross a few minds about what he was going to do. A grand sight indeed.
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    Safari Rifle Scope Required

    Gentlemen - and maybe ladies, who knows, the man who is building the rifle had suggested a Leupold right at the beginning and I'm getting good vibes on here. I am going to continue to research to get it right. The rifle and the maker deserve it. I am looking forward to having it.
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    Black or Blue Wildebeest

    Hunthardsafaris is right. These blues are bloody tough. That's why I have a .416!
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    Black or Blue Wildebeest

    I think the black is a much grander animal than the blue. I've shot a few blues, but only one black and he was a fine beast. I did get a very good blue indeed with Bos en dal a couple of years ago. I think a lot of it is in the stalk and the memories built therein, but if you have the choice...