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  1. TNDave

    Savage or Winchester

    Looking at obtaining the venerable 338 Win Mag as I have a 264, 300 and 458 and am wanting to fill the gap. My dilemma is I have found a Savage 10/110 Storm with 24” barrel and a Winchester Super Grade with 26” barrel, both are new and at reasonable prices in today’s market. I love and am a...
  2. TNDave

    Starting to Sweat a Little

    Four of us are are booked to leave May 21 and it has been a nightmare. We had originally booked with Delta over six months ago and when they kept canceling flights we all requested a refund and at the time Emirates was looking pretty good. Well, today Emirates has pushed out there cancellations...
  3. TNDave

    Want To Buy 257 Weatherby Brass - Want To Trade 300 Weatherby Brass

    I’m looking for 50 rounds of new Weatherby or Norma 257 Weatherby brass. I have 300 Weatherby brass to trade if interested. Brass needed for upcoming Safari hopefully spring of this year.
  4. TNDave

    Help with decisions on a rifle build

    I found a good deal on a Howa 1500, 300 Win Mag and decided to get it for a donor. Honestly it performs well and have even thought of using it for a foul weather rifle for hunting at home. In trying to decide on what I’d like to someday convert it to, here are a few of my thoughts in no certain...
  5. TNDave

    Optics for a 44 Magnum

    I just found a good deal and acquired a S&W 629 Classic with 6 inch barrel. I’m looking for what might be the best optic for hunting on this pistol. I’m leaning towards a reflexive type sight since most of my hunting is in heavy brush and timber. I want/need something that won’t turn into a...
  6. TNDave

    For Sale Scope Rings, Dies & Brass

    I have 4 sets of rings available for sale, all prices are shipped. One set of Talley two piece ring with integral mount 1” low fits Weatherby Vanguard $35.00 One set of Talley two piece ring with integral mount 1” medium fits Weatherby Vanguard $35.00 One set of Warne Maxima 1” high rings...
  7. TNDave

    For Sale 340 Weatherby Mark V Stainless

    I’m offering up for sale a Weatherby Mark V 340 Weatherby Magnum in stainless with the Weatherby brake. Also included a set of RCBS dies, 50 rounds of new Norma brass, 30 rounds new Nosler brass and 20 rounds once fired Nosler brass. I bought it used and have only put 20 rounds through it. Also...
  8. TNDave

    NWTF Convention Nashville TN

    Who all is going to the NWTF convention this week in Nashville. I’ll be taking my 4 year old grandson for the first time! He’s already excited, just to be going with grampa!!
  9. TNDave

    For Sale Scopes, Dies & Barrel

    I have a few miscellaneous items for sale: 2 Nikon Monarch 3 Scopes 2-8x32 Duplex, Matte $225.00 each (boxes for both) Bushnell Elite 3200 Scope 4-12x40 $200.00 (no box) Athlon Argos Scope 4-20x50 BDC 600 $250 (box) RCBS 9 mm Luger dies $25 Redding FL 30/30 dies $40 Hornady 300 Weatherby mag...
  10. TNDave

    Hello from TN

    Hello all from the hills of northeast TN. I’ve been an off and on hunter since I was a kid, mainly small game and birds (with dogs). I had opportunity to work in South Africa in 2008 and have always wanted to go back. A good friend got me back into hunting, shooting and reloading and will be...