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  1. Lobster.mike

    Shims on bases?

    Anyone using shims on their bases? I’m having a heck of a time raising the elevation on my M70.
  2. Lobster.mike

    .375 HH Ammunition availability

    I’m quickly approaching my Namibia hunt and have been doing some shooting in preparation. However I’m having difficulty finding a reliable source of ammo here in southern New England. Not only did I visit my local Cabela’s but also made a fairly substantial order of last minute gear and ammo...
  3. Lobster.mike

    Winchester M70 .375H&H optics/mounts

    I ve narrowed my choice of scope for my new to me Winchester M70 .375H&H. Now I’m realizing that there are so many choices for mounts and rings that I need so expert advice. Do I start with the bases and move to the rings? I’ve already been up to Cabela’s and walked out without rings or mounts...
  4. Lobster.mike

    Want To Buy .375 H&H

    I'm looking for a .375 H&H for an upcoming hunt in the fall is 2019. It doesn't have to be a work of art as all of my rifles have been purchased (and used) as tools. However it does need to be in good working condition. The closer to New England the better but will consider all. A neighbor is a...
  5. Lobster.mike

    Best rifle for Namibia?

    Hello all. I'm headed to Namibia in September for some plainsgame but am focusing on eland and giraffe. Any suggestions for best calibers for these species? I don't currently own anything larger than a 30.06 and am perfectly content with that rifles performance. However I'd really like to not...
  6. Lobster.mike

    Namibia flights

    I'm planning to fly from the northeast, most likely New York, to Windhoek Namibia in September. It might be wishful thinking but I'd like to avoid spending the night in Joberg if possible. It's not a deal breaker but I didn't have the most pleasant experience last time. There is a non stop out...
  7. Lobster.mike

    SOUTH AFRICA: Has Anyone Hunted With Bandur Hunting Safaris?

    I met up with Pieter from Bandur Hunting Safaris in SA at the SCI show last year and was intrigued with his operation. Does anyone have any experience hunting with him? I am interested in taking my wife who also hunts but is not so keen on traveling out of the country. Thanks in advance for any...