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  1. meigsbucks

    First African Safari in June!

    Congratulations! I can sense your elation. There is nothing like a first safari. When I was going on my first a friend sent me a note that said: “You’re not going on a vacation or a trip. You’re going on a SAFARI!” As others have stated: Talk to the staff and locals. Take pictures of not only...
  2. meigsbucks

    49 Inch Plus Sable Bull Hunt With JKO HUNTING SAFARIS In South Africa

    Holy Sh*t! Now that’s a sable!.
  3. meigsbucks

    Greetings from the Eastern Shore of VA!

    Welcome to AH. So many people on. This site more than willing to answer your questions. Also searches on past posts provides a wealth of info. Your daughter has great taste, wanting to hunt Africa with you.
  4. meigsbucks

    Leaving ammunition as a tip

    When I was in Zim in ‘13, I gave the PH a generous cash tip but also left him a soft gun case he admired, a hat he liked (mistake, as I’ve never found a hat like it) and a box of .375 for his “camp” rifle. When going thru Customs when leaving Zim, the officer asked where all the ammo was. I...
  5. meigsbucks

    Qatar Airways

    I used TWG on both of my trips (not on Qatar) and they had everything handled. I highly recommend them.
  6. meigsbucks

    SOUTH AFRICA: My First African Hunting Safari With Nick BOWKER HUNTING SOUTH AFRICA

    Welcome back to the Buckeye state Trogon. This was a great write up, detailing a fantastic safari. You took a great kudu and that Nyala.... VERY NICE! Additionally, you saw that worm and tortoise those are the things that make safaris special.
  7. meigsbucks

    SOUTH AFRICA: First African Safari With Gamka Safaris

    Congratulation. It looks like you had a great time and took some great trophies. Have you decided where you’re going on your next safari? Out of curiosity, what rifle and bullets did you use?
  8. meigsbucks

    I Found a OOP's Today

  9. meigsbucks

    Which solid for Buffalo in 416 rem.mag

    I used a 400gr Barnes TSX out of a .416 Ruger. The insurance shot was with a 400gr Barnes Banded Solid.
  10. meigsbucks

    Leupold VX-3I 3.5-10x40 vs Swarovski Z3 3-10x42

    I find the Z3 is slightly brighter than the VX3. Is it worth 80% more $$$? Goimg forward, rather than spending the Z3 money, I think I’d rather spend an additional $200-$400 and get a Trijicon or Leupold Vx5 or 6 or Zeiss V4.
  11. meigsbucks

    New guy - thinking about Africa

    Welcome to AH. You’ve come to the right place for learning about hunting Africa.
  12. meigsbucks

    Chamber-through erosion on Browning a bolt 375 h&h

    Welcome to AH. I’ve owned a few A-Bolts and never experienced that issue. As 375 Ruger Fan stated, I’d have a gunsmith check it out.
  13. meigsbucks

    Hey ya’ll from Kentucky

    Welcome to AH. I’m originally from the Bluegrass state.
  14. meigsbucks

    Two days in Jo'burg

    I’ve stayed at Africa Sky twice. Great people and food. The meet and greet at the airport was great. The driver knew all the people at SAP’s and got my guns picked up in no time. Departing RSA, he was equally helpful.
  15. meigsbucks

    What powder do you use to reload your 416 Ruger?

    With a 400gr Barnes TSX: 2000-MR
  16. meigsbucks

    New trophy room completed!

    Nice build. The incorporation of your trapping past as well as the tributes to your brother and father are nice adds.
  17. meigsbucks

    CBP Form 4457 (Michigan)

    In Columbus, OH, CBP isn’t at John Glenn (main airport). It is near a secondary airport that handles National Guard, freight and some passenger aircraft. You can either go online and print out 4457 and fill it out or get the form at the CBP office and fill it out there. When you arrive at CBP...
  18. meigsbucks

    Hello from Lawton Oklahoma

    Welcome to AH.
  19. meigsbucks

    Scopes most used power range / objective

    1-4x, 1.5-5x, 1-6x, 1.75-6x on short / moderate range and DG rifles (to me, objective size in this category doesn’t really matter as most are straight tube) Most other rifles wear 2-7x, 2.5-8x, 3-9x or 3.5-10x. (No objective over 44) Only one non varmint rifle wears a scope with a high end of...
  20. meigsbucks

    Favorite cartridge/rifle for moose

    I’m planning on using a .338 mag of some type (Win, RUM or Wby) when I pursue moose.
  21. meigsbucks

    My Covid vaccination experience

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend.
  22. meigsbucks

    My Covid vaccination experience

    In post #118, I told of my wife’s experience and in post #147, of my first shot. Yesterday afternoon, I received my second Moderna vaccine. I may have been a little tired, but other than that, no side effects. The nurse that administered the shot recommended that I drink plenty of water and...
  23. meigsbucks

    Hello from USA

    Welcome to AH Lucas.
  24. meigsbucks

    Should I start reloading?

    IMO, it goes beyond economics. Yes that is a big part and especially considering what you shoot, it should pay off fairly quickly. However, the fact that you can choice from a myriad of bullet and powder combinations to obtain the perform you want is reloading’s greatest advantage. An added...
  25. meigsbucks

    Hemingway Documentary by Ken Burns

    I’ve been watching them. He was a very “”unique” individual.
  26. meigsbucks

    What Line Of Work Are You In

    When in college, I worked at a beverage store. After college, thru connections I had at the beverage store, got a job at 7UP bottling. I planned on being there about six months. I worked my way up thru the ranks and became the shipping and warehouse manager. After divorcing my first wife in ‘93...
  27. meigsbucks

    .416 Ruger

    The buff in my avatar was taken in Zim with a 20” barreled Ruger Hawkeye Alaskan. I used a 400gr Barnes TSX using 2000-MR powder @ 2364 fps. (Hornady DGX factory loads clock 2383. Measured with LabRadar)
  28. meigsbucks

    358 and 308 Bullets Question Bear Hunting

    In my order of preference: .358- 225 Swift (it will expand and penetrate) .308- 200 Nosler (at that low of velocity they should work well) .358- 220 Speer (should work OK but IMO the others are better options)
  29. meigsbucks

    Barnes TSX reviews/question

    I use the 140gr TSX exclusively in an 18” barreled 7/08. Never any issues with expansion and penetration has always been complete. I’ve used Barnes in .257 Roberts thru .45/70 and always had excellent performance on everything from steenbok to Cape buffalo.
  30. meigsbucks

    Cow buffalo question...

    I have to concur with others that a .45/70 is on the light side for buff. However a number of people have used it and if your PH gives his blessing, go for it. If I was going to use the Marlin, I’d consider the 400gr Barnes Buster bullet or a Buffalo Bore Ammo loading.
  31. meigsbucks

    Bloody idiot

    Go when you can. I went on what I thought was going to be my only safari in ’13. In ‘14 I got sick and required two years to mostly recuperate. Then my wife developed health issues. Fortunately I was able to go to Africa again in ‘18. I went to SCI in ‘20 to plan three safaris and a moose hunt...
  32. meigsbucks

    So, I Was In The Loading Room Today...

    Sounds like you’re ready to go. Good luck and safe travels.
  33. meigsbucks

    For Sale NIB Blaser R8 Attache Unfired

    Fantastic deal.
  34. meigsbucks

    63 inch Kudu

    An incredible bull.
  35. meigsbucks

    Deferred hunter education

    In OH you need to complete the course before you can purchase a license. I normally agree with TX’s gun and hunting views, but what idiot dreamed up this idea? Safety is numero uno.
  36. meigsbucks

    Wanted Brown Bear Hunt

    A friend of mine has hunted with Jake Jefferson a few times. He took two black tails and a 9’ brown bear on hunt one. A griz on another hunt and a goat on another. Just an FYI, my friend said the brown bear hunt was the most physically challenging hunt he’s been on and he’s a workout freak. He...
  37. meigsbucks

    Choose the backup rifle

    The .375. Some time in the mid 1980’s I shot an elk using the 270 gr Hornady at about 175 yds. The bullet took out a shoulder and made exit. Take from that what you will. For black bear, I think you should be fine.
  38. meigsbucks

    Wanted 338 Win Ammo Or Components

    Ooops, it was meant to be a PM.
  39. meigsbucks

    Can Cape buffalo or Leopard be legally hunted with a handgun in Mozambique?

    Welcome to AH. A few years ago I remember watching one of the hunting shows and a woman from, I believe, Thunder Ranch, shot a buff with a .454 in the swamps of Moz. What the legality of that is now, I have no idea, but it has been done.
  40. meigsbucks

    Wanted 338 Win Ammo Or Components

    We’re you able to get the stock ordered? If not, let me know, maybe we can work something out.
  41. meigsbucks

    Wanted Ruger M77 MK1 Tang Walnut Stock

    I have one off a tang safety .338 win mag With the red pad. PM me if interested.
  42. meigsbucks

    Double delay

    I don’t have a double but... the .450/400 in a heartbeat. Ability on all DG. Ammo availability. Resale value.
  43. meigsbucks

    Happy to be Aboard

    Welcome to AH BigTex. Sounds like you’ve had a great hunting career. We’d love to hear more about your hunts and look forward to your input.
  44. meigsbucks

    Zebra pedestal

    Awesome. Your son looks so proud.
  45. meigsbucks

    South Africa vs. Namibia?

    I hunted 800,000 acres in Zimbabwe on my first hunt. Except for the perimeter we didn’t encounter fencing. I hunted PG in Namibia on my second hunt. The property was a “fenced” 35,000 acres and an adjacent 50,000 acres. At no point did I feel enclosed. The few times I did encounter fencing, it...
  46. meigsbucks

    Electronics on Safari...what do you take or not take?

    I only took my phone on both safaris. I didn’t even use the phone or it’s camera on hunt one. My wife was with me so I really didn’t have to keep in touch with anyone. I did have a sat phone along and made a couple of calls. On the second hunt I did Facetime with my wife three times. On my next...
  47. meigsbucks

    Distance of first shot on the big 5 or dangerous 7?

    I took mine with a frontal shot thru the heart at 80-90yds. It was thick and it just happened that there was a path to a small clearing. Given the cover, I expected a 20-40yd shot.
  48. meigsbucks

    Wish Me Luck Guys

    Hope they figure out the issue and get it fixed. Then go get that bison.
  49. meigsbucks

    Leupold Customer Service is 5 STAR

    For years I have used Leupold scopes on virtually all my rifles. I’ve only once had to send a scope in for service. It was new and the power ring was almost impossible to turn. I sent it in and had it back repaired in short order. Over the last few years some Zeiss and Swarovski scopes have...
  50. meigsbucks

    My Covid vaccination experience

    I got my first shot, Moderna, on Wednesday at 1:30pm. As I had GBS back in 2014 and can’t get straight answers from several doctors about the safety of me getting a vaccine, I did some of my own research and found that none of the three vaccine versions resulted in cases of GBS during clinical...