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    Polokawane Airport closed

    Not sure if it has been posted here. Polokawane airport has been closed and Airlink flights into it have been canceled as of April 9th. I just looked and it seems like it is still closed. Not sure when it will reopen
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    Has anyone come back thru Philadelphia when returning?

    Has anyone come back thru Philadelphia when returning. Want to walk me thru the process. I’ve seen folks post a walk thru the reentry process at Atlanta but haven’t seen one about PHL
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    Driving from Johannesburg to Polokwane

    It seems that Airlink is only running one flight on Sundays. It leaves JNB at 4:30 in the afternoon, I arrive at JNB at 4:30AM. Thinking about renting a car and driving. I really don’t want to waste 12 hours stuck in the airport. Looking for advise here guys. Are there any issues with driving...
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    Qatar Airlines and rifles

    Anyone have any insight for flying with rifles on Qatar. Have heard all that needs to be done is that number of rifles and weight of ammo needs to be noted on ticket. Have also heard that you need to email them and get approval/acknowledgment.
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    SAP rifle permit

    Ok I’m in the process of redoing my rifle permit paperwork, changing dates from last year to this year...... just came across the field Period for which permit is required Last year I had put the date we landed and date we departed for home. Would it be wise and is it acceptable to push the...
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    New unloader

    Well new to me. Found an early model Ruger#1 chambered in 375 H&H. Just got done loading up some ammo, and mounted the scope. Be off to the range in the morning
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    Birthday gift

    My wife got me an Annealing machine for my birthday. Finally got around to cleaning some brass today and ran a batch of 308. Got a batch of 30-06 ready to go next.
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    Under 40 days —— Arrrrrrrrgh

    Yes under 40 days till the plane takes off. Went to range this morning to get in some practice. Been trying to get there once a week. Finished up and was putting guns in bags. I noticed this. Will call Ruger first thing Monday see if they will ship out replacement stock. Not gonna take a...
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    How to get thru AES and obtain your ITN number

    I will try to be complete as possible. Been trying to retrace my steps, and all the info I had googled to get thru the process. Step 1:Apply for an EIN -Employer Identification Number. This will be used as your ID number for the AES system. Here is the tutorial I used. Notice the reason for...
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    Trophy importing

    Ok guys countdown clock says 87days, 6hours, and 32minutes !!!!! Starting to look at getting trophy’s home. I live in Maine and was wondering if trophy’s can be brought in thru Boston? 27minutes now!
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    Limpopo in April

    I have been invited by a friend to accompany him to Limpopo. We are headed over April 6,2020. I have been gleaning info from here and planning has been going well. Flights have been booked and paid for. Boston to ATL, then on to JNB. We will be spending the night with African Sky. I have...
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    Hotels around OR Tambo

    Specifically the Protea by Marriott. I'm looking at the one outside the airport. Does anyone know if they are firearm friendly. I'm getting mixed responses, figured I'd would see if anyone has first hand knowledge