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  1. Shavesgreen

    Wild English Red Stags Hunt - New Forest

    I have one wild English Red Stag hunt available on our estate in the New Forest, England. Guides; Tom Gould and Charly Green Dates; Autumn/Winter 2012 by arrangement Trophy size; We don`t shoot anything less than 12 point mature stags and have stags of up to 22 points. Daily rate; 195 GBP pp...
  2. Shavesgreen

    UNITED KINGDOM: An Unusual Roe Buck Hunt

    I took a very close friend out on Friday evening to look for a buck. The stalk started well with a dog fox taken at 230 yards off the sticks. An hour later while stalking through an area of flooded meadow a buck got up in front and stopped at about 60 yards giving just enough time to place a...
  3. Shavesgreen

    Cancellation Buffalo Hunt Zambia

    Cancellation 7 day Buffalo Hunt Location: West Petauke GMA, Luangwa, Zambia PH: Derick Van Staden Dates: 27th July 3rd August Daily Rates: $800 per day Trophy Fee: $3000 Concession Fee: $1500...
  4. Shavesgreen

    Zambia cull hunt footage

    Hi Guys, Just a couple of quick videos taken on a recently completed cull/management hunt in Southern Zambia. Enjoy!
  5. Shavesgreen

    Scottish Goats

    Hi Guys, I`ve just got home from a Goat hunt in the scottish mountains and thought you might like to see a few pictures. Enjoy!
  6. Shavesgreen

    Sika, Red and Roe Deer hunt England

    Location – Southern England Species – Red stag, Sika stag, Roe buck. Dates – 24th -28th October Outfitter – Shavesgreen Price - £320 per day per hunter 1x1 £270 per day per hunter 2x1 A 5 day hunt available in England for wild Sika stags and Roe...
  7. Shavesgreen

    Culling in Zambia

    I have an opportunity for small teams of guys to form part of 5 night culling operations in Zambia. Location: Lusaka, Zambia. Dates: April 16th-20th /23rd-27th . Duration: 5 full nights Species: Numerous Impala, some Puku and Eland (species may very). The...
  8. Shavesgreen

    Discounted Bow Hunt in Zambia

    Due to a cancellation I have a bow hunt package available for the last week of September in Zambia. The hunt will take place on the Khal Amazi game farm near Lusaka. This is a five day hunt with the target species as follows; Eland Defassa Waterbuck Lichtenstein Hartebeest, Chobe...
  9. Shavesgreen

    30-06 loads

    Hi Guys, I`ve just purchased a Sako 75 S/S in 30-06 and plan to run a 150grn projectile at around 2800fps. Does anyone have a good powder choice that might give me more fps? Interestingly I found a link through google to some reloading data that included a load for 30-06 with a 93grn head...
  10. Shavesgreen

    What Do You Expect from a Show Stand?

    Hi Guys, I`ve just had a look back through Jeromes photo`s from the SCI show and found them truly stunning. My question is what do you expect to see on the average outfitter/agent stand at one of these top shows? I would particularly like to know what would draw you to actually talk to the reps...
  11. Shavesgreen

    Sable bow hunt

    2010 Sable bow hunt special This hunt is to take place with Khal Amazi Game near Lusaka, Zambia. This offer is open to bow hunters under the guidance of PH Phil Minaar. The expected Sable trophy will be in the range of 47”-49” with an anticipated score of around 115 points on the SCI scale...
  12. Shavesgreen

    Hunting Argentina?

    Hi Guys, Sorry I`ve not been around for a while! Has anyone ever hunted Argentina?? I`ve been invited to hunt a Mouflon hybrid ram and some wingshooting for a few days in August. I will be taking my .375 and using whatever bullets I can find, not sure of availability out there? If...
  13. Shavesgreen

    Sable package, Zambia

    Hi Guys, I have two remaining four day special sable packages available for 2009, these hunts are to take place at the Khal Amazi Game farm just a few miles outside Lusaka. This offer is open to bow and rifle hunters under the guidance of PH Phil Minaar. The last client to hunt on this package...
  14. Shavesgreen

    Hunting Packages Luangwa Valley

    Hi Guys, I have some late season package deals for the West Petauke GMA hunting with PH Phil Minaar. All prices are quoted in US$ 7 Day Buffalo Hunt - was $14`950 Now $9`950 14 Day Loepard Hunt - was $33`650 Now $20`850 16 Day Lion Hunt - was $41`550...
  15. Shavesgreen

    At long last

    Hi Guys, At long last my re-designed website is operational!! There are still a few minor things to change and images to be added etc but overall I`m very happy with the results. Welcome to Shavesgreen Shooting Services I would value any constructive feedback from the members here Thanks, Charly
  16. Shavesgreen

    Big bore Merkel

    Can anyone tell me where I could get hold of a set of .416 or bigger barrels for the merkel 200 series 12 gauge? Many thanks, Charly
  17. Shavesgreen

    BRNO 602

    Hi Guys, I have been offered a BRNO 602 in .375 H&H with an old Ziess 4x scope fitted on QD mounts in good but used condition. I have not discussed a price as yet, what do you think would be fair? Can anyone tell me what the factory barrel length would be? I would appreciate any advise on...
  18. Shavesgreen

    Hi from the UK

    Hi guys, I`m Charly from the New Forest in England. I run a small sporting agency offering UK game shooting, fishing and Stalking as well as Safaris in Zambia and just lately in Tanzania. My folks are resident in ZA as missionaries with the Flying Mission, they have also served in Kenya and...